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Noella Bergener Fires Back At Estranged Husband, James, With Receipts After He ‘Clears Up Misstatements’ About Divorce Battle!

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Noella Bergener

Noella Bergener’s estranged husband, James Bergener, has spoken out about the bombshell divorce that rocked the “Real Housewives of Orange County” newbie’s debut season. 

The personal injury attorney took to Instagram to accuse his wife of “changing” after landing a role on the Bravo show. “Sweet James” claimed that the reality show became Noella’s “sole focus,” and that their rare communications would often “end up in fights.”

Noella Bergener

James alleged that Noella hired a lawyer who informed his attorney that she was filing for separation. James claims that his wife’s action was the reason for his abrupt exit.  

Noella chose the show over me and the family,” he said. “I love Noella, but I do not know who she is anymore.”

James explained that he grew up in a conservative environment and that his relationship with his wife was “unhealthy,” and marred by “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

“I lost almost everything, including myself,” he told his followers. “I lost sight of who I was and who I am.”

James claimed that he and Noella were working to hammer out a “beneficial custody program” for their young son, James Jr., 2. Noella has been open about James’ autism diagnosis on the show and on social media. She alleged that James took off for Puerto Rico without leaving a way for her to financially care for their child. 

James disputed Noella’s claim in his video series. 

“I have not abandoned him,” he insisted. “Since separating from Noella, I’ve paid nearly $100,000 in housing. I’ve paid over $50,000 in household goods and supplies for him. Over $15,000 in child care and therapy. I continue to support my son and always will.”

Noella Bergener

James claimed that the couple’s divorce was granted in Puerto Rico, where he filed the papers, earlier this month. 

Noella sounded off on her own Instagram account, shortly after James posted his explanation. 

“Today my ex called me for the first time in 5 months. He asked for my help with his PR. I said of course,” she explained. “I told him to stop holding up support, get his son a gift for Xmas & that I was going to use my settlement to buy a home for our family and I’d publicly thank him. Hours later he posted this.”

Noella alleged that she was “very protective of [James] during filming” and that she had “real, criminal & horrifying” receipts, but did not “ever want them to see the light of day,” in order to guard their son.   

The reality star went on to address James’ alleged “lies” shared in his videos. 

“That I chose the show over our marriage,” Noella began. “James wanted me on the show to promote his brand. He was my biggest cheerleader throughout the process. Only after his background check revealed he had lied to me for years about his tax debts did he hesitate. At this point, 4 days before filming, it was too late to pull out and frankly the show was the only thing keeping him honest.”

Noella Bergener

“I retained an attorney with his blessing,” the Bravo star claimed. “He paid the retainer! What James was telling me about his partner’s indictment, financial divorce from his ex & his tax debts didn’t make sense to me. I wanted a 3rd party to confirm he was being truthful. He wasn’t but I still did not file.”

Noella also fired back at James’ claim that he had “paid support” for his son. 

Noella Bergener

James cut my cc’s when he left and emptied my savings,” she told her followers. “He cut my Venmo & PayPal which I use to pay our son’s therapists. I have to send him invoices which he often pays late resulting in our son not getting treatment that week. I have a cc number on Instacart & Amazon. That is how my family has made it these past months. He has not paid rent and we’re in fear of eviction every day.”

The RHOC star denied that they were actually divorced. 

“James filed for divorce in Puerto Rico abusing their courts to serve his shady tax scheme,” she said. “It is under appeal since Puerto Rico does not have jurisdiction given we are California residents and were married here.”

Noella Bergener

Noella also took issue with James describing himself as a devoted dad. 

James has been in & out of OC multiple times in the past 5 months shooting a commercial, getting Botox & going out but hasn’t seen his son once,” she claimed. “Seriously.”

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