Porsha Williams Wants Baby Daddy Dennis To Be More Like A ‘Brother’ to Her And Pilar Is Hospitalized In ‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ Finale!

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On the season finale of Porsha’s Family Matters, we get a quick recap of the messiness which is Porsha Williams‘s life. Trying to blend a family together already isn’t easy, but Porsha’s family has managed to make it damn near impossible for everyone to get along. After the recap, Porsha’s in her confessional when she mistakes a producer for Dennis McKinley. At Porsha’s, Dennis is dropping Pilar off and Porsha seems nervous. Porsha asks Dennis to come for a quick chat and Dennis is hesitant to enter. Dennis declines and gives an excuse that he has an appointment. The two settle to meet tomorrow morning and Pilar rushes Dennis out the door. Dennis feels awkward after messy Mexico but knows the two have to be their best selves for Pilar. 

Porsha plans on making the best of her family’s circumstances and we see Lauren Williams visit Aunt Liz. Aunt Liz has been working a lot and has something for Lauren to think about. Aunt Liz wants Lauren to help make poster signs for Aunt Liz’s organization. Aunt Liz gives Lauren her flowers for attempting to bring the family together and Aunt Liz feels like Lauren genuinely changed their lives. Aunt Liz felt like the retreat was successful and brings up Mama Gina’s growth as Lauren talks about Dennis’s growth on the trip. Aunt Liz tells Lauren that she plans to meet with Dennis and doesn’t hold Dennis in any disregard. Aunt Liz wants Dennis to continue his co-parenting with Porsha for the family’s sake.

Porsha Williams

The next day Pilar is out of surgery and seems happy! Porsha is stressed out by the surgery and is relieved her baby girl is doing better. Porsha and Dennis spent the time in the hospital with Pilar and both parents made sure Pilar was well taken care of. In the city, Aunt Liz gets a call from Dennis and Aunt Liz checks in on Pilar’s progress. Dennis tells Aunt Liz about Pilar’s medical recovery and Aunt Liz tells Dennis how great of a Black father he is. Aunt Liz asks Dennis to meet for breakfast and Dennis agrees. It’s important for Aunt Liz to have faith in Dennis and to make sure he knows how much he means to the family. Aunt Liz is so sweet! 

The next day Porsha meets up with Londie to eat and hash out their issues. After their food and drinks are ordered, Londie reveals that Lauren gave her Dennis’s Versace robe and Londie has it in tow! I’m so tired of this robe, just burn it already! Londie’s nervous to bring up the conversation between herself and Dennis but realizes it’s needed so Porsha and Londie can heal. Londie tells Porsha that she planned on telling Porsha about the plan to gather Dennis’s things, and then Londie uses this time to bring up Storm’s behavior and the lack of support from Porsha. Londie tells Porsha that she makes excuses for Storm and Porsha claims she’s as close with Londie as she is with Storm. Londie thinks Porsha is playing dumb but pushes ahead to the meat and potatoes. Londie tells Porsha that Dennis told her that Porsha instructed Dennis to fire her, and Porsha suddenly gets a case of amnesia.

Porsha Williams

Claiming to not remember, Porsha soon becomes offensive and plays the victim towards Londie! Porsha wonders how Londie can believe someone who’s not family, but Porsha isn’t denying she was the reason for Londie’s unemployment.  Londie also brings up how Dennis questioned why Porsha treats Londie so badly, and Porsha gets even more frustrated. Londie does feel some type of way especially since Londie was fired for being Porsha’s assistant. Come to find out, Londie accidentally spilled baby oil on Porsha’s Chanel bag and that was all she wrote! Back at the table, Porsha tells Londie that she was nowhere to be found when she was in an abusive relationship with Kordell. Producers show us a flashback from eight years ago, in where Porsha was crying over her recent divorce. 

Londie explains when Porsha was divorcing Kordell, she was in college, but Porsha doesn’t seem to care. Porsha’s point of view is neither of them wanted to spend time with each other and Londie disagrees. Porsha gets up from her seat and storms out as producers try to talk her down. Producers are telling Porsha how important family is, and Londie looks heartbroken. Porsha seems to be fed up at this point and doesn’t care about who she hurts in the process. Londie begins to cry and tells Porsha she’s sorry for making her angry. Porsha claims to not be upset at Londie and Londie regrets having dinner with Porsha. Porsha hugs Londie and tells her she wants to be there for her, but it’s clear nothing was settled.

Dennis McKinley

The next morning, Aunt Liz meets Dennis at the local breakfast bar and the two are all smiles. Aunt Liz asks Dennis about Pilar and how she’s doing, while they both order their meals. Aunt Liz asks Dennis how things with Porsha were, and the scene cuts to Porsha’s house were as she calls Ms. Diane.  Porsha’s in the kitchen cooking eggs as Porsha explains how Pilar’s doing. Porsha claims that while Pilar was sleeping that Dennis and Porsha were both on their phones, and it was super awkward most of the time. Porsha claims that Dennis apologized for Mexico, and she accepted it. Producers asked Porsha if she apologized and of course, she didn’t! Back at breakfast, Dennis states the conversation isn’t over with but he’s more concerned with the relationship between Mama Gina and Porsha. 

