RECAP: Porsha Williams Gets Physical With Dennis’ Mother On ‘Porsha’s Family Matters’!

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Welcome back to a brand-new episode of Porsha’s Family Matters! Last week, we were left with a grim cliffhanger of Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley getting physical at dinner! Chaos is afoot and there’s no amount of security that can calm this messy crew down! Once Porsha lunged at Mama Gina, all hell broke loose! Porsha started throwing plates and trying to tear the lights down! Once Dennis is removed from the scene, Aunt Liz begins praying over Porsha and Porsha’s crying because Storm’s lip is bleeding. As Porsha leaves the dinner, she screams that Dennis needs to be arrested, him and Mama Gina! The next morning, Lauren Williams is meditating as she thinks about the mess that went down last night. Storm’s upset and Aunt Liz is floating in the tub as she thinks about last night’s trauma.

Londie feels like the family is even more divided at this point, and producers show us a collage of the events that occurred. Porsha’s still hung up on the past and doesn’t know what to do from here. We’re informed Dennis, his date, and Mama Gina left immediately for Cancun and left the mess behind. During the day the crew gathers to go on a meditative adventure with Lauren. The crew let the beans spill that Porsha instructed her family not to discuss the altercation from dinner, and it seems like no one agrees with the decision. Lauren brought in a Shaman and wants to make sure someone’s there to hold Porsha accountable. Elle wants the crew to think about what it’ll take for their family to be harmonious during the ride. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha complains in her confessional that she’s used to her family sweeping things under the rug but declines to admit that she is also a part of the problem. Once the crew arrives, they settle into the calmness of the space as they prepare for a Charka cleanse. Everyone sits and listens to the instructor as they begin at the base. The crew seems to be taking this seriously as they reflect on their actions. Porsha doesn’t feel as hopeful for a peaceful-blended family and Lauren wants Porsha and Dennis to go to counseling to get over this hump. Aunt Liz thinks Porsha lets her friends guide her down the wrong path, and it’s difficult for Aunt Liz to separate Porsha from the instigators. 

The meditative leader closes out the session and Lauren thanks everyone for participating. Elle begins trying to convince the family to have difficult conversations, and Aunt Liz makes a comment about Mama Gina improving while she was there. Lauren wants the group to start pointing the finger at themselves, and out of nowhere a producer breaks the fourth wall and asks why everyone’s avoiding the altercation from last night. Producers want Porsha to show her real feelings and Aunt Liz gives it up that Porsha told them to keep quiet. Porsha’s being dismissive, and it’s clear things aren’t going her way. It’s time for the all-white dinner, and Porsha has decided to discuss the altercation. Everyone looks angelic in white and looks ready to end this healing retreat. 

Porsha Williams

Storm needs space and doesn’t feel like coming to dinner and Lauren makes it clear that she’s disappointed but wants to make the best of the time they have left. Simon Guobadia finally speaks up and thinks the family can move forward from their issues. Simon’s still going to marry Porsha and he’s down for the games. Aunt Liz thought it was sad because she saw the progress dwindle. Porsha pretends like she’s listening and claims to have stayed up all night wondering how things went south. Porsha reveals that she’s still holding on to Dennis cheating on her and apologized to the family for her actions. Porsha was triggered by Dom and Dennis talking about the incident and now Porsha feels empowered to do the work. *Rolls eyes*

Simon ends the speech by saying he wants everyone to find a way to support Porsha, and Lauren thanks everyone again for coming to the family retreat. After ending with their lame motto, “It is what it is,” the crew heads back to Atlanta and leaves Mexico behind. Back at home, Ms. Diane hears from the family friend Ester as the two talk about the trip. Ms. Diane is happy not to have been there as Porsha stops by to give her the rundown of Messy Mexico. Porsha surprised her mama with lemon pepper wings as Ms. Diane is ready for the tea. Porsha rehashes the fact that Dennis brought a woman and Porsha thinks Dennis wanted to get a reaction out of Porsha. Ms. Diane takes Porsha’s side and agrees that Porsha needs to give Dennis his things back. 

