‘RHOC’ RECAP: Heather Blasts Noella For Giving Her Underage Daughter An Explicit Card Game!

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This week on a brand-new episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ we begin with Emily Simpson shopping for the group’s upcoming girl’s trip to Cabo! Emily’s friend Nicole joins her on a shopping adventure and the women are surprised to see Emily carrying a two-liter of ginger ale. Producers flashback to 12 hours earlier as Emily the party animal downs multiple shots during last night’s party. Still hungover from the previous night, Emily NEEDS that ginger ale, OKAY! The women shop around and try on a few bathing suits as Emily compares Nicole and her friend to smurfs, LOL. Emily is a tall glass of water but smurfs, really? Nicole voices that she does need new items for Cabo, but things have been really awkward between Nicole and Noella Bergener.

A flashback from a week ago shows Nicole and Noella chatting on the phone when things go completely left. Noella tells Nicole how disappointing it is not hearing from her friends during this difficult time in her life. Nicole gets offended and abruptly ends the call! Nicole tells Emily that she feels attacked. Emily doesn’t know what’s going on between Noella and Nicole, and she doesn’t want anything to do with this conversation. Emily believes Nicole is bad-mouthing Noella in order to change Emily’s views of Noella, which isn’t going to happen. Nicole tells Emily that if Noella comes to Cabo, she’s not going and wants to stay far away from Noella. Seems like Nicole is trying to force the group to choose her over Noella. Let’s see how this plays out. 

At Shannon Beador’s house, Shannon’s chatting with her dog Archie as she packs for Cabo. Shannon calls her boyfriend John to check in and shares her enthusiasm for their upcoming girls’ trip. Shannon informs John that she hasn’t seen the girls since their Nashville trip two weeks ago. Shannon feels like the group was going after each other at Emily’s, and Shannon feels she was ambushed by Emily and Gina Kirschenheiter. In Nashville, Emily accused Shannon of talking mess about her to Heather Dubrow. Shannon is happy that Heather is giving her another chance, although Heather kind of threatened Shannon two weeks ago. *Side eye* 

John tells Shannon that the Cabo trip is about fun and healing, as Shannon continues trying on hats for John. At Heather’s house, she’s in her beautiful closet as she hears Gina arrive! Gina rings the bell, and we get a look at Heather’s massive house, as Marina talks to Gina while Heather opens the door. The women greet each other as Heather takes Gina upstairs to help her pack. Gina’s been dreaming of Heather’s closet ever since the girls got a glimpse of Heather’s house a month earlier. Heather has rented a house for the ladies and facilitated a private jet for their Cabo trip! Gina’s excited but asks Heather for a favor. Heather is hesitant about what Gina’s about to ask but listens pensively as Gina continues. Gina explains that she’s going to feel bad if the group goes to Cabo without Noella. With everything that’s going on in Noella’s life, Gina feels Heather should show Noella some grace while allowing her to attend the trip. 

Gina reveals to Heather that she and Noella were texting last night, and Gina feels bad for Noella because she’s going to be lonely as the other women visit Cabo. Gina wants Noella to have fun, especially since Noella is having such a hard time in her life. Gina feels she’ll worry about Noella if she’s not there and wants to make sure her friend is good. Heather, on the other hand, doesn’t dislike Noella but realizes every time she tries to get close to Noella, something happens that puts them on bad terms. Heather then informs Gina that Heather extended an invitation to her daughter Max’s party. Later, when Max opened her presents, Heather realized Noella gave Max a questionable gift. 

Heather Dubrow

Gina’s puzzled and confused as to what gift would set Heather off. Heather reveals Noella gave her 17-year-old daughter a Pride-themed card game that had some crude questions attached. As Heather read a few of the questions, it’s clear that this game isn’t appropriate for a young woman. Gina’s in shock and wonders how she’s going to fix this current issue between Heather and Noella. Heather doesn’t want anyone to feel excluded but wants Gina to tell her why this should be a good idea. Gina acknowledges that she’s not able to guarantee everything will go well, but Heather agrees to extend an invitation to Cabo for Noella. Heather is driving in the car with her driver Pete as he takes her to the airport terminal. The women are all smiles and ready for their trip to Cabo as they meet at the airport in hopes this trip will be a success. 

