‘RHOC’ RECAP: Jen Reveals Her Marriage Is Struggling And Emily Questions Noella’s Divorce!

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This week on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we begin with Shannon Beador as she chats with her daughter Sophie about cleaning her house. Next, we head over to Gina Kirschenheiter as she and her boyfriend Travis share a meal with the kids. Dr. Jennifer Armstrong is chatting with her daughter CeCe about makeup as we see Heather Dubrow and her crew head to Nobu. Heather, Terry, and the kids are having a nice dinner as they discuss graduation photos of Nick. Heather’s beginning to feel the pressure of becoming an empty nester. Nick and Max are the last of the bunch, and Heather’s going to miss these family dinners when they’re gone.   

Heather’s youngest explains how she’s likely to attend USC, and how amazing she felt on campus during the college tour. The food comes out as the kids begin picking on each other, and Heather attempts to step in before things go left. As more food comes out, Heather attempts to talk to Kat about her relationship with Max. Heather ensures Kat that her relationship with her sister will change as they get older. Kat’s doubtful of any reconciliation, but Heather knows her kids will always be there for each other. Across town, we see a beautiful Noella Bergener as she meets Emily Simpson at the nail salon. Once their colors are picked out and their feet are soaking, Emily shares the news about Shannon’s upcoming dinner party. Shannon wants the women to kiss and make up, and Noella explains why she becomes easily defensive. 

Noella discloses to Emily how the upcoming mediation meeting is about to take place for her divorce and that she’s unsure if her soon-to-be ex-husband will be in attendance. Emily tells us in her confessional how much she likes Noella, but in the same breath can be suffocating! Emily feels that Noella constantly talks about her divorce and personal life without revealing much else about her life. From Noelle’s POV, she feels like her life is in flight or fight mode, and she feels like she’s constantly fighting for every inch of her life. Emily feels for Noella but doesn’t hold back on her opinion of Noella, making snarky comments to Heather. Noella admits to her attitude towards Heather and Emily’s tired of walking on eggshells around Noella. 

Emily suggests Noella takes some self-reflection into account and find a way to connect to the other women. Noella feels like her pain is triggering unpleasant feelings within the other women and will not silence herself for the group’s comfortability. Back at Shannon’s, she’s preparing for her dinner party as she throws down in the kitchen. Shannon reveals to her business partner that she forgot to order the appetizers from the restaurant, as she attempts to adjust to the mix-up. Heather’s at home wrapping her gift for Shannon as she chats with her family’s assistant before heading to Shannon’s. Gina arrives first with a bottle in hand and there’s no Shannon in sight! 

As Gina’s looking around the house, Shannon’s upstairs checking herself out in the mirror. Emily arrives at Shannon’s, looking good but also slightly irritated. Heather and Jennifer are riding to Shannon’s house together and Jennifer drops a bomb on Heather about her relationship with Ryne! Ryne apparently packed his bags and left after the blowout from last week’s episode! Jennifer feels hurt and humiliated by Ryne’s behavior towards her and now feels alone more than ever. Jennifer begins crying to Heather and Heather ensures Jennifer that the other ladies will lay off the questions today. Once inside, the ladies greet each other as Heather gifts Shannon some expensive edibles. Heather admits in her confessional to micro-dosing, but we all knew these ladies like to get high, LOL. 

Emily notices Jennifer’s low energy and checks in with her as Jen and Heather become tense. Heather comes through in the clutch and redirects the conversation to discussing Jen’s kids’ first day of school. They did a great job covering up Jen’s marital issues, but something tells me this lie will crumble eventually. Not even two seconds later, Jennifer spills the tea about Ryne moving out last night and Heather is shocked! Heather didn’t think Jen was going to talk about Ryne, but it looks like Jen wanted the group’s empathy after all. 

