‘RHOC’ RECAP: Gina Calls Noella Bergener A ‘D–k’ And Dr. Jen & Husband Ryne Battle Marital Issues!

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Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County! The ladies are still in Cabo and the dust is settling from Heather Dubrow and Noella Bergener’s verbal altercation. Dr. Jennifer Armstrong attempts to smooth things over; Jennifer tries to inform Noella that her gift hurt Max, but Noella’s not taking the fault in this situation. Noella’s upset because the other women didn’t have her back and Heather attempts to exit stage left. Shannon Beador notices Heather’s attempted departure and Heather voices her disinterest in continuing the conversation. Heather feels like Noella’s refusing to listen and is beginning to annoy Heather. Noella apologizes once again for her inappropriate gift, but Heather has checked out and leaves the table. 

As Shannon goes to comfort Heather, Gina Kirschenheiter tells her bestie, Emily Simpson, that Noella has some animosity towards her. Noella’s aggravated at Gina for not disclosing the petty invite sooner instead of holding onto that information for a week. Gina’s hurt because she’s had Noella’s back, but Noella doesn’t view the situation in the same light as Gina. Noella dismisses Gina’s feelings as Gina gets up to leave the table. Emily tries to get Noella to come to her senses, but I think the tequila has muffled any type of common sense in these women. Emily continues trying to explain Heather’s point of view, but Noella’s checked out at this point. Noella tells Emily to check on Gina, and Emily begins shutting down. 

Emily’s done trying with Noella and leaves to check on Gina. Jennifer stays at the table and consoles Noella as Emily heads back to the villa. Emily finds Gina and Gina is very drunk and very emotional. Shannon comes back to the dinner table and begins pouring tequila shots. Emily comes back fifteen minutes later, claiming to have forgotten her purse. Shannon wants Emily to stay and as the conversation continues, Emily falls out of her chair! Everyone’s laughing and having a great time as Shannon’s Spanx makes a guest appearance. Shannon and Emily roll around in the sand as Noella takes pictures for her memories. 

Back in Orange County, Emily talks with Shane about Cabo and her experience in the sweat lodge. Gina shares with her boyfriend, Travis, that Cabo wasn’t what she expected, as the two play with their son. Dr. Jennifer takes her daughter CeCe to the nail salon for some pampering.  CeCe tells her mom how a recent sleepover went, before changing the subject to CeCe’s schooling. Jennifer loves her independent daughter’s attitude and wants CeCe’s thoughts on a few potential nannies. Jennifer appreciates the time she has with her kids and feels guilty because she works a lot. Jennifer’s fear is that she’ll work so much that her kids will end up resenting her. Therefore, Jennifer wants to spend as much time with her family as possible.

Noella Bergener

Across town, Heather’s at Rancho Capistrano Winery as she meets Gina for lunch. Gina seems to be in good spirits after Cabo, and the two ladies order their drinks before diving into the trip. Heather admits to being on the go after returning from Cabo and plans to take Nikki to visit some colleges. Gina relives her college days and shares with Heather what it was like during undergrad. Once the laughter subsides, Heather invites Gina to New York to tag along with her family, and Gina readily accepts. Gina brings up Noella and how hard it was to have her back in Cabo. Gina’s upset that Noella questioned her integrity as a friend and doesn’t understand why Noella’s acting this way. Heather reassures Gina that she has the right to protect herself while feeling empathy for another person’s situation. Gina admits to stepping back in her friendship with Noella and doesn’t know where the two go from here. 

At John’s house, Shannon is making sure decorations are in place for the event she’s hosting tonight. John rented a thirty-foot boat for the party and Shannon invited the ladies to partake in the festivities. Heather and Terry arrive first with gifts in tow, and Emily and Shane arrive shortly after. Shannon and John take the food onto the boat while the rest of the crew joins aboard and begin drinking. Shannon’s in her element on the boat and reveals her mother used to have a boat back in the day. Shannon enjoys sharing her love for boats with John and appreciates it being something they can experience together. 

The boat sails off and the scenery is breathtaking! The sun is setting and the water is calming. Shannon’s taking on the boating lifestyle with grace and it’s apparent how much fun she’s having. Everyone’s having a great time on the boat and once they return to the docks, a chef is waiting to cook up a storm! The crew settles into their seats as John raises his sake for a toast. John thanks the couples for coming, and the food is ready to be devoured. The chef has his little brother helping out, which prompted Terry to begin a conversation about family. Terry asks John about his family and John drops a bombshell! John reveals being disowned from his father and that his father got remarried and had three more sons of his own. John’s dad told John’s sister that he’s ashamed of John!

Noella Bergener

Shannon tells us in her confessional that John finally stood up to his father in college, and that was the initial reason for John’s father disowning him. Shannon does a great job of consoling John and reassuring him that he did nothing wrong. Emily can’t fathom the thought of disowning her kids, and Terry brings up his evil stepfather and contributes his success to his stepfather’s lack of emotional support. Emily shares her childhood issues and that the absence of her father drove her to be successful. The group bond over their abandonment issues and Emily tells the table how much the sweat lodge helped her release those unwanted feelings. Emily’s working on figuring things out as Heather makes a toast to a wonderful dinner and friendship. 

