’90 Day Fiancé:’ Colt Johnson’s Mama Drama Causes SPLIT From Vanessa Guerra!

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Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra have called it quits. The 90 Day Fiancécouple has separated, reportedly due to drama with Colt’s mother, Debbie. 

Friday’s tell-all episode of “90 Day: The Single Life” featured Colt and Vanessa discussing Colt’s mother’s negative influence on their marriage. 

“I’m upset that you just can’t do anything by yourself. I’m the first person, the first call, the first everything with you,” Colt told Debbie, during Friday’s episode. 

“You’ve raised me to be just a subservient person to you … I shouldn’t be bothered with your life. This is your life. It’s not my responsibility,” he added. 

Vanessa Guerra!

Debbie stormed off the set in response to Colt’s statements, shifting the focus to a discussion about the impact she made on her son’s relationship.  

“I moved out,” Vanessa revealed.

 “We’re separated,” Colt added.  

Vanessa Guerra!

The TLC duo had lived with Debbie since tying the knot. Vanessa shared that her mother-in-law’s constant interruptions played a large part in the couple’s decision to split. Vanessa noted that it became challenging to live “under [Debbie’s] roof. 

“It’s nonstop,” she said. “‘Hey, Colt. Hey, Colt.’ Even if our door is closed at the room, [she’ll say], ‘Hey, Colt.’”

Vanessa addressed how a suffered miscarriage played into the demise of her relationship. Colt and Vanessa publicly shared about their loss in October 2021. 

“We told Debbie about it and she was very — I mean, I know she didn’t know at all that I was pregnant. We kept it from her,” Vanessa explained. “So her reaction was, ‘I’m sorry.’ She gave me a hug.”

Debbie Johnson

Colt revealed that his mother “obviously has some feelings or emotions, but she can’t express them to me, and I don’t know why.”

Vanessa explained that living with Debbie, who asked Vanessa to leave her home at one point, caused stress amid her pregnancy. 

“I was just very stressed about well, one, are we gonna raise [a child] here in this house? It was just a lot of stress … so I kind of felt guilty, like maybe I did something wrong, and then I took it out on him a lot,” Vanessa said. “It was just a lot.”

Vanessa packed her bags and left Debbie’s home three weeks ahead of filming the TLC tell-all.

Vanessa Guerra!

Colt and Vanessa’s romance took center stage on TLC series, “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” after Colt confessed that they were more than just friends during his relationship with then-girlfriend, Jess Caroline. 

Colt Johnson spoke to ET in July 2020 about his relationship with Vanessa, after admitting that the duo had once hooked up. 

Vanessa’s a good friend of mine,” he said. “I met her, you know, when I was still married to Larissa [Dos Santos Lima.] She’s just a friend and then after my divorce became better friends and we, well, became more than friends but not really a relationship, and now we’re friends. We’ve always been really good friends. Honestly. I feel like Vanessa and I are just really kind of kindred spirits, we’re friends. … Just someone you can always count on in your life to always be there for anything, but we’ll see.”

Vanessa Guerra!

Debbie shared at the time that she liked Vanessa and thought she would be a good match for her son.  

“I think so but they’re really good friends and maybe eventually,” she said. “I think you need to be friends in a solid relationship, so who knows? Never know.”

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