Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Hunting For Their Own Land After Missing Out On Family’s Farm!

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Little People, Big World,’ stars Matt and Amy Roloff lived on the 36-acre family farm in Oregon. However, as time went by, the couple sadly got divorced. Since Matt Roloff knows he won’t always be able to take care of all the work that needs to be done on the Roloff Farms, he has hinted at selling the land to one of his children. Though not Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, it seems. 

Jeremy and Audrey had made an offer on the northwest section of the farm over a year ago, but Matt and Amy rejected it. Jeremy and his wife had opened up about how they wanted their kids to grow up on such a beautiful farm. Some fans think Amy and Matt refused the offer because the money was not enough, while others speculate it is because Jeremy and Audrey left the reality show. If the couple isn’t on the show, it won’t make sense they move into the farm where TLC films the reality series. 

Now Jeremy and Audrey are sharing with fans how their house hunting is going. Jeremy and their eldest kids, Ember and Bode, went to see one property they were interested in. Jeremy posted a snap of his wife and the kids walking down a hill with a white farmhouse behind them. On her stories, Audrey posted a close-up of the house with the caption, “Cutest farmhouse. But the property wasn’t quite right.” While looking at another property, Audrey took another photo of Jeremy with a few chickens and wrote, ‘“Looked at another property today. Super cute but didn’t fit enough of our boxes.”

Despite not finding the perfect farm to raise their children in, there’s hope that Audrey and Jeremy will settle down soon. Plus, fans of ‘Little People, Big World‘ hope the couple will keep them updated on their house-hunting search. 

Rollof House

Jeremy Roloff had Audrey leave the reality series on TLC in 2018, sighting they wanted to pursue other business endeavors. When asked by a fan why he left the show, Jeremy had said he and his wife have better things to do than making drama for TV. 

Jeremy recently posted an Instagram photo of his home’s bathroom renovations with a salty caption about not being able to but the family farm. He wrote, “Five years ago we bought this house that we are currently in. It was supposed to be a one to two-year house as we had plans to purchase a property (at the time, it was the family farm).” Clearly, Jeremy is still disappointed his parents didn’t accept her offer. 

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