The next day, Shannon and Emily are together as they visit The Quiet Woman. The pair sit as they order their drinks and settle in. Shannon and Emily reminisce about last night’s dinner and how much fun they all had. Shannon asks Emily if she’s seen Noella, and Emily admits to meeting with Noella two days earlier to smooth things over. Emily invited Noella to her upcoming game night at her home, and surprisingly Noella shows up to have drinks with Shannon and Emily. Noella orders her martini and dives right into what happened the last night in Cabo. The ladies admitted to the trip being very emotional for everyone and Emily thinks it’ll be a good idea for Gina and Noella to talk things out. Noella admits to wanting to clear the air with Gina, but she’s unsure where to begin. 

Noella Bergener

Out of nowhere Emily changes the direction of the conversation and tells Noella she has something to ask her. I can feel the room tense up as Emily slowly reveals her question. Emily tells Noella that Jennifer told Emily how Noella gifted her ex-husband a “stack of vaginas.” Having no clue what that means, Emily’s intrigued and wants to know if she’s missing out on something. Noella’s having a difficult time explaining the gift and actually seems to blush before telling Emily she’ll show her some pictures. Noella’s annoyed that Jennifer continuously brings up her marriage and admits to being bothered by Jennifer’s intrusiveness. Noella goes on a rant about why Jennifer doesn’t discuss her own marriage, and Emily and Shannon seem to agree. Noella shares the photo of her ex-husband’s gift, and the ladies crack up as they attempt to guess which woman in the stack is Noella. 

At Jennifer’s house, she’s cracking open a bottle of champagne as Heather lets herself in. Heather takes control of Jennifer’s house and busts out a ton of pineapples to make drinks. Heather shows Jennifer how to make the specialty drinks before the pair head outside to chat. Jennifer confides in Heather about an argument with Ryne the night before and becomes emotional as she explains what happened. Jennifer’s emotional, and since Ryne can’t handle her tears, he ends up shutting down and nothing is resolved. Jennifer admitted that once things cooled down, Ryne showered her with a ton of compliments that eased her mind. Heather asks Jennifer if she informed Ryne how much the compliments meant to her, and Jennifer hasn’t! 

Jennifer feels that Ryne holds some resentment towards her because as she built the business and kept the family afloat; Ryne stayed home with the kids and made sure they were taken care of. Jennifer wants things to get better but feels she doesn’t have the tools to ensure improvement in her relationship. Heather gives Jennifer amazing advice by instructing Jennifer to either go to therapy and get the tools herself or begin appreciating Ryne more. Heather also encouraged Jennifer to prioritize the family and to make sure she’s not ignoring her relationship. Tonight is Emily’s game night and she’s making sure everything is in place for a festive evening. Noella arrives first and seems ready to let the games begin! Gina arrives shortly after and it’s the perfect opportunity to smooth things out with Noella. Shannon shows up ready for some fun competition as she greets everyone. 

Emily tells Gina that Noella showed her the photo of the vaginas, and Gina seems genuinely confused at the idea. Emily instructs the ladies to go to the game room and the first game begins! The ladies are having a great time being extra silly while they drink their adult cocktails. Shannon, Emily, and Noella recreate the stack of vaginas as Gina looks mortified! The liquor provides Gina with some confidence as she takes Noella outside to have a much-needed talk. Gina admits her feelings were hurt because Noella questioned whether she could trust Gina or not. Noella feels that her friends should’ve allowed her to have the conversation with Heather, instead of forcing her to apologize. Noella tells Gina that she felt betrayed and Gina fires back by telling Noella she’s being paranoid. 

Noella Bergener

Noella and Gina come to an understanding and vow to focus on making their time together less chaotic, although in Gina’s confessional, she has no issues voicing the fact she wants out of their friendship! At Jennifer’s house, she plans to have the conversation with Ryne and makes sure the kids are taken care of beforehand. Jennifer is noticeably drinking a glass of wine to calm herself down as Ryne ear hustles in the background. Jen takes Ryne outside to chat and ask how his day was before diving into the big stuff. As Jen’s talking, Ryne continues cuddling his puppy, and it seems to aggravate Jennifer. 

Jennifer begins crying and tells Ryne that she just wants what her dad used to provide, as Ryne tries to comfort her. Jen tries to instruct Ryne on how to console her, but Ryne is too busy with the puppy to be fully engaged. Jen asks Ryne to put the dog away, but Ryne refuses which only makes things worse. Ryne feels it’s difficult to communicate with Jennifer and begins shutting down emotionally. Ryne tells Jen he rather save the conversation for another day and excuses himself without settling things. Welp, nothing was resolved but hopefully next week there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County!

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