Audrey Roloff Peddles Marriage Journal As Fans Suspect Trouble In Paradise

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Audrey Roloff Peddles Marriage Journal As Fans Suspect Trouble In Paradise!

Little People Big World couple, Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy, are peddling a marriage journal right on time for Valentine’s Day amid speculation of trouble in their marriage.  

Audrey Roloff

Audrey and Jeremy Fight On Social Media

Audrey Roloff, 30, and Jeremy, 31, have always shared their married life with fans — especially after exiting the TLC reality series to pursue other business ventures.

Jeremy Roloff

Earlier this week, Audrey shared with fans that she and Jeremy had a little spat she had with her husband. She posted a series of stories to her Instagram account explaining to fans what happened between the couple. Audrey posted a photo of her coffee which she had spilt in the car.

The next post was a screenshot of her messages with Jeremy where he replied with, ‘mad.’ She captioned his reply with, ‘Cares more about his truck than my caffeine necessities while on my own with the kids…” Audrey added an eye roll emoji to convey her mood.

The couple’s exchange made fans concerned about the state of their marriage. So when Audrey released a marriage journal, a few days after the public squabble, many fans were surprised.

Audrey Promote Marriage Journal

Jeremy and Audrey heavily promoted their journal on their social media pages. On Friday, Audrey posted an ad on her Instagram stories to promote the marriage journal. In the video, the mother of three was joined by Jeremy and their baby son, Radley Knight. She captioned the video with, “The BEST Valentine’s day gift ever.  It’s the perfect gift for your spouse that you will cherish for the next 50 years!” Audrey also shared a code, BEMINE which was offering buyers, 15% when they buy the marriage journal. 

Can Their Marriage Survive

The journals are sold on ‘Beating 50 Percent‘ — a company the duo started together. The name is unique since it’s based on the divorce rate. The couple journals are not the only thing they sell on their online store. Audrey and Jeremy sell a variety of products that promote happy and healthy marriages and often promote them on their socials. 

Audrey Roloff gave birth to her and Jeremy’s third child on November 8, 2021. The former reality TV couple, who wed in September 2014, are also parents to daughter, Ember Jean, 4, and son Bode James, who turned 2 in January 2022.

Despite fan suspicions, the couple appears happy and caring for their newborn child. The only thing they might have issues with is selling out all the copies of their marriage journal from their store. 


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