Court Sides With Wells Fargo, Wendy Williams Loses Access To Millions, Bank Requests Guardianship! 

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Wendy Williams

Court Sides With Wells Fargo, Wendy Williams Loses Access To Millions, Bank Requests Guardianship

According to Wells Fargo, Wendy Williams, is an “incapacitated person,” who requires guardianship, therefore the bank will continue to deny the talk show maven access to her millions.

Wells Fargo Asks Judge To Appoint Guardianship

Wendy Williams

On Thursday, Wells Fargo sent a letter to New York Supreme Court Judge Arlene Bluth requesting a special hearing to determine if Wendy Williams needs a legal guardian to manage her personal affairs.

“We are concerned about [Williams’] situation,” attorney David H. Pikus wrote on behalf of the bank in court documents.

“It is our hope that the Guardianship Part [of the court] will imminently appoint a temporary guardian or evaluator to review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] affairs are being properly handled.”

Wendy Williams Missing Since July 2021

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has not been on her show since July of 2021 and producers and staff of the the daytime talk show, have been monitoring Wendy’s declining health over the last few months.

Wendy is currently in a legal battle with Wells Fargo, who has frozen her bank accounts out of fear that she has dementia and could be financially abused. Keep in mind, these accounts are holding millions of dollars.

Wendy Williams Lawyer Blames Disloyal Friend

Wendy Williams

On Friday Wendy Williams lawyer, LaShawn Thomas, released the following statement:

“Wendy wants the world to know that she strenuously denies all allegations about her mental health and well-being.”

LaShawn Thomas explains that Williams’ legal battle with Wells Fargo stems from a disloyal friend of the talk show host. 

Wendy had to unfortunately bring this action because Wells Fargo has refused to honor her Power of Attorney, granting her son authority to make inquiries to the bank on Wendy’s behalf,” the statement read. “Wendy further believes that all of the false narratives currently making the rounds derive from this source and she is saddened that she once considered this person a friend.”

In reference to those claims, Williams’ attorney said in a statement that “it saddens Wendy that Wells Fargo has chosen to believe the allegations of a former employee who is upset because she no longer has direct and unfettered access to Wendy’s financial affairs.”

Wendy Williams

In court docs, Williams claimed that the financial advisor in question was terminated due to her “malfeasance in relation to [Williams’] accounts and [her] improper conduct in relation to their professional relationship.”

Williams attorney, in a statement, says the TV personality has gone to great lengths to figure out how all of this transpired.

“She has spoken to several bank representatives and has even gone into a local branch and discussed this issue with bank managers, as clear evidence that there are no concerns about her state of mind,” the statement read. “In fact, Wells Fargo’s alleged suspicions were never raised until Wendy made it known that she no longer wanted to bank at Wells Fargo due to the bank’s mishandling of her complaints against her advisor.”

Wendy Williams

Williams’ lawyer also gave an update on her health progress.

“During this hiatus from the show, Wendy has employed holistic health professionals to help her reach optimal health during her treatment of Graves’ disease and thyroid concerns,” the statement read. “Wendy wants you to know she is fine; she is of sound mind.”

Wendy Williams

Recently Williams filed for a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo asking the judge to order the bank to “reopen any frozen accounts or assets,” and grant Williams “access to any and all accompanying statements.” She also wants the bank to be barred “from freezing any and all assets which contain funds that were removed and/or withheld” from Williams’ own personal and business accounts.

Wells Fargo also filed a letter saying it is “open to arranging with [Williams’] counsel to release funds directly to the creditors to pay outstanding amounts that have been historically and regularly paid from the accounts in question, such as employee salaries, utilities and the like.” The judge has yet to announce a ruling on the matter.

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