Shahs Of Sunset’s GG Gharachedaghi SLAMS Lala Kent For Talking About Randall Emmett Breakup: ’Stop Complaining’!

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Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi slammed Lala Kent after the “Vanderpump Rules” star spoke to Page Six about her breakup from film producer, Randall Emmett, 50. The Bravo star noted that she recognized “red flags” throughout the ex-couple’s relationship, sparking feedback from the “Shahs of Sunset” star.

“If someone (Randall) is being their authentic self and it’s all being referred to as ‘red flags,’ why does the person (Lala) wait until they’ve experienced many of these ‘red flags’ before they walk away?” GG, who shares a friendship with Emmett, wrote in the comment section on the outlet’s Instagram page. 

“Just saying… Walk away and stop complaining unless you’re ready to take accountability for choosing to stay after the first ‘red flag’ because all of this press/media s–t ain’t cute when it’s about the father of your child,” she wrote. 

Social media opinion appeared to be divided on the comments, with some users agreeing with GG and others sharing their support for Lala. 

“@gg_golnsesa I don’t think it’s that simple. We all ignore things or let things slide when we are in love,” one person wrote. “I think once a person steps out of the relationship, a lot of clarity can come and the red flags are more easily identified.”

“@gg_golnesa you’re blaming the victim by asking why she didn’t do certain things rather than asking why he did the things he did … Pretty easy to make judgments about something you know nothing about,” another user commented. 

Randall Emmett

The former couple split after Emmett was busted in an alleged cheating scandal during a trip to Nashville. Lala, 31, previously told Page Six that she had been vocal about her breakup from the producer in order to set an example for their 9-month-old daughter, Ocean, who was born in March. 

“There’s been so many times where people will send me messages about what I’m choosing to share. And for me, I want my daughter to understand what a healthy, respectable man looks like,” the “Give Them Lala” podcast host said. 

“That is my job as her mother, to create that for her, so when she goes out and it’s time for her to find a partner, or it’s time for her to raise a son, that she knows what values a man should possess,” she added.  

“I pray to God every day that when she is older, that she looks back on how I handled things, and she can say, ‘My mom was extremely strong,’” Lala said through tears. 

Lala Kent

Lala has called the relationship and subsequent breakup “traumatizing,” and noted that she’s only concerned with how she handles the aftermath, for the sake of her child.    

“I’m going to do whatever I need to do as [Ocean’s] mother. How her dad chooses to handle this is on him,” she said. “I didn’t make these decisions. And what I know about the lifestyle that I was blind to that he’s been leading for a long time, I’ve kept my mouth shut.” 

“I’ve only shared my feelings, how I’m affected by these decisions. But he did these things. It is not my job to explain his behavior. It’s only my job to explain why I left,” the VPR star added. 

Lala Kent

Lala shared that she plans to be open with her daughter when the time comes to explain what led to her parents’ breakup.  

“There’s going to be a day where she’s going to learn how to read and she’s going to see these things. I’ll explain to her when she has questions. I think being honest is a great thing,” Lala said. “But again, my job is just to protect her. And if she doesn’t come to me with my questions, then my lips are going to be sealed.”

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