Jen explains the breakdown within her marriage and Emily relates due to the issues she experienced with her husband previously. Jennifer admits that counseling helped her marriage before, and Emily suggested writing a mission statement for their marriage and family. The women all think that’s a brilliant idea and commends Emily for doing the work to fix her marriage. Shannon directs the ladies inside to cool off and Noella consoles Jen before commenting on Ryne at the farmhouse. The women sit for dinner and Emily empathizes with Jennifer as Gina offers some advice. Shannon feels like the two can get back to a place of being “in love”—they just have to put in the work to get there. 

Emily comments about Jen doing everything she can to make her marriage work, and out of nowhere, Noella asks whether Jen and Ryne had a prenuptial agreement! Heather is applauded by Noella’s insensitive question, but Noella doesn’t care and somehow brings up her upcoming divorce in the same breath, SMH. Emily doesn’t think Noella’s being helpful, and Gina thinks Ryne may be dealing with his own issues internally. Noella’s taking the conversation to a dark place by planting seeds of doubt in Jen’s head about her marriage. Emily’s had enough and attempts to straighten Noella out before things get worse. It’s clear Noella’s consumed with her own marital problems and is in desperate need of a listening ear. 

Noella’s catching on that Emily is irritated at her but before Noella can finish her statement, Emily yells, “You always talk about your divorce, it’s all you talk about!” as Gina’s eyes get wide and Jen excuses herself to get champagne. Heather chats with Jennifer in the kitchen and Emily explains to Noella that Jen’s situation is more complicated. Emily leaves the table because she feels like Noella’s being defensive. Emily has learned that if a person questions Noella, she’ll turn on them. To lighten the mood, Heather and Shannon bring the girls some edibles to take the edge off, and no one’s more geeked than Shannon.  

Ten minutes later, Shannon is LIT and having the best time of her life! Shannon giggles as she does squats in the hallway and munches on everything in sight. At the table, Noella tells Emily how much she adores her as Emily makes it clear that she’s allowed to ask questions. Jennifer thanks Shannon for inviting them to a beautiful dinner and the ladies toast to a successful event. The next day, Gina and Emily meet at Pretend City to have a playdate with the kids and to catch up. Emily tells Gina that she was irritated after leaving Shannon’s dinner. Emily realizes that Noella never asks about her children or anything personal within her life. Gina also noticed that Shannon was irritated at Heather giving Gina her flowers for her upcoming business. 

Gina thinks Shannon is jealous of her and believes Shannon’s nasty energy reeks like a fragrance, LOL. Back at Heather’s house, she’s gardening with Kat as the two enjoy some time together. Kat reveals to her mom that she’s considering taking the rainbow flag out of her bio on TikTok. Kat explains she received a negative comment about her flag and is a little embarrassed by the backlash. Although Kat’s friends know her sexual orientation, Heather wants Kat to be confident and proud of who she is. Heather’s a great mom as she tells Kat not to care what others think. Heather explains the difference between the way she grew up versus Kat. Heather loves the relationship she has with her kids and admits to Kat that they taught Heather a few things about herself. 

Heather thanks Kat for teaching her new things about herself as Kat thanks her mom for being there and contributing to her confidence. Aw, so sweet! Shannon, Emily, and Jennifer meet for drinks, and Jennifer is dressed to kill as Emily jokes about Jen looking for a new man. Jennifer tells the ladies how Ryne came home and the two of them fell asleep holding hands on the couch. The ladies seem genuinely happy that Jen’s relationship is improving. Jen explains that she met Ryne after her father died and somehow wanted to replace what she lost with a family of her own. 

Shannon asks whether Jen’s spoken to any of the ladies since the dinner and Emily boldly asks Shannon if she’s jealous of Heather and Gina’s friendship! Shannon promptly answers “no” as she looks surprised by Emily’s intrusiveness. Shannon becomes upset by Emily and Gina’s accusations and begins to look frazzled by this news. Shannon gives all the power to Gina’s business and thinks Gina needs to check her ego at the door. Shannon’s reeling at this discovery and now looks like she’s ready to kill! This won’t go over well for Gina or Emily, so be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County! 

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