RECAP: ‘RHOC’ Noella Blasts Heather’s ‘Straight Fragility’ After Heather Confronts Her Over ‘Inappropriate’ Gift!

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Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County! After a week’s hiatus, the ladies are back to relax and ready to get the party started! Gina Kirschenheiter, Noella Bergener, and Emily Simpson finished their conversation surrounding Heather Dubrow’s attitude toward Noella. Gina is stressing out on Noella duty and it’s clear Gina has second thoughts about taming this wild card. The three amigos make their way back to the table with the rest of the ladies as Noella proceeds to cool off her booty by the fan. Heather breaks the awkward environment and calls the husbands back home to check on them. The husbands are bonding as the women go on vacation, and Jennifer Armstrong is happy her husband has a night with the boys! 

Back in the states, production shows us the guy’s night out and Terry is leading the charge, just like his wife, Heather. The men drink and eat until their faces turn blue, before diving into conversations surrounding their businesses and relationships. Terry asked Shane if he’s willing to marry Gina, and Shane’s answer satisfies the men for now. On the island, Emily’s heating up from drinking tequila and begin to name off their different alter egos. Emily asks Shannon Beador if she’ll ever have a threesome, and Shannon quickly confirms “That’ll never happen.” Shannon doesn’t discount those who experience in bed, but Shannon doesn’t feel a third person would benefit their upcoming marriage. Gina inquires about whether Shannon has a plan for her relationship. Shannon states that once her twins go to college, she and John will buy a house together. 

Shannon Beador

Noella tells Shannon that she believes after everything Shannon and her girls went through, her twins are Shannon’s soulmates. The twins haven’t met Auntie Noella yet, but Shannon’s excited for Noella to meet her girls. Noella feels cut off in the middle of the discussion and it’s clear she enjoys being the only one in the spotlight. Gina believes it’s difficult for Noella to exist in a room with other women, and she might be onto something. Heather excuses herself to use the ladies’ room, and Dr. Jennifer follows suit. Before the two leave the table, Heather doubles back to check on Gina. Gina’s obviously frustrated with her job for the trip, but she’s the one who begged for Noella to come so she has to suck it up!

Noella notices the exchange between Gina and Heather, and I can tell the wheels are beginning to turn in her head. Noella knows something’s up and I can’t wait until she finds out she’s being babysat, LOL. Once the two women leave, Noella mimics the awkward exchange and Emily asks Noella to bring it down. Gina and Emily attempt to change the subject, but Noella wants to navigate the conversation back to Shannon and John. It’s awkward seeing such a beautiful woman fight for attention, but it’s great for TV so let’s keep going. Noella gets frustrated and picks up her chair to sit next to Shannon. Noella’s not happy with Emily and Gina’s exchange and calls them “children.” Emily’s not paying Noella any mind as she continues cutting up in Cabo with her best friend Gina. 

Gina’s done for the night as she and Emily leave Noella and Shannon to their conversation. Shannon wonders what just happened as Emily states Noella is being offensive. Shannon tells the ladies to get the f*** back to the table as she and Noella chase after Gina and Emily. Emily and Gina return to the table, but not before Gina tells Noella that she’s reactionary in moments with the group. Jennifer and Heather return from the bathroom as Noella pretends to get where Gina is coming from. The ladies are done for the night and head back to the villa for some sleep. The next morning arrives, and Shannon is video chatting with John as she gets dressed.

Noella Bergerner

Shannon points out that Heather’s planning is immaculate as production shows us the work Heather put in to make this trip a success. Shannon appreciates the work Heather put in, but Shannon is exhausted! Emily, Gina, and Noella meet up for the sweat lodge activity. Noella didn’t get much sleep the night before due to anxiety. Heather meets up with two of her friends as she tours some of the real estate Cabo has to offer. Emily, Gina, and Noella arrive at the sweat lodge and their instructors begin to cleanse their souls with sage and other herbs. We learn Emily traveled abroad in Mexico while in college, but she’s never experienced anything like this before. The ladies are in for a treat as they enter the sweat lodge at a tune of 95 degrees. Back with Heather and her crew, Shannon decides to tag along as Heather views a thirteen-million-dollar house.

At the sweat lodge Gina, Noella, and Emily are realizing they’re not at a spa and are doing some serious self-reflection. In the heat, their emotions come to the surface and allow them to uncover parts of themselves they were afraid to explore. Noella begins to overheat, and production is called to pull Noella out of the artificial womb. The medic carries Noella out and she is completely out of it! Gina and Emily are by Noella’s side as she experiences this breakthrough, and this may bond the three for life. As Noella gets medical care, Gina and Emily regroup with a couple of Gatorades as Noella comes out to join them. Emily and Noella feel relieved after the experience, but Gina, being an empath, is taking on more than she can handle. The ladies leave and an hour later Gina and Emily take a quick cat nap to rejuvenate themselves. 

