Porsha Williams Reveals The REAL Reason She Kept Ex Dennis McKinley’s Clothes In Her House!

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Porsha Williams has revealed why she still has possession of Dennis McKinley’s clothes, despite being engaged to Simon Guobadia. Tension remains between the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum and her ex, and viewers are watching the ex-couple interact on the Bravo spinoff series, “Porsha’s Family Matters.” In the latest episode, Dennis had to be persuaded to travel to a family retreat. Porsha’s sister, Lauren Williams, promised that Porsha would give back his Versace robe if he agreed to come along.  

Porsha Williams

Dennis reluctantly agreed which sparked an argument with Porsha, who was annoyed that a returned robe was what convinced him to come to Mexico. Lauren swiped the robe from Porsha’s closet when she wasn’t looking, thinking that bribing Dennis with his own things was the best way to persuade him to come to the family event. 

Fans took Porsha to task for hanging on to Dennis’ clothes, post-breakup. Many wanted to know why she still had her ex’s things in her home while being engaged to Simon. 

Porsha gave an explanation in response to an Instagram user. The fan remarked that Porsha should have returned Dennis’ things at the time of their breakup, adding that her focus should be on her current fiancé, not her past. 

Porsha claimed that a storage issue was behind the drama. 

“His apartment was too small was doing a favor. But I’ve learned better now,” Porsha said. 

Dennis McKinley

Dennis kicked off the series with a bang when he questioned Porsha’s motives behind her surprise engagement to the Atlanta businessman. 

Porsha called me the morning she got engaged,” Dennis told Porsha’s sister, Lauren, during the premiere episode.  

“She just told me she started to date somebody like two weeks before that. So they got engaged in two weeks?” he asked.

“It ain’t the money is it?” Dennis asked, to which Lauren responded—“she has her own money.” 

Porsha Williams

Dennis clarified in a confessional spot that he was not assuming that the mother of his child connected with Simon because of his bank account. 

“She wouldn’t be talking to me if I was broke,” Dennis pointed out. “I guarantee that…I would never have had a kid with her if I was broke.” 

Dennis remarked that “it looks like she took somebody’s man” and that Porsha looks like the “man stealer of the century.” 

Falynn Guobadia

RHOA fans know that Porsha was slammed by fans after dropping the engagement bombshell, in May. The Bravo star was introduced to her future husband by his then-wife, Falynn Guobadia. Falynn revealed that the couple was ending their marriage in April, and Porsha announced her engagement to Simon only a few weeks later. 

Falynn recently called out Porsha for mentioning her newborn child while on a press tour, in an effort to set the record straight about her controversial engagement. 

Falynn Guobadia

“A lion does not acknowledge a sheep. And I’ve always said nothing but, ‘I’m happy for her union.’ Don’t get me twisted. Ever…ever. Don’t mention my child. Ever,” Falynn fired back, during an interview with Tisa Tells.

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