‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ RECAP: All Hell Breaks Loose Between Porsha’s Family During First Night Of Retreat!

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Welcome back to Porsha’s Family (Mess) Matters! Starting off, we see Lauren as she attracts all the good energy she can get before the family retreat. Londie stops by, alcohol in tow, in order to catch up with her cousin. After some small talk, Londie wants to know what Lauren thought about the family BBQ. Not wanting to spill her opinion just yet, Lauren suggests Londie goes first. Londie thinks the BBQ was awkward and doesn’t understand why everyone rated Simon Guobadia out of the blue. A flashback reminds us of the butt-kissing that took place and Lauren is just as confused as Londie. Londie and Lauren agree that Grandma Iona showed her entire backside at that event! Why did Granny have to embarrass herself like that? 

Londie breaks down Porsha’s family tree further and gives us more details on who is who on the side of their family tree. Lauren’s mom Lisa makes her first appearance with Lauren’s daughter, Baleigh. Ms. Lisa thinks the families have a different perspective on what happened between Porsha and Dennis, and Lauren thinks it’s going to take time to effectively blend families. Being authentic, Lauren admits Porsha’s impulsive decision is affecting everyone and not everyone has the tools to handle this change in the best way. Lauren and Londie realize this is a strenuous situation for everyone but thinks Dennis McKinley is hurt with some hidden feelings. Changing the subject, Lauren provides a few details about the upcoming retreat, and she’s excited to do something different with the family. 

Lauren wants to extend the retreat invitations by inviting Porsha’s old assistant Dom, as well as inviting Simon and Dennis to tag along. Not sure if this is a good idea, but hey, it can’t get any worse…right?! Lauren feels like Simon and Dennis are wrapped up in Porsha’s family drama and thinks it’ll be best for everyone to tag along. The plan is for Londie and Lauren to convince Dennis to come, while Porsha works her magic on Simon. However, Londie and Lauren plan on using the Versace robe and Fendi jumpsuit Dennis wants back to convince him to attend the retreat. Good luck ladies! The next day, Porsha is cooking Pilar some eggs while Lauren and Londie put their plan in motion. While Lauren Wilson distracts Porsha, Londie and Lauren sneak into the house to retrieve the items. Rumbling through Porsha’s things, they find the robe and skedaddle out of there! 

The next morning, Porsha’s excited to cook an African breakfast for Simon. Ms. Diane agrees to help as Porsha preps the spread. Porsha gives Ms. Diane cooking instructions while updating her mom on Lauren’s idea of the men coming on the retreat. Producers provide us with some foreshadowing as they take note of the many peppers Porsha is adding to the food. Ms. Diane doesn’t like the idea of the men coming, but after Porsha explains Lauren’s point of view, Ms. Diane seems more acceptable to the change. Porsha plans on speaking to Simon about Dennis coming, but I don’t like how she has to cook him this feast to soften Simon up. Ms. Diane feels Dennis will be fine on the trip, but it’s Mama Gina she’s worried about. Simon arrives just as Porsha burns the plantains. Porsha greets her man with a face full of teeth and Simon makes himself right at home. 

Simon Guobadia

Simon admits in his confessional that it’s refreshing to have someone care about his welfare because he felt like he was the caretaker in his previous relationships. Porsha’s friend Nat arrives and joins them for breakfast. Breaking the ice, Ms. Diane brings up the retreat and Porsha formally invites Simon to the retreat. Porsha begins to stutter as she explains why it’s a good idea for Simon to come while attempting to not burn any more food. Playing dumb, Porsha casually mentions that she “thinks” Dennis is also attending the retreat. Simon plays it cool and states he has no issues with Dennis and likes where the two of them are co-parenting-wise. Ms. Diane and Nat are watching Simon’s body language but can’t seem to figure Simon out.  

Simon feels that Dennis and Porsha should have a parenting plan, while Ms. Diane airs her grievances about Mama Gina. Simon thinks it’s important for Mama Gina to come, so she can face reality. Whew! They have a lot of nerve, don’t they?! Everyone digs into their breakfast, and of course, Porsha puts too many peppers in the eggs. Ms. Diane doesn’t seem to mind but Porsha had to guzzle some juice to find any relief. Across town, Lauren and Londie meet up at Dennis’s hookah lounge to convince Dennis to attend the family retreat. Going over the plan with Londie, Lauren wants to wear the items into the lounge to catch Dennis off-guard. Dennis seems amused at Lauren and Londie’s plan and patiently waits for Lauren to explain what’s up. After explaining that he’ll get his items back if he agrees to go to Mexico, Dennis originally says no to the deal! Since he’s playing hardball, Lauren gives Dennis a piece of the Versace robe, and Dennis agrees to think about it. 

Already knowing Mexico is going to turn into ‘Messy-co’, he’s not sure how much healing is going to take place. For Pilar it’s a good idea, but Dennis feels that others may have hidden agendas for the trip. Dennis asks Lauren and Londie if they think it’s weird that he’ll be there, but Lauren reassures Dennis that he’ll have fun. Dennis states that with the Williams family, there’s always healing taking place, but nothing ever gets healed. Welp, LOL! Agreeing to attend the retreat, the three of them make a toast to the future and agree to give Dennis his robe back in Mexico. The next day at Lauren chats with her daughter, Baleigh, about the trip and little mama just wants to hit the beach. While Lauren continues to pack, she inquires to her mother whether the group will see her as a leader. Ms. Lisa thinks the group will respect Lauren as a leader because she’s the glue that brings the group together.  

