‘RHOSLC’ Fans PRAISE Mary Cosby For Calling Out Lisa Barlow Feeding Her Family Taco Bell and Candy!

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Mary Cosby

‘RHOSLC’ Fans Praise Mary Cosby For Calling Out Lisa Barlow Feeding Her Family Taco Bell and Candy!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans are singing Mary Cosby’s praises after Sunday night’s episode of the Bravo reality series. 

Mary Cosby

During the January 30, 2022 episode, Mary Cosby and Lisa Barlow got into a heated argument — both ladies hurled insults but when Mary called out Lisa over her poor eating habits — Twitter erupted in cheers. 

Lisa Barlow made a rude comment towards the “first lady” of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, “Mary, you’re fake as f**k. … You say you’re sorry all the time and then you do the same thing over again. It’s the cycle of abuse.”

“And you’re real,” Mary replied sarcastically. “You don’t even know how to be real.”

Mary Cosby

Mary continued, going after Lisa’s dietary habits or lack-thereof, she snarked: “You eat candy, who does that? You eat Taco Bell and your kids, your husband, and yourself, you need nutrients!”

In a talking head confessional, Mary says, “I think the love of fast food just shows just shows she’s not — she has no depth. She doesn’t really look at the importance of life. Just sayin’.” 

Lisa Barlow

When Mary criticizes Lisa’s parenting based on feeding her family fast food, Lisa asks Meredith Marks, “Is this OK?” Meredith refuses to stand up for Lisa.

While the reality show aired, fans on Twitter applauded Mary Cosby for dragging Lisa and giving her a taste of her own medicine.

“Not, eating @tacobell. Living for Mary Cosby she’s an icon. #RHOSLC” one fan tweeted.

Mary Cosby

I’m sorry, but Mary Cosby telling Lisa Barlow that her family needs ‘nutrients’ cause all she feeds them is fast food like Taco Bell… I… #RHOSLC,” another wrote. “Mary Cosby: the dietician we didn’t know we needed. #RHOSLC Drink water. You’re still eating candy. You eat at Taco Bell. Your kids, and yourself, and your husband needs nutrients.

Not Mary telling Lisa that her and her family need nutrients not Taco Bell, I’m dying #RHOSLC,” another fan posted on Twitter. “Not a big fan of Mary, but she told no lie about that fast food!!! #rhoslc #BravoTV!”

Mary Cosby

Another person called Mary’s comments “iconic” — “Mary insulting Lisa by saying, “You’re still eating candy!” and “You raised your kids on Taco Bell!” is actually iconic. Why am I in tears? #RHOSLC.”

You eat at taco bell for crying at loud MARY, I CANNOT #rhoslc,” another viewer wrote on Twitter.

Do you agree with Mary Cosby’s taco bell comments? Sound off in the comments below!


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