‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Rejects Sex with Christine Ahead of Split!

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Christine Brown broke down in tears after revealing that Kody Brown no longer wanted intimacy ahead of the “Sister Wives” couple’s split. The 49-year-old reality star opens up about her broken marriage during a preview of this Sunday’s episode of the TLC reality show.  

Christine talks to the camera about a difficult discussion she shared with Kody, and how the couple discussed the “intimate side” of their relationship. 

Christine Brown

“He goes, ‘I’m not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore. I don’t like your behavior. We’ll see if you can be a good sister wife,’ and all this,” Christine says in a confessional spot in a clip shared by PEOPLE. 

“I’m like, ‘Okay, so you don’t want us to have an intimate marriage?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ I’m like, ‘That’s not enough for me. I can’t not have an intimate marriage,” she explains. 

Christine Brown

Christine reveals that Kody informed her that he knows couples who do not share intimacy within their marriages. Christine admits that she doesn’t know “what to do” to move forward, and points out that having “nothing” while Kody continues to have sexual relationships with wives, Janelle and Robyn, is unacceptable. Viewers know that Kody and Meri no longer share an intimate marriage. 

“I’m heartbroken,” Christine says. “My heart’s shattered, to be honest with you.”

Christine Brown

Christine reveals that Kody told her that he was no longer attracted to her in a previous conversation, but she had hoped that things would eventually change. 

“It’s over. The intimate part of our marriage is over,” she says. “And to be honest, I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy. That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have.”

In a separate teaser shared on TLC’s Twitter account, Christine sobs over having the break the news of the split to her children. 

Christine Brown

Christine confirmed that she had left Kody and the Brown clan via a social media statement, in November. 

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Christine Brown

Christine and Kody share six children— Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 25, Paedon, 23, Gwendlyn, 20, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11.

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family,” she wrote. ”At this time, we ask for your grace and kindness as we navigate through this stage within our family.”

Kody Brown

Kody addressed the split, writing—”Christine‘s decision to leave comes with a great deal of sadness. We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her. Although we are moving forward on different paths, we will always remain committed parents.”

Sister Wives” airs on Sundays at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.

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