1000-Lb Sisters: The Cost Of Amy Slaton & Husband Michael’s New Home Exposed!

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Ever since Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman moved out to live as a family, fans of the show have been wondering how much it cost them to relocate. 

1000-lb‘ stars Amy and Michael Halterman recently moved out of their shared house with Tammy Slaton. The couple stated their reason for moving out is so that their son and family could grow up in their own home. While talking to Tammy about the move, Amy said, “I just want something to call my own. You know when we grew up, there was always that scare of getting kicked out because we didn’t have rent on time. I want to make sure my kid doesn’t go through that.’

Now that Amy is settling down into her new home, fans are even more curious about how much she spent. According to The Sun, the house Amy and Michael purchased was listed for $37,000 back in July of 2021. So fans assume the couple paid between $30,000 and 40,000 for the 1,584 square feet property. The house was built in 1960, is a single-story house and only 30 minutes away from the home they shared with Tammy Slaton. 

In the most recent episodes of ‘1000-lb Sisters,’ fans got to see the spacious house. It has a red brick exterior, a backyard, and a park close by for Gage to play. Before the family of three moved into the house, they did a lot of renovations to make sure it was livable for Gage. If Amy’s photos on social media are anything to go by, the TLC star is struggling to keep her house clean. Though in one scene from a recent episode, fans were shocked to see a roach walking behind Amy. 

Tammy Slaton

Amy Slaton

In the clip, Amy says, “I try so hard not to show them in my videos and stuff and then yall see them, and it’s just hard,” before a roach comes into focus behind her. When the clip was posted to Reddit, fans had a lot to say about Amy Slaton’s new house. One fan wrote, “In the last episode there was a can of roach spray on the kitchen counter when Tisa and Tammy were in the kitchen cooking.”  Another Redditor said they wouldn’t be surprised if it was the TLC producers who brought in the roach just for ratings. Fans of ‘1000-lb‘ are also worried about Gage’s living conditions, but hope Amy will get better at her cleaning in time.

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