Simon Guobadia Regifts Old Rolls Royce From Ex-Wife to New Fiancé Porsha Williams!

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Ever since the season finale of ‘Porsha Family Matters,Porsha Williams has been a little quiet about how fans received the show. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been living her best life since. The former RHOA star posted a photo with a new car from soon-to-be husband, Simon Guobadia.

Porsha posted the photos with the caption, “The only way you win is if I quit,” and hashtags like “#ThankyouHubby.” Simon bought the reality star what looked like a brand new Rolls Royce. He wrapped the gift in a red bow, and Porsha couldn’t help but post the photos on Instagram to share with her followers. After her post, many fans noted the similarity between Porsha’s new car and an old Rolls Royce he had bought for his ex-wife, Falynn Guobadia. Both luxury cars are grey and have bright orange interiors. 

Falynn Guobadia

Some fans pointed out how weird it was for Simon to get similar cars. Even Porsha’s choice of clothing, a black jumpsuit, is identical to one of Falynn’s photos with her Rolls Royce. Another fan of Porsha said their relationship is only meant to piss off their exes. As of now, it is unconfirmed if Simon gifted his soon-to-be wife the same car because of the recent hate she has been receiving online. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams came under fire recently for her behavior on her spin-off reality show, ‘Porsha Family Matters.’ During the reality show, fans got exposed to a different side of Porsha they didn’t think existed. From the former RHOA star fighting with her family members to throwing hands while on vacation. Fans couldn’t forgive the star for starting a fight with her ex, Dennis, and his mother while on their blended family trip to Mexico. 

Kenya Moore

Many loyal Porsha fans who had defended the Bravo star during her never-ending feud with Kenya Moore were now turning their back on her. Some argued RHOA was edited to portray Porsha in a good light and hide her nasty attitude. Most viewers agreed that she had wasted a great opportunity that other housewives in the franchise only dream of. Maybe the new Rolls Royce is a gift to make Porsha feel better after the season finale of ‘Porsha Family Matters‘ aired. There is no talk yet of a season 2.

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