90 Day Fiancé: Ximena Is Not Excited To See ‘Clingy’ Mike Back In Columbia!

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In a recent clip of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Mike returned to Columbia but Ximena didn’t seem to be happy about it.

In the recent clip, Mike expressed that ever since he left Columbia, he has felt that Ximena has been distant. “I know that Ximena and I need to work on our relationship, that’s why I need to go back to Columbia. I’m confident when we are back together in person, I’m going to feel the same love that we had on the trip.” Mike had expressed his concerns before going on the second trip and after arriving in Columbia he knew he was right to worry.

Ximena, 24, did not pick Mike up at the airport like she did the first time. Even their greeting was a little awkward since Ximena didn’t seem as happy to see him. When Mike said “I love you” to her, she responded by asking about the weather. Ximena spoke about the second trip saying, “This trip is very different from the first because I have a lot to think about how Mike is a very clingy person. I mean I like my space.” Judging by Ximena’s facial expression when Mike sat down, she was ready for him to go back home. 

Mike explained he had come to spend time with Ximena and the kids so that he could get to know the family better. Though Ximena told her sister right in front of Mike that she had told him he didn’t have to come over that month. “You weren’t going to come. I told you that you weren’t going to come this month.” A confused Mike responds saying he had told Ximena he was coming. Their second trip was not getting off to a good start. 

To make things worse, Mike had entered the sparkling clean house with dirty shoes that smelt like poop. Ximena has said in previous episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days how Mike’s behavior makes him less attractive to her—like his farting and burping, which he blamed on his ADHD. In another clip from the TLC show, Mike said he hasn’t dated anyone for nearly 20 years. Mike and Ximena started their relationship after meeting on a dating app. He said, “When I first got the notification that Ximena swiped right, I was like, wow, is this really happening? I had to, like, pinch myself.”

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