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Martell Holt’s Ex-Mistress/Baby Mama, Arionne Curry, WARNS LaTisha Scott: ‘Watch Your Mouth Before I Hurt Your Feelings’!

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Arionne Curry

Martell Holt’s former mistress, Arionne Curry, had some choice words for LaTisha Scott after the airing of the latest reunion episode of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” Carlos King hosted the cast gathering and addressed topics that all viewers were talking about—which included asking questions about Martell’s past romance with his ex-mistress.  

Melody revealed during the reunion that she discovered the affair after Arionne called Martell’s phone with a blocked number. 

Marsau Scott shared that he crossed paths with Arionne during a night out in Atlanta, years ago. Maurice Scott later confessed to Kimmi Scott that he was also present in the nightclub that night. Kimmi and LaTisha Scott weren’t happy about it and believed that their husbands should have hot-footed it out of the club when they discovered Arionne’s identity. Maurice believed that it was more important to use his “influence” by staying put.   

King noted that Martell was in a relationship with his mistress for more than five years. The host even asked Martell if he would have tied the knot with Arionne if he had connected with her before he met Melody. Some fans weren’t happy with King’s pointed questions and put him on blast on social media. King insisted that he was just trying to get to the root of the messy marital drama. 

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Marsau posted a photo on Instagram snapped in 2015 during the night in question, inviting a fiery response from Arionne. 

“Some sh*t I don’t speak on, I know a lot, but when you speak on me, I speak on you,” she wrote, on her Instagram Story. “You could’ve said I don’t want to discuss Arionne! But you used me to be relevant because y’all ain’t got sh*t else to talk about.”

Arionne also issued a warning to LaTisha, writing—“I’ll spare you tonight Marsau you came correct a lil bit, but tell yo wife watch her mouth before I hurt her feelings.”

Melody believes that Martell’s cheating ways led to the downfall of their marriage. Martell convinced Melody to work on their relationship, and Melody became pregnant with their fourth child. She began to suspect that he was cheating again, during the pandemic. Melody eventually filed for divorce before learning that Arionne was pregnant with Martell’s fifth child. 

Martell Holt

Arionne has not been shy in speaking out on social media, expressing her irritation at remaining a hot topic on the OWN show. She’s made it clear that she thinks it’s “crazy” that some viewers expect her and Martell to be together, since his divorce. 

“He is single. Martell Holt is single. Arionne Curry is single. Why do y’all just expect us to just run off in the sunset and be together?” Arionne said during a recent Instagram Live session. “Do y’all expect me and Martell to run off in the sunset? Do y’all expect me to wanna be with a man who like…publicly we are damaged. Stop y’all…I’m not crazy. I’m not dumb. What happened happed but y’all are crazy. Y’all are crazy.”

Martell Holt - Arionne Curry

She also addressed fan speculation that they had reconciled after she was spotted with Martell. 

“Why he saying he single? Because Martell is single. Hit him up in his DMs,” she said. “He might respond Arionne single too, what’s up? And when I’m with the father of my child, I’m with the father of my child at that time.”

Arionne Curry

“He acts like he’s single. He move how he wanna move. And Martell knows Arionne ain’t never pressed him. Arionne moves according and been about Arionne since day one,” Arionne added.

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