Jeremy Roloff Shares Cabin Renovation Update!

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Little People, Big World couple, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff purchased a $750k Oregon cabin in September 2021 and invited their followers along on their ongoing renovation project. 

Jeremy recently shared an update with fans, revealing that his hard work was paying off. 

Audrey shared about their real estate purchase on social media, in January.  

Audrey Roloff

“Our search for some land to raise our family continues in 2022. Thank you for following us on the hunt and for all your prayers as we continue searching and trusting God’s timing,” she wrote alongside a pic of the snow-covered cabin.

“In the meantime we are excited to let you in on our newest project. This dreamy little snow covered cabin in the woods that you see behind us. We’ve had our pulse on the Bend area for a while because we spend so much time here. Over the summer we saw this place pop up and Jer immediately flew (since that’s his newest hobby) out there with a friend to go see it…”

Jeremy Roloff

“Big progress going on this week at the Spring River cabin,” Jeremy shared on Instagram, last week. “We’ve got electrical going in, so there’s new light switches with dimmers, all new lights, and new plugs and whatnot.”

Jeremy continued—“The subfloor and hardwood will be going in, which is super exciting. I might try to fly down there and watch that happen.”

Jeremy Roloff

The former TLC star added a quick update about the work that had been underway at the couple’s full-time home, explaining—”Here, we’ve got the plumber is about to show up and remove that big old pipe that I was talking about a week or two ago and then drywall is coming in the next couple days.” 

The dad of three added—”And then I start tile. So, we’re getting there. We’re moving.”

Jeremy highlighted the new cabin’s entryway and posted a snap of a large room that featured a wooden ceiling and a large window. 

Jeremy, who has been seemingly working late to complete the home improvement projects, came under recent fire after Audrey posted her husband working on a late-night task on her Instagram Stories. 

Jeremy Roloff

Audrey clarified that Jeremy was working to spruce up their bedroom and bathroom while sharing about one of the couple’s recent interactions. The video later circulated on Reddit, where critical fans sounded off about Jeremy’s work schedule. 

“It’s clear she’s annoyed he’s working this late. It’s clear the kids’ bedtime matters to her,” a fan said. “So why TF he acts like a kid who must pull an all-nighter when he has plenty of time during the day is beyond me.”

Another Reddit user agreed, writing—”Hate that I agree with her, what parent does this with young children at night?!?”

Jeremy Roloff

In January, Jeremy was slammed on social media after seemingly revealing that he had put off fixing up his own house amid a plan to purchase Roloff Farm. He explained that he originally planned to stay in their home for about two years while executing his plan to purchase the family property. He added that he had “passed up on a lot of properties and been outbid on others.” Viewers put him on blast after he shared that after three years he had decided to tackle fixing up the young family’s current home. 

“What an insufferable, spoiled, insulated brat,” one Reddit user said.

“But you didn’t buy it so now you can cry us all a river!” another commented.

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