Mama June’s Daughter ‘Pumpkin’ Begs For Breast Milk Donors!

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Mama June’s daughter, Pumpkin, took to Instagram to ask fans for help regarding her second child. 

Lauryn and Joshua Efird welcomed their baby boy into the world last year. Lauryn announced the birth of their son, Bentley Jameson, with a post on Instagram and wrote, “After being admitted into the hospital last night at 2-3 centimeters with heavy contractions, our baby boy has finally made his debut. Everyone meet Bentley Jameson Efird weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces.” Since her pregnancy post, Pumpkin has been quiet on social media. Unless it has something to do with her brand deals, Lauryn hasn’t posted much on her page. 

In a recent post on her Instagram, the 21-year-old got fans a little worried. She wrote, “Donor for breast milk?” Some fans must have reached out to tell Lauryn to be more specific because she added another post to clarify. “In regards to my last story, I’m looking for someone who is willing to donate their milk TIA,” she wrote. Since Lauryn just gave birth to Bentley, they can only assume she is having a hard time breastfeeding him. The mother of two didn’t disclose any more about how she’s doing since the birth of Bentley. 

Lauryn has nearly 800k followers on her Instagram, making it the perfect platform to advertise the specific job. Hopefully, some of her fans will fit her requirements and reach out in the DMs for more info. Lauryn probably doesn’t want many people to know her condition until she talks about it. Undoubtedly, her loyal followers and other mothers are giving her advice in private.

Lauryn shared news of her pregnancy on Instagram in April 2021, with a photo of her positive test. It read, “Well, the secret is out for everyone to know now! Baby Efird No. 2 coming in 2021. After almost three years, we are finally having another blessing and couldn’t be happier,” Lauryn and Joshua’s first child, Ella Grace Efird, was born in December 2017. Now, the two are parents to two healthy babies and couldn’t be happier about it. Even if sometimes it can get overwhelming caring for two young children. 

However, since she still lives with Alana Thompson, fans are sure she has a little help caring for Bentley and Ella. For over three years, Lauryn has been Alana’s guardian, and fans can agree that she has done a great job caring for her younger sister.

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