Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Male Contestants Slammed As Too ‘Toxic’!

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Many viewers have agreed that season 3 of ‘Too Hot To Handle‘ had the most toxic bunch of guys since the series began on Netflix. 

Since ‘Too Hot To Handle‘ began in 2020, there have been several controversial contestants. The show’s entire premise is to place highly sexy men and women in a villa together and see if they can control themselves enough not to have sex. Such a premise makes for good reality TV, but many fans have said this season was too cringy — even for them. 

According to the article on ‘The Tab,’ which Hayley Soen penned, the recent season of ‘Too Hot To Handle had the cringiest contestants so far. Their actions during season 3 clearly showed some of the men did not learn anything or change their toxic natures. Instead of forming deeper connections with the ladies in the villa, the men acted very immaturely and continuously objectified the women they were hitting on. 

In the article, the author states several incidents during this year’s season where the male contestants’ actions need to be called out. For example, when Stevan Ditter and Patrick Mullen met Georgia, they both realized they were interested in her. Instead of talking it out with Georgia Hassarati, both men spoke of her like she was a prize to be won in a competition. When Georgia breaks the rules and kisses Izzy Fairthorne, everyone is mad at first since it means less prize money for them. 

At first, the male contestants were mad at being fined but changed their attitudes when they found out two women kissing had caused everything. Stevan said, “I can’t be that mad, that’s hot. I’m into that sort of thing,” while Robert “Truth” DuVaun added he also likes it. Stevan later talks to Patrick about how sad they are that they didn’t see the two female contestants kissing. The most memorable contestant of the season, Truth, tried to play Izzy against Jaz Holloway when he was lying to both of them about who he was interested in. 

That’s not what all the male contestants were up to during season 3 of ‘Too Hot To Handle.’ Harry made sure all his fellow contestants knew he was suffering from blue balls because of being so horny. He keeps complaining to Beaux Raymond about his painful blue balls as if it was her fault. The author even added that Nathan Soan Mingomezulu didn’t deserve to win the 90k after breaking most of the rules on ‘Too Hot To Handle.’ One fan even tweeted season 3’s cast was the most boring of all the cast members.

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