Heather and her crew arrive at a lot to view the scenery, and Jennifer is masking the pain she’s in. Due to Jennifer’s previous bone tumor, pain is shooting up her leg and making this experience really uncomfortable for her. Heather doesn’t seem to notice as she calls Terry to get his opinion on the lot. Heather talks numbers with Terry and the two will have to give up a pretty penny for Heather’s newest real estate project. After their nap, Gina, Noella, and Emily head to the beach to relax. Noella asks Gina if they are flying private on the way home and Gina admits to needing to check in with Heather on that. 

Dr. Jen Armstrong

In Noella’s confessional, she reveals that Heather has discussed flight arrangements or anything regarding the trip with her at this point. Emily believes Heather will allow Noella to fly back with the rest of the ladies, but Noella doesn’t seem comfortable with that answer. Emily breaks the news to Noella that Gina begged Heather for an invite and now Noella feels some type of way. Noella believed the invite from Heather was an olive branch and she wonders why the women are so afraid of Heather. Gina and Emily attempt to save face with Noella as they remain loyal to Heather, but the conversation isn’t hitting like it’s supposed to. Noella lightens the conversation by bringing up that Emily admitted to sleeping with a woman in the past. Gina is completely shocked and inquires about all of Emily’s naughty time in the lady pool. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer is in extreme pain as she works out and chats with her husband. Jennifer is having a breakdown due to her pain being so unbearable and she can’t function at this point. Jennifer needed some empathy from her husband, but she feels alone due to not being understood about her condition. It’s time for dinner as the ladies get dressed and goof off among themselves. Noella and Shannon are the first ones at the bar and Heather shortly follows suit. Heather’s all smiles as she greets everyone for dinner and the woman looks beautiful! The dinner table is set beautifully, and the ladies are truly impressed. Before the meal, the women participate in tequila tasting, and I’m sure the night is about to heat up! 

Heather directs everyone to the dinner table and the tequila is definitely sneaking up on them. Heather thanks the ladies for coming as she directs the ladies to cheers around the table. Noella, Gina, and Emily tell the table about their sweat lodge experience, and Jennifer’s not surprised Noella passed out due to Noella drinking the night before and being under emotional distress. Gina and Emily excuse themselves to the restroom and the conversation at the table turns to labor and C-sections. 

Heather Dubrow

Heather asks Jennifer about the rest of her day after visiting the lot, and Jennifer reveals the pain she’s been experiencing. Jennifer explains to Heather that she wanted validation from her husband, but he wasn’t able to fulfill that need. Heather tells Jennifer that he’s not a mind reader and it’s worth having a conversation with him. Jennifer admits that her husband doesn’t feel important to her, and Jennifer becomes emotional. Heather reveals she had a ”come to Jesus” moment with Terry and explained how their partnership failed. Jennifer knows what to do and it’s time to do the work to maintain her relationship. The food arrives and Shannon brings up what happened the night before, and Noella felt Gina and Emily tag teamed her. 

Noella admits to her feelings being hurt just as Gina and Emily return to the table. Shannon asks Gina and Emily if they’re good from last night, but Gina seems to have amnesia. Shannon spills it all and explains that she had a lot to drink as she tells Gina and Emily about Noella’s feelings being hurt. Noella attempts to save face but in return irritates Shannon as she leaves the table. Heather notices Shannon’s change of energy and has now included herself in the mix. Heather makes a comment to Noella about not fighting tonight and Noella fires back with “Don’t tell me what to do.” Heather replies, “I have no interest,” and things are about to go left! Emily catches Heather’s shade and asks Heather to clarify what just happened. Noella feels provoked and admits to finding out about the pity invite as the table tries to convince Noella that wasn’t the case. 

Noella Bergener

Heather shares that she didn’t want to invite Noella because of the pornography Noella gifted Heather’s daughter, Max. Noella is genuinely taken aback by Heather’s admission as the table looks on to view the drama unfold. Producers show us the night before as Heather tells Shannon about the inappropriate gift. It’s revealed that Gina knew about Heather’s issue with the card game, but Noella has had enough! “What part of this are you all not understanding?” Noella says as her frustration intensifies. Noella’s defense that is she bought the gift on Amazon and was unaware of the inappropriate nature of the game. 

Jennifer’s getting frustrated because Noella isn’t following the conversation and won’t just apologize. Shannon begins yelling due to no one listening to her and Noella isn’t getting the point. Noella fake apologizes to Heather due to her “straight fragility” and I am on the floor! Heather is beyond offended by Noella’s comment, and I don’t think these two will be braiding each other’s hair anytime soon. Heather is riled up as she explains that her children are of the LGBTQ+ community and Noella dismisses Heather by bringing up her own oppression in Orange County. Heather tries to clarify her position, but Noella has shut down! Heather tells Noella that she was giving her the benefit of doubt and that Noella clearly didn’t look at the cards beforehand. 

Noella Bergener

To drive the point home, Heather begins reading a few of the cards as Noella expresses shock over the raunchiness of the card game. Noella is horrified now that she realizes the extent of the situation but still feels like the situation was blown out of control. Heather explains to Noella that she is understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, but at this point, Noella is done with the conversation and once again nothing is resolved. Wow, that was a lot! Be sure to come back next week to see what else happens, on The Real Housewives of Orange County!

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