RECAP: ‘Sister Wives’ Covid Catches Up to the Browns And Christine Kicks Kody Out!

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Sister Wives

This week on the Season 16 finale of Sister Wives, after Christmas is over, Robyn Brown’s nanny and husband tested positive for Covid even after all the precautions. Christine Brown is done with her marriage when Kody Brown says to her, “I’m not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore.” Kody finds boxes of his books and clothes in Christine’s garage. And Christine is left wondering what to tell the kids.

Sister Wives

In early January 2021, after a successful Christmas gathering, Ariella Mae Brown is demanding everyone show up for her 5th birthday party. Because of the availability of rapid Covid testing, they are now all gathering. It’s a complete 180 degree turn from wiping down the mail and changing clothes. Christine mentions in her production interview, that just because they can gather again like normal, it doesn’t fix all the brokenness in the relationships. 

Sister Wives: Kody Feels Disrespected

Sister Wives

Now that they have “let loose” on the Covid rules, Kody is still feeling disrespected and angry. Kody says that he has to protect the little children, and “my older kids have to start realizing that my world doesn’t revolve around them once they are adults.” In Janelle Brown’s production interview, she draws attention to Kody’s inconsistencies…wanting one big house, wanting his kids to always come home, and now, pushing them away if they don’t follow his rules. And then Janelle says, “There are adult children at Robyn’s house.” And then Kody talks again about the loyalty tests. 

Sister Wives: Covid Arrives – The Irony

Sister Wives

They seem to have a great time at the party (Saturday). Three days after the birthday party, Robyn does a production interview… new hair style… new makeup… perhaps filmed later and dropped in. She says that on Sunday her nanny called to say that the nanny’s husband tested positive. Then by Tuesday the nanny tested positive. Robyn says, “this just validates Kody.”

Kody loads up Robyn’s children and goes to get Covid tested. In Christine’s production interview, she says, “I’m going to be honest with you, and I know it’s partially evil, but I just chuckled a little bit at the irony.” In Janelle’s interview, she says basically the same. Meri Brown says that she did two tests — the “brain root canal” (through the nose) and the spit test. Kody’s doing his test and he sucked instead of spit. Goodness. 

Christine is just relieved that it wasn’t one of her kids who infected everybody. Christine didn’t want Kody to be able to point fingers at her. And Janelle is afraid that the family is going to “retrench” and pull back. Christine sounds like she’s just relieved to not have to see Kody have functional marriages with other wives. 

Sister Wives: Kody Breaks Christine’s Heart

Sister Wives

Christine has a solo interview where she recounts what happened in the past week — not sure what to say and what not to say. She says that the week before, Kody came over to install a door to her bedroom. Christine’s bedroom is a loft with her bed and also room for her office, and it hasn’t had a door since she moved in. Kody thinks the door is to keep the cat out. Christine was hoping that the door might keep him in and help their intimacy. But Christine asks Kody if the door is just about the cat. And Christine is devastated when Kody says that he’s “not interested in an intimate marriage anymore.” Christine goes on to say that Kody said he doesn’t like her behavior. And he doesn’t think she’s been a good sister wife.

Christine says that she has no interest in having a marriage that’s not an intimate one (like Meri). Christine’s heartbroken. Christine admits these problems have been building for a while. A few days later, Kody was visiting outside with Christine’s girls, and Christine asks to speak to Kody. And Kody says that Christine drops a bomb on him, but he’s not too surprised given that (in his mind) they have had serious problems for 12 years. 

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments… but this show started about 12 years ago. His marriage to Robyn was about 12 years ago. And Truely Brown was born about 12 years ago. Maybe the fact that Christine raised every Brown child and that was her family role, and then Robyn didn’t want Christine to raise her children (even moving in her niece as a nanny) was also something that happened 12 years ago as well. Kody just can’t see that he brought in a wife who took away Christine’s major purpose and role in the family, and never acknowledged Christine’s hurt from that.

Sister Wives

Outside of Christine’s house, Kody is on his phone recording what happened when he talked to Christine. She told him that she doesn’t want him sleeping in her bedroom anymore. Kody thinks this could be a phase or an awakening. Kody says that Christine has been telling wives and adult children that she wants to leave him for years. Kody says, “She’s murdered our intimacy with betrayal.” Kody looks back to the one-house dream he had and that Christine squashed it. But on the flip side, for someone who claims to never have a say in their marriage, Christine alone crushed the one-house dream.

Then New Look Robyn says that everyone’s Covid tests came back negative as Christine travels to St. George Utah for a baby shower for Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron’s soon to be little one (born in April 2021). 

Sister Wives: Christine Packs Kody’s Things

Sister Wives

As Christine is struggling and breaks down. She doesn’t want Kody’s things in the house anymore, and she also doesn’t know what to tell the kids. Meanwhile Garrison Brown and Gabriel Brown tested positive for Covid. Janelle and Savanah Brown are off to get tested. 

Kody is at Christine’s house and notices boxes in the garage labeled, “Kody’s nightstand,” “Kody’s clothes,” and “Kody’s bathroom stuff.” He counts nine-ten boxes. Kody seems confused and wants to talk to her about it. Christine says in her production interview that she needs to rest and get settled independently now that Kody isn’t sleeping there anymore. 

Kody doesn’t want to take anything out of the garage. He doesn’t really know if she is serious about kicking him out. Dude, ALL your stuff is in boxes! Kody says he’s not angry, but it might be a game. Then he says, “I don’t know why, but I’m ambivalent. I almost don’t care.” Does anyone wonder where he ends up taking his stuff?

Kody is initially upset that he and Christine didn’t discuss him moving out. But then he’s relieved to be out of a loveless marriage. 

Next week, there is a one-on-one sit down with Kody and each of his wives to wrap up Season 16. Sound off below what you thought about Season 16 and what might be revealed in the sit down next week. 


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