Heather’s excited to be around the other women and relays the message that Nicole isn’t coming and Noella’s arriving late. Heather doesn’t mind that Noella’s going to be late because that means less time Heather has to spend with her. Heather explains the plan once they get to Cabo and Gina appreciates Heather taking the reins on the trip. Heather enjoys planning an event from top to bottom to ensure her guests have the best time. The ladies arrive in beautiful Cabo and begin drinking champagne on the party bus. Tipsy and ready to party, the ladies arrive at the amazing house Heather’s set up for them. The ladies are met with tequila and they cheers to an amazing trip as they check out their villa. The villa is big enough for everyone to have their own privacy and a mariachi band plays for the women in ninety-five-degree weather. The ladies get a tour of the villa as they split up to pick their rooms. 

Gina and Emily decide to share a room and they’re pleased with their selection. The ladies get settled as Jennifer Armstrong checks in with her husband outside on the phone. Jen feels bad because she wants to spend this away time with her family. Jen finishes her conversation as Emily and Gina meet Heather in her villa for a quick chat. Heather recently met with her architect and shows Gina and Heather the house she designed. Heather wants a sexy vacation home and wants to give her kids to have a place that’s theirs. Heather gets emotional as she talks about the future and her children. Heather revealed in her confessional that she had a strange dream, where all four of her kids were standing around looking at something, and one of them said “Mom would’ve loved this.” 

Heather wants to make sure her kids remain connected, even when Heather’s no longer around. That’s so sweet! Heather tells Gina that she was hoping to find a place that’s already built, and Gina gives Heather reassurance that she may find a place in Cabo. Heather plans to look at a few houses down in Cabo, and Emily and Gina give Heather props for her hard work. Heather lays out the plans for the day as she has planned a horseback riding event for the ladies. Back in the OC, Noella’s packing as she plays with her dog, Rihanna. Noella isn’t phased by being the last one invited to Cabo, and she plans to make the best of her trip. In Cabo, Emily, Shannon, and Gina are ready to ride some horses as they joke around the stables a bit. The three ladies’ trout throughout the sand, and Gina loves how good Emily looks on a horse. Emily does seem to be in her element, as the women enjoy the sun and beautiful views. 

At the villa, Heather meets up with Jen as she people watches. Heather asks Jen if she’s on a strict diet, and Jen admits to being on a narrowed diet of some sort. The two laugh about the one-time Jen’s cook made chicken and discuss Jen’s balance between work and home. Heather seems shocked to learn that Jen works as late as 9:00 pm, but reassures Jen there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Heather’s been through this issue with her husband, and a flashback shows the different instances where her husband was MIA. Jen’s in a tough place because she feels her husband doesn’t see the amount of work she does; However, she does realize she wants more of a family dynamic and not be so disconnected. Jen confides in Heather that she works out every day due to bone cancer that Jen had in her twenties. 

Jen’s in pain every day but she manages it by exercising and doing physical therapy. Gina, Emily, and Shannon finish horseback riding and decide to pop some bottles! The champagne pops by itself and the ladies are definitely taken by surprise! After the shock wears off, Shannon states she’s afraid of the reception Noella’s going to receive once she arrives. Gina tells Shannon she’s the reason Noella’s on the trip, and Heather agreed to give Noella another shot. Noella doesn’t know Gina asked Heather for a favor on her behalf, but Gina’s hoping Heather and Noella will hit it off and make up. Shannon has an idea that the three of them should play peacemakers as another bottle of champagne bursts out of nowhere. 

Heather Dubrow

At the villa, the three amigos return and have issues going through the door. Gina, Emily, and Shannon take a dip in the pool while Heather complains about the heat. Emily and Shannon are riding the tequila train, and both ladies compliment how fun the other is while intoxicated, LOL. Emily and Shannon fall out of the hammock as Heather laughs at their silliness. The ladies get ready for dinner, and everyone looks beautiful as they head to the restaurant. Shannon relays a message that Noella’s having issues with her passport, and Heather has mixed emotions about Noella showing up. Heather just wants to have fun, but little does she know, Noella has arrived at the villa! Noella appreciates not being in a hotel but seems to throw shade at Heather’s villa choice. 

Noella’s not impressed and drinks a margarita as the other ladies are seated at their beautiful table. Shannon lets the group know that Noella’s on her way and should be there any minute. Gina knows it’s a big responsibility to take care of Noella because Noella’s a wild card and she’s not sure if she’s able to tame her. At the table, the ladies contemplate how the rest of the trip will go with Noella’s presence, and Noella walks right up as the group is discussing her. The ladies greet her with all smiles, but it’s clear that some drama is about to start! Be sure to come back next week, for an all-new Real Housewives of Orange County!

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