‘Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown Trolls Kody and Robyn Brown with Scathing Message!

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‘Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown Trolls Kody and Robyn Brown with Scathing Message!

Paedon Brown has a scathing message for his father, Kody Brown, and his favorite and only legal wife, Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown.

The son of Kody and Christine Brown recently showed off a new t-shirt in a TikTok video—and fans of the show will immediately understand its hilariously harsh message. 

“I got this package in the mail,” Paedon said. “And it doesn’t matter the package isn’t super important but it’s kind of just like … funny? You know?” 

The TLC son showed off his new shirt, which read—“What. Does. The. Nanny. Do?”

Paedon Brown

Viewers know that Robyn and Kody revealed that they had hired a nanny to help with tutoring and child care, during the recently concluded season. The nanny was allowed to mix with Robyn’s family during the COVID pandemic, while the couple insisted that all outside family members keep their distance. 

Paedon Brown

Paedon’s mother, Christine Brown, quipped the on-point question printed on the shirt during a filmed personal interview. Robyn was slammed by fans for the maneuver and was forced to reveal that the nanny had contracted the virus, late in the season. 

Sister Wives

The 23-year-old’s post made the rounds on Reddit to rave reviews, raking in 1.9k likes. 

“This. Gives. Me. Life.” one user commented.

“Give Paedon his own tell all episode! Please, TLC,” another said.

“OMG can’t wait to see all the kids publicly jump ship. It’s been coming for years,” a fan excitedly declared. 

“Welp, once Kody sees this, Paedon will be serving more time on the adult child naughty chair,” another noted.

“Originally he said he wouldn’t comment, get involved or watch. This is better,” another viewer remarked.

Sister Wives

The show featured Christine, 49, wondering why Kody, 52, and Robyn opened the door to the nanny—who was later identified as Robyn’s step-niece, Mindy Jessop—but not to siblings. The group was also rocked when Kody refused to travel to New Jersey with Christine for their daughter’s scoliosis surgery. 

“You have a nanny over. She’s over all the time,” Christine told Kody. “I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out. She’s devastated.”  

Christine also wondered what the nanny did all day since Robyn is a stay-at-home mom. 

Reddit users cheered Christine for bluntly asking the questions, as the season unfolded. Many agreed with Christine’s point of view and others ripped into Robyn. 

Robyn seriously must be the laziest mom in the whole world. And the most selfish sister wife,” one viewer said.

Viewers know that Kody is spiritually wed to Meri Brown, 50, and Janelle Brown, 52, and legally tied to Robyn. Christine announced that she was leaving Kody and moving back to Utah, in November. 

Sister Wives

Christine, who has shared updates with fans over the last several months,  assured her followers that she feels “like a much better person” since leaving the marriage. 

Watch Part 3 of the Sister Wives: One on One special, Sunday at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.


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