Little People, Big World’s Lilah Roloff Is A Big Kid Now — See Her Latest Photos!

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Little People, Big World‘ star Lilah Roloff’s latest photo on her mother’s Instagram just proves how grown up she has become. 

Tori shared a cute photo of her daughter, Lilah, to show fans of LPBW just how grown she had become. Lilah had moved from a crib to a big girl bed from the cute Instagram post. The toddler who was only crawling a few months ago is now walking, too! In the photo, Lilah is pictured sitting on her pink bedspread with a massive smile on her face. Tori captioned it, “Okay… but when did my baby girl get so big?!” and added crying emojis just to show how much of a proud mom she is. 

Fans of the show flocked in Tori’s comment section to praise the youngest of Zach and Tori’s kids. One fan wrote, “A big bed for a big girl! Love it. Look how pleased she is at her big bed. Too cute!” Matt Roloff, the patriarch of the reality TV family, also came to the comments. He wrote about his granddaughter, “Most precious thing ever.” Tori later shared a throwback photo of her oldest son, Jackson, during his first night on his big boy bed. The 30-year-old added that  Lilah and Jackson were almost the same age in both photos. 

Tori Roloff came under fire recently for affirming where she and her husband stand on face masks. The TLC star, who often shares photos of her beautiful family, decided to be political. She reposted Zach’s Instagram story with the article, “The Cult of Masked School Children,” and captioned it, “Louder for the people in the back babe uh!” Her post alone got the reality star so much backlash online that she had to clear her stance on the matter.

Tori wrote, “It’s clear many just read the header and not the article: Z and I are not anti-mask, but we are pro-choice. If you believe masks work so well, wear one, and you will receive no judgment from us. However, we would expect the same grace to be given to others who believe differently.” Fans on Reddit shared their opinions on the couple’s stance, saying, “They are only pro-choice when it comes to masks and vaccines. I’m sure Audrey is their health guru.” Tori and Zach are more focused on their growing family despite the backlash. The two shared with LPBW fans in 2021 that they were expecting another bundle of joy.

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