At Aunt Liz’s house, Londie is visiting as she helps her aunt pack for the trip. Storm is helping Aunt Darlene pack and pass the time as well. Storm see’s Porsha as a big sister and is really excited to spend this time with her big cousin. Porsha and her assistant Lauren are at the house packing and having fun. Across town, Dennis is meeting Mama Gina at a crystal shop to prep for the trip and chat before things hit the fan. While Dennis and Mama Gina are shopping, Porsha finally tells Ms. Diane about the sit-down with Mama Gina. Bringing up the issues at the cookout, Porsha felt their conversation go left with Mama Gina and wasn’t able to salvage it. Back at the crystal shop, Mama Gina’s not sure this trip is a good idea for her. As she shops around for some positive energy, Mama Gina confides in Dennis what she feels about Porsha. Mama Gina reveals she asked Porsha if she ever cheated on Dennis, and Dennis wonders why everyone’s stuck in the past. 

At Porsha’s, she finally admits to Ms. Diane what Mama Gina told her at lunch. Ms. Diane adamantly denies telling Mama Gina that Porsha cheated on Dennis, and we realize Mama Gina thinks Porsha cheated on her son without any proof. Dennis is frustrated his mom held onto this information without telling him. Mama Gina’s frustrated because Porsha’s family makes it seem like she’s innocent, and she’s not! Ms. Diane and Mama Gina did have some type of conversation around their kid’s relationship, but it’s unclear what was actually said. Ms. Diane vows to talk to Mama Gina about this misunderstanding and Porsha still hopes to build this family unit. Mama Gina purchases a few crystals that ward off fake people and Dennis reminds his mother to focus on what’s best for Pilar. Ms. Diane is worried about attending the trip and admits this will either be the best thing for their family or a complete fiasco! 

It’s finally the day of the retreat and the family is loading into a party bus to begin the festivities. Mama Gina meets Aunt Liz at her house to ride with Londie, Dom, and the Versace robe. Mama Diane isn’t with them due to having some pains and Londie checks in with Dennis. Everyone arrives at the airport including Dennis because he didn’t want Mama Gina to go to Mexico alone. The plane arrives in Mexico and Aunt Liz tells Dennis that she’s glad he’s here. In the other car, Porsha reveals Dom told her about the Versace robe being in Mexico with them. Porsha’s upset and vows to find out who has the Versace robe and why! Greeting Lauren at the retreat, the group is instructed to grab a drink as dancers greet them at the door. 

The dancers cleanse the group as Lauren gives out room assignments and gives details about dinner. Dennis decided to get a room by himself instead of sharing a room with Lauren and Londie. While everyone gets settled and ready for dinner, Lauren shows Dennis the suite in hopes he’ll stay. Lauren admits to wanting to watch Dennis and Dennis finds out Lauren has the best room with a pool! Dennis throws Lauren in the pool as a penalty for having the best room, and while Lauren goes to change clothes a lady friend calls Dennis. Seems like Dennis has some potential “work” coming to Mexico to spend some quality time with him. Simon tells Porsha about how nice Porsha’s family is and she tells Simon that the goal is for her people to become their people. Simon feels like respect has been upheld with Dennis and Porsha has a good feeling about this trip. 

The crew is dressed and ready for dinner as Lauren meets Lena ahead of the group. The setup is beautiful, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Porsha and Simon arrive last and Lauren thanks everyone for coming. Lena provides a quick meditation before dinner to cleanse the energy in the room and although everyone participates, their unsure what’s happening. After the short meditation, Lena instructs everyone to express their intentions. When it’s Porsha’s turn, she uses this time to bring up the Versace robe and Lauren admits to her devious plans. Porsha thinks it’s wrong that they went into her house to give it to Dennis, and Mama Gina doesn’t hold back her thoughts. Mama Gina thinks it’s petty and doesn’t see what the big deal is. Porsha thinks Dennis shouldn’t be there if someone had to bribe him to come and Dennis disagrees. 

Lauren doesn’t care if Porsha’s upset, and Porsha is acting like the victim as usual. Lena asks Porsha why she’s triggered and Dennis chimes in and says it’s about control. Porsha feels like they went behind her back and Londie says that’s not what happened. Londie tells Porsha and the entire table what happened and how the awkward BBQ led them to getting the robe back for Dennis. Porsha interrupts Londie and asks, “At what point is this not a game?” and Londie responds, “The BBQ was a game.” Whew, get her girl! Mama Gina admits the BBQ was weird and Londie admits if she were Dennis or Mama Gina that she wouldn’t come around anymore. Dennis admits the trip in itself was important to him, not just the robe. Porsha’s clearly overreacting and Storm butts in to defend her big rich cousin. Dennis calls Storm out and says she ain’t had nothing to say in the last two years, so why does she have something to say now? Londie tells Storm to stay out of it and Dennis yells to Storm “You aren’t Porsha!”

It’s revealed that Dennis knew Storm before he knew Porsha, and that Storm used to work for him. Dennis claims Storm was a bad employee and Storm claims Dennis was overly flirtatious. