Surfaced Video Reveals Lisa Rinna Gushing Over Donald Trump!

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Lisa Rinna recently outed her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Kathy Hilton, for seemingly ditching the cast finale party to attend Donald Trump’s Super Bowl bash—exposing her co-star’s likely political affiliation on her Instagram Story. 

Rinna took to the platform knowing the reveal would paint the Beverly Hills socialite in a negative light amongst Trump-hating fans. Lisa captioned a photo of Kathy at the Palm Beach party, “Oh that’s where she was!!!!!!”

Rinna is entrenched in a brewing war with the popular RHOBH star and was seemingly looking to damage her in the eyes of fans, by exposing her presence at the Trump event. 

Lisa Rinna

However, Rinna herself once sang the former president’s praises, as revealed in an uncovered YouTube video. 

“I like Donald Trump,” Rinna said during a 2013 interview with the Huffington Post Live.  

She clarified that she didn’t always agree with Trump’s views, but called the former POTUS “such an interesting guy.” 

“He’s only been kind to me and I love people who are non-filtered,” Rinna said. 

“He’s raised some amazing children,” Rinna added. “That says a lot about a person.” 

“I think Donald Trump is fantastic,” the Bravo star declared. 

Watch the video below!

Rinna appeared on the smash reality TV hit, “The Celebrity Apprentice 4” in 2011, and on “Allstar Celebrity Apprentice” in 2013. Donald Trump was the show’s host for the first fourteen seasons, ahead of his presidential run.

Kathy’s manager told Radar Online that her client was in Palm Beach to spend time with a grieving friend and to host a charity event with her daughter, Nicky. 

Kathy did not refuse to film,” her manager told the outlet.

Kathy Hilton

Her rep added—“…this was all planned way in advance. Production was always aware of the schedule.”

Rinna’s feud with Kathy began during a reportedly chaotic cast trip to Aspen, Colorado.

Per a Radar Online report—Kathy was purportedly extremely tired during a visit to the Caribou Club—a prestigious, members-only lounge that she had visited over the years. The RHOBH star wanted to listen to Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit, Billie Jean, and asked an employee to help her relay the message to the DJ, who was behind a partition.

Kathy Hilton

The employee reacted unprofessionally to Kathy’s request, allegedly telling her to “go back to L.A.” The snide comment reportedly sent Kathy over the edge, sparking a heated exchange.  

According to the source, Kathy yelled “white privilege” and made other shocking statements. Her reps denied the allegations. 

“Everything that’s being brought up is a lie and being refuted. Kathy did not say it. It’s been squashed and keeps resurfacing,” her manager said. 

Kathy Hilton

Erika claims she overhead Kathy using profanity in the establishment and dished her story to Lisa Rinna. Rinna backed Erika’s claim. 

“What they’ve been told is that Erika heard Kathy say something bad, but no one else could corroborate because no one else heard it,” a source close to Kathy told Radar.  

“The other thing that was being said was that Lisa was going to back up Erika in saying that she also believes Kathy said this thing, but she did not hear her say it,” added the insider, noting that Kathy was “really upset” over the ordeal.

Kathy Hilton

“It’s a lie, it’s defamatory, it’s hurtful, it’s not necessary. It’s one thing to say she had a blowup, but to come up with a lie [is another],” the tipster said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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