‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Grilled About Which Child Will Be Living In The Roloff Big House!

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Little People, Big World‘ star Matt Roloff posted his latest project: an irrigation manifold for the big house. After Matt’s divorce from ex-wife Amy, he managed to buy her out of the ownership of their family home. After the reality couple’s divorce, Amy got married again to Chris Marek and they moved into a spacious house in Hillsboro, Oregon. Since Matt has also moved on and is planning on getting a house, many viewers are guessing who will get the family house and run the farm. 

Amy Roloff

So when Matt posted his latest irrigation project to his Instagram, fans couldn’t help but take the opportunity to ask who will move into the big house. One fan asked, “Does anyone know who is going to live in the big house? I was thinking maybe Zach and Tori, but they moved to Washington?” Most of the family’s fans are split between who they think should get to live in the big house. A few other fans picked Jacob and Isabel while others went with Jeremy and Audrey as the best couple to get the house. 

Matt didn’t reply to any of the fans’ questions about the big house. As far as the public knows, he is yet to determine if any of the Roloff kids will get the house. Tori and Zach confirmed in a Q&A that they wouldn’t be taking over the family farm. After a fan asked the question, Tori replied, “Nope.” We’re loving this little slice of heaven. The desire to buy the farm definitely didn’t [disappear]. Some things just don’t go according to plan. But it all worked out for us.”  Tori, 31, and her husband have already moved to Washington. 

Tori Roloff

Jeremy and Audrey had also moved into a beautiful home in Rock Creek, Oregon after they left the Roloff family home. When asked by fans why they left the TLC show and the Roloff house, she said, “But after lots of reflection and discussion, we decided that it wasn’t our ‘next step’.” We wanted to spend some more time away from the familiar, with minimal distractions, and save up some money to build a home.” So it seems that the two are not thinking of moving anytime soon. Jeremy and Audrey announced in July 2021 that they were expecting a third child together. The two have two other kids, Bod and Ember. 

There is no doubt that whichever Roloff child gets to stay in the big house, they will have their hands full maintaining the farm.

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