‘Below Deck’: Hannah Ferrier Reveals Captain Sandy ‘Hated’ Her: ‘We Weren’t Friendly At All’!

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Below Deck’ Alum Hannah Ferrier speaks about her relationship with Captain Sandy in a recent interview. Hannah even says the Cap hated her from the beginning.

Ever since Captain Sandy joined the ‘Below Deck‘ cast in season 2, her relationship with Hannah Ferrier has been nothing short of dramatic. Their relationship got so worse that Hannah began suffering from anxiety attacks. In season 3 of ‘Below Deck,’ she had to be prescribed Valium to deal with her anxiety. However, since she left the show, Hannah revealed she is stress-free these days since most of her anxiety came from working with Captain Sandy. 

On January 18, Hannah made a guest appearance on the ‘Kyle and Jackie O Show‘ where she spilled all the details about her longtime feud with Captain Sandy. ‘Below Deck‘ fans know all about their tense working relationship. Hannah explained about one incident where Sandy chased her around the boat for staying outside too long with the guests. Even though the Captain had allowed it at first, she still made a big deal about her and the guests staying out longer to watch the sunset. 

Hannah continued that it got so bad that Sandy cussed her out until the show’s producers intervened. It took some time before they could resume filming. The mother of one also added that Captain Sandy never liked her from the beginning. Hannah thinks it’s because she watched her from the first season and judged her from her relationship with the late Captain Mark. 

Captain Sandy Yawn

Ferrier also exposed the Bravo producers for over-editing the show to make their relationship look better than it actually was. She said, “Things can be edited. It was probably edited in a way where it looks like we were better than we were for the years before that we filmed together. No, we weren’t friendly at all.” The team tried all they could for the two to get along, however, nothing worked.

Hannah finished her interview saying she wouldn’t want to work with Captain Sandy again. She felt like the Captain used the Valium incident to fire her from her position. Hannah Ferrier might be back on another reality show if rumors of the ‘Below Deck‘ franchise expanding to Australia are true. For now, Hannah has made it clear she has no interest in crossing paths with Sandy again and is focusing on her family.

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