Porsha Willi

Porsha’s worse fear is having Simon put his foot down, but then, a storm conveniently cuts the power to Porsha’s house. Porsha goes to get some candles and continues with her side of reality. Porsha claims Mama Gina got lit up and states that Dennis cursed Storm out for having Porsha’s back. We all know that’s not what went down but of course, this is Porsha’s perception. Porsha claims to have blacked out and now thinks about resolving the issues between herself and Dennis. Porsha thinks Aunt Liz was the saving grace of the trip and plans to visit Aunt Liz soon to check on her. Porsha and Pilar meet up with Aunt Liz at the charity organization that Aunt Liz runs. Porsha leans on Aunt Liz a lot with her role in activism and Aunt Liz explains how her father started the organization back in 1970. Aunt Liz gives Porsha a tour of the headquarters as the two settle in the break room for a chat. 

Aunt Liz feels traumatized from the trip and Porsha thinks Mama Gina was happy about the demise of the trip. Aunt Liz thinks the crew picked at a sore and everything flew out. Aunt Liz reminds Porsha that she has Pilar to think about and believes there is a different way to handle confrontation. Aunt Liz thinks Porsha needs to make more sacrifices and believes Simon should’ve done more during the dinner. Aunt Liz inquires about the damage control Porsha will have to conduct, but Porsha feels like she’s human and doesn’t need to explain her actions. Porsha says she’s disappointed in herself and Aunt Liz wants Porsha to give Dennis another chance. Porsha suggested that Aunt Liz talk to Dennis and Aunt Liz tells Porsha that Dennis was trying on the trip. 

Mama Gina

Porsha hasn’t talked to Dennis but since Pilar has an upcoming surgery. Aunt Liz suggests Porsha allows Dennis to come by to check on Pilar. Porsha agrees and ends her visit with Aunt Liz. The next day Porsha’s speaking with her assistant Lauren as she complains about all the food she’s eating. Porsha’s stressed due to Pilar’s upcoming surgery and has finally decided to clean Dennis’s things out. Porsha and Lauren go down to the basement to shuffle through the storage and we see Mama Gina helping Dennis out at The Hotdog Factory. Mama Gina hasn’t spoken to Porsha and takes Dennis to the side to check on him. Dennis is doing alright and thinks the trip was off from the start. 

Dennis explains to producers that he saw Porsha lunge at Mama Gina and he doesn’t know what happened. Mama Gina feels like Porsha loves Dennis and Simon as Porsha and Lauren continue cleaning out the basement. Dennis had a lot of his things in Porsha’s basement and Porsha actually thinks Dennis left his things on purpose. Dennis says he has a couch, a grill, and a lot of other stuff at Porsha’s crib, and something tells me the two will never agree on this storage situation. Porsha contacts someone to double-check the basement and it finally seems like Dennis will get his belongings. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha tells Lauren about the advice Aunt Liz gave Porsha about tightening her circle, and Porsha thinks Aunt Liz has a great point. Later, Porsha calls Ms. Diane with a pixie cut as Porsha gets a call that Dennis is at the front gate. Dennis is coming to get Pilar for surgery and Porsha’s nerves are shot! Pilar has to get her tonsils removed, and because of the pandemic, only the parents are allowed in the hospital. Porsha’s packing her bags and it seems like Dennis and Porsha will finally have some alone time together. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to see how this pans out. Porsha plans on talking to Dennis about Pilar’s care and hangs up with Ms. Diane as she prepares to greet Dennis since Mexico. Porsha answers the door and hugs Pilar as Dennis stands in the doorway. Porsha invites Dennis in to chat and we’re hit with the dreadful, “To Be Continued.”

Be sure to come back next week, for the series finale of Porsha’s Family Matters! You don’t want to miss this!

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