Demi Burnett Responds to Corinne Olympios Calling Her ‘A Poser!’

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Demi Burnett has responded to former The Bachelor contestant, Corinne Olympios, after she threw shade at the Bachelor in Paradise alum, during an appearance on the “She’s All Bach” podcast. 

Corinne, who also brought the heat in a subsequent appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, morphed into a noteworthy villain on Nick Viall’s season of the reality dating competition show. Demi appeared on Colton Underwood’s season and was axed in week six. She also created drama during multiple stints on Bachelor in Paradise.

Corinne Olympios

Corinne, 29, claimed during her podcast appearance that show producers told her that Demi [Burnett]Demi [Burnett] was casted to be another Corinne Olympios.” Producers were evidently looking for another villain to amp the drama and bring in the ratings. 

Corinne explained why she believed that the show had gone downhill, and called out Demi for being “a poser.”

Corinne pointed out that Demi made her debut in the wake of her appearance on “The Bachelor.” 

“They were trying to get more Corinnes. It hasn’t been done the same,” she explained. “I think that’s actually how the show went downhill for a little bit.”

Demi Burnett

Corinne threw shade at Demi for agreeing to appear on the show and follow so closely in her footsteps. 

“She came down in a robe and was doing things that I did,” Corinne said.  “I’m like okay, this is too much. Do your own thing if you want to be funny.”

Corinne called the show’s effort to recreate her persona a fail. 

“I think they tried to take the Corinne comedic route, too hard, too quickly after me. And it just didn’t work, there’s just no other me,” she said. 

Demi Burnett

Corinne clarified that while she does not hate Demi, she does think of her as a pretender. Fans have given Demi kudos for being genuine, but Corinne believes that she should have worked harder to create her own unique storyline during her time on the show. 

Corinne also mentioned Demi sending her a past DM that rubbed her the wrong way. 

“She’s like ‘from one iconic girl to the next and [I’m] like so excited for you to see me on this season’ or something, and I’m like ew,” she said of the cringe-worthy message. 

Demi Burnett

Demi, 26, chose to keep things civil, after hearing about Corinne’s spicy interview. She took to her Instagram Stories to respond to Corinne’s comments, alongside a snap of herself wearing a mischievous smile. 

“Good morning. Thinking about the power that could’ve been if @colympios and I would’ve teamed up,” Demi captioned the photo. 

Corinne did not respond to Demi’s classy comeback—but did publicly repost her Instagram Story.  

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 pm, ET, on ABC.


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