90 Day Fiancé: Tiffany Franco & Ronald Smith Reconcile After Split!

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Tiffany Ranco and Ronald Smith are back together after confirming their split in late 2021.

Tiffany and Ronald have been on ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way‘ in season 1. From the start, the two didn’t seem like the perfect match because of how often they argued. Still, the couple got married in October 2018 despite all their troubles, but eventually split up in 2021. Ronald confirmed their split on Instagram by posting a photo of his new girlfriend for fans to see. 

However, a recent update from Ronald and Tiffany confirms the two are back together. According to In Touch, Tiffany said, “Yes, we have. We are working on our family at this time.” This is not the first time the pair have split and reunited. In 2021, they broke up almost three times. In January, then May, and finally in November when they seemed to both be moving on with their lives. Tiffany was even rumored to be back on the dating scene. 

Ronald Smith

Some fans even think the controversial couple is only back together because of the TLC check. They speculate Tiffany and Ronald don’t want to risk their contract and salary for being on the show; that’s why they decided not to get divorced. Other viewers of the ‘90 Day’ franchise couldn’t believe the news about the reality show couple’s reconciliation. One fan even pointed out that Ronald still has his new girlfriend’s videos on his Instagram page. So maybe getting back together is only to please the TLC producers and fans.

One fan said, “The low self-esteem by so many women on this show breaks my heart.” While another added about the messy situation, “What happened to the British woman he was showing off on the gram?” Ronald has disappointed Tiffany many times throughout their relationship, so it is no surprise fans expect no different this time around. Since the two have only been apart for a few months, it is unlikely that Ronald’s character has changed. 

Tiffany endured a lot during her time with Ronald on ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.’ Tiffany was very stressed from trying to work out their long-distance relationship to raising their two children on her own. Ronald didn’t make things easier for the reality star with his gambling addiction which meant she had to cater for most of her kids’ expenses.

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