‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Jennie Throws Glass At Mary During Explosive Fight!

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As Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City comes to an end, it’s been a roller coaster of allegations, indiscretions, lies, allies, fractured friendships, drama, and an arrest or two. From the first episode this season until the finale, these ladies have been delivering some crazy. A Vida Tequila party seems like a good place to have one more fight for the road. 

Lisa Barlow is planning a Vida Tequila party, and guess what she says when she sees everything at the venue? “I love it!” Mary Cosby is miniature golfing with her son. While Jen Shah’s First Assistant Stuart is still facing charges and unable to communicate with her, Jen’s Second Assistant Murilo is helping her pack up her closet. Jen has a meeting with the movers where she tells them she’s downsizing because of “the legal case that’s going on.” She’s telling them she needs a $2 million retainer for her case. Do these guys care? Nope. All they likely care about is can you pay us?! After the “walkthrough of the house,” we can probably guess why the investigators and legal teams want footage from Bravo. The movers estimate $8000−$10,000 for the cost of the move. Jen jokes about maybe having a garage sale. One of the moving men quips back that her neighbors aren’t likely garage sale people.

Heather Gay’s relationship with her father was tough in his last days when she was struggling with her religious convictions. At the cemetery, Heather and her daughters host a memorial a year after his death. Her brothers, Tyler and Casey, show up, but Heather’s sister, Nancy, didn’t attend in order to keep the peace. And some of Heather’s family, including her mom, did not attend for other reasons, likely in an attempt to appear not to endorse anything that Heather is doing. Heather even speculates that her Mormon family might have had a memorial service and didn’t tell her. 

Heather Gay

Heather says that all of the “conflicted Mormons” are in attendance. Heather said that her dad died in April, but she last spoke to him at Christmas. Heather says that her dad loved being a Mormon. Heather gives a heartfelt eulogy about not only her father but about discovering herself. Tyler suggests that they all “take a moment” and commit to one another, to be there for each other. After the service, as they sit down for a picnic, Tyler tells Heather that their mother was at the cemetery earlier, but makes an excuse for their mom leaving. Heather feels ostracized because she’s a non-practicing Mormon who didn’t keep silent about leaving the church. 

Meredith Marks planned a photoshoot for her jewelry to show the diverse appeal of her collection. She is raising money for GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, recently rebranded as GLAD, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders. Awareness is the focus, as she tries to convey that her jewelry is for men and women. Brooks Marks and his sister, Chloe Marks, pose awkwardly as siblings. The group has a variety of photos in silky pajamas, LGBTQ rights t-shirts, and tracksuits.

Justin Rose just walked in the house from a business trip to find Whitney Rose in a red negligee and food on the table. Whitney was attempting to rebrand her skincare line all season, but her goal now is to reprioritize. She’s attempting to get them out of a rut. They go upstairs to do “love art?” Then we see some awkward soft-porn scenes with paint. 

Jen is getting made up for the Vida party while her glam squad is wearing #justiceforJen t-shirts. Jennie Nguyen’s children are helping her choose a dress. Lisa and John Barlow arrive in a little three-wheeled Vida Tequila car. They are excited to debut their newest tequila with a crystal-adorned bottle, inspired by the late 80s, early 90s over-accessorizing. The ladies are anxious about the arrival of Meredith and Seth Marks. Heather says, “I am over ‘The Land of Make Believe’ with these two.” Lisa says to Meredith, “I’m glad you’re here. I love you. You look beautiful.” Remember, Meredith hasn’t seen the Zion-Lisa-f-bomb rant, yet. 

Jennie Nguyễn

Mary arrives and John greets her. Then in Mary’s production interview, she says that Vida Tequila tastes like water, so she doesn’t drink it. She says, “It’s like Lisa. Blah.” Jennie is snubbed by Mary. Why does Jennie care? The men love Duy Nguyen’s double-breasted 80s suit. Coach Sharrieff Shah Sr. thanks Mary for inviting Jen to her church. Coach says that the congregants were very kind to Jen. Whitney pulls Mary from the conversation, but Mary doesn’t want to talk to Tequila Whitney. This isn’t going to go well for Whitney. 

Whitney says she’s sorry for attacking Mary, but it’s because Mary attacked first. Jennie and Jen scoot closer to hear what’s happening just as Mary tells Whitney, “I am not a mean person.” Jennie goes off. Mary calls Jennie “hood” and then Jennie is off the couch. Mary walks away. Jennie follows. In the background, Duy is watching Jennie. Jennie throws a glass of tequila at Mary. Then it looks like Whitney goes to find Duy. It might be the camera angle, but Duy seems completely disinterested in getting involved other than attempting to clean up the mess. Given what we know now about Jennie’s admitted domestic abuse history, it explains a lot about Duy’s lack of reaction to what’s happening at that moment. Mary is noting that no one at the event came to check on her as she leaves. Then Jennie apologizes to Lisa, but Lisa says, “I don’t care” in reference to Jennie throwing the glass.

The men gather at a table to debrief about their “great idea” to send the women on a trip to Zion. Seth makes a joke that the women all came back with their chakras aligned and perfectly balanced. They have a good laugh about it. Meanwhile, at the women’s table, Lisa says she wants everyone (minus Mary) to “get along.” The men just want the women to get along so that the men can hang out together more.

Jen asks Meredith, “Are we friends?” And then, here we go… Meredith says she can’t give Jen the support she needs. Heather tries to mediate. Drunk Whitney interjects. And then Meredith is upset that there is a “rehashing of her marriage.” Jen denies being involved in the rumors about Meredith and Seth, but last season, Jen started those rumors. Meredith is getting worked up, telling Jen to stop talking about it. Now Meredith blows up. Lisa backs up. Heather and Whitney walk away. Jennie is disinterested, leaving Jen and Meredith to fight it out. 

In Meredith’s production interview, she admits that she has been “sent information about some of the women having extramarital affairs.” Seth comes over to check on Meredith. Then Seth and Meredith head out of the party as she is shouting to the world that she knows things. Whitney wants more alcohol, to get blacked-out drunk. Lisa tells John how grateful she is for him. And one of the last images we see is Whitney straddling her husband on a couch. 

Next week begins the 3-part reunion. Mary is absent. They discuss how Meredith seems to be threatening everyone. Jen’s upset that her federal charges keep “coming up” on the show, as Andy Cohen explains that she’s been charged, so of course, it’s a story. Jen is playing dumb like she doesn’t even know the charges against her. And Andy asks Coach, point-blank, did he question where the money was coming from? And Lisa is confronted by, as Andy calls it, her “truth dump” about Meredith.

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