RHONY’s Jill Zarin In Trouble For Trump Inaugural MISCONDUCT!

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Former ‘RHONY’ star Jill Zarin might be in trouble with the law because of her friendship with Donald Trump. The star’s name came up in a recent case against Trump for misconduct surrounding his organization and inauguration.

Jill Zarin

According to MTO, ‘Real Housewife of New York‘ star Jill Zarin has been implicated in a case concerning Trump’s organization and the Inauguration. Attorney General Letitia James has been investigating Donald Trump’s businesses, family members, and friends. According to court documents obtained by MTO, Jill’s name came up. Not only that, but Donald Trump himself mentioned her. 


In sworn testimony, Donald Trump mentions his long-time supporter, Jill Zarin, as one of the beneficiaries of a free inauguration hotel stay. The star was given a free hotel free stay because of her loyalty to the former US president. According to DC Attorney General Karl Racine, the Trump administration was responsible for the charges, but instead, Trump sent the massive bill to the Inaugural Committee. 

The AG’s office stated, “The [Inaugural Committee’s] payment of the invoice was unfair, unreasonable & unjustified & ultimately conferred improper private benefit to the Trump Org.” The court documents revealed by the site went on to show that the Real Housewife star did not in any way work for Trump or his campaign. So her getting a free hotel stay is considered illegal. 


Jill Zarin’s name coming up in a Donald Trump case is not a shock to many franchises’ fans. Jill has been a very vocal supporter of Trump for a long time.  In 2017, when she was invited and attended Trump’s inauguration, she was very excited. Jill even bashed fans for judging her political beliefs. In one post, she said, “If you want to unfollow me … bye bye! I’m sick of bullies. I don’t agree with some things, but running away won’t change it.”


The former reality star shared several photos of her trip to DC and she looked very excited to be there. In one shot, she arrived at the Trump Hotel in style, while the other shots were of her at the event. Jill’s mention in the case is no surprise to those who know the former reality star. One of the people she was with during the Trump inauguration was Trump‘s ex-wife, Marla Maples. The two had dinner together and talked about their kids. High chances are since Jill and the Trump family are friends, they will help her if she encounters any legal trouble in the future.

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