Dennis informs us that Mama Gina is sad and frustrated by what happened in Mexico and hasn’t spoken to Porsha since. Dennis is stressed because they have birthdays and celebrations coming up and fears the Mexico altercation will hinder those plans. At Porsha’s she’s giving Pilar her breakfast while she speaks to Ms. Diane about the upcoming event. Dennis will be out of town, so Porsha’s excited to finally have a peaceful event. At breakfast, Aunt Liz invites Dennis to the new headquarters of her father’s organization. Londie wants some hotdogs from Dennis and Dennis breaks the news that he’ll be out of town. Aunt Liz is sad that Dennis won’t be able to make it because Aunt Liz wants Dennis to know the real Hosea Williams family.  

Porsha Williams

Lauren the assistant, Lauren Williams, and Porsha are in the kitchen joking around as Chef Anu visits for a cooking lesson. Today the ladies are learning how to make Nigerian meat pie which is a staple in Nigeria. Porsha is having dinner for everyone but opts to order the rest of the food and pretend she made it. Porsha has the chef throw some flour on her to make it more real, and Simon Guobadia arrives and is very pleased with the spread. Simon shows Porsha the signed divorce papers, and they begin talking about consolidating their homes. Simon and Porsha have settled on a house and Porsha’s excited to start wedding planning. The two love birds finally seem in a peaceful place, let’s see how long this lasts. 

It’s the day of Aunt Liz’s event, and Londie has all hands on deck as she works to make sure the reveal is a success. Aunt Liz is excited and shining with pride as she enters the new headquarters to greet everyone. Aunt Liz and the organization raised two million dollars and it is now the largest African American food bank in the region! Londie walks up and Aunt Liz shows her a video she received from Porsha. Porsha’s crying and telling Aunt Liz that Pilar is severely dehydrated and needs to go to the hospital! Ms. Diane and Porsha are taking Pilar and will miss the opening. However, Simon will come to Porsha’s place to support the grand opening. Ester, Aunt Darlene, Simon, and Lauren arrive, and Aunt Liz is ready to reveal her hard work! Aunt Liz cuts the ribbon, and everyone gathers inside to tour the building and learn about the history of Hosea Williams. 

Simon Guobadia

Once outside, everyone gets some food and drinks as Aunt Liz thanks Simon for being there for Porsha and allowing Dennis to be who he is. Simon states that it took a lot but Aunt Liz praises Simon for his participation. Simon tells Aunt Liz that he’ll do anything to help the co-parenting relationship between Dennis and Porsha, and Aunt Liz seems happy with Simon’s promises. That is until Simon drops a statement that even I can’t believe! Simon tells Aunt Liz that the family needs to start treating Porsha better since she’s the granddaughter of Hosea Williams. 

Is Simon an idiot? Does he not realize he’s talking to Hosea’s daughter, who is Aunt Liz? Aunt Liz’s face immediately drops as I’m sure she’s shocked by what just occurred. In her confessional Aunt Liz makes it clear that Simon is the only one who should be worried about treating Porsha better. The event was a success, and everyone had a great time! Four months later we learn that Porsha and Dennis still haven’t agreed on a co-parenting strategy. To try and solve this problem, Dennis meets Porsha at a local restaurant where they both match in furs. Dennis is being a gentleman as he pulls Porsha’s seat out for her. Dennis asks Porsha how the engagement is going, and Porsha reveals she and Simon closed on a house and will be moving in next week. 

Porsha Williams

Dennis asks Porsha if she has her prenuptial agreement in order, and Porsha tells him that’s none of her business. The two continue their awkward dinner as they try their best not to flirt with each other. Once their food and drinks were ordered, Dennis continues asking questions about where Porsha will be living. Porsha and Simon plan to live in the city and Dennis brings up that the two haven’t picked a school for Pilar. Porsha seems to be withholding information from Dennis when it comes to Pilar and it’s not right. Porsha inquires about why Dennis brought her to dinner, and Dennis wants to make it clear that Pilar is both their child and not just Porsha’s. Porsha pitches to Dennis that she wants to be close to him like a brother, and Dennis is taken aback. 

Porsha tries to bring up Mama Gina and Dennis immediately shuts that down. Porsha is playing a new game and not even Dennis knows what’s going on in her head. Dennis asks where the two of them are now, and Porsha wants to put their co-parenting in black and white. Dennis reveals he sent her court documents, but Porsha claims to not have seen them. Porsha doesn’t want a judge involved but Dennis wants something concrete. Porsha is becoming a victim as Dennis tries to explain joint custody. Porsha gets upset and claims that Dennis only pays for Pilar’s schooling and Dennis isn’t taking any of Porsha’s crap anymore. The food finally comes out and Dennis sends his food back! Dennis is done with this conversation and Porsha feels like he’s threatening her. Porsha thinks Dennis doesn’t like her relationship with Simon and Dennis wishes her the best as he exits stage left. Dennis doesn’t reveal if he’ll attend Porsha’s wedding, and nothing has been resolved on the co-parenting side. Looks like things are still up in the air for this family, and I’m sure this won’t be the last of Porsha or her family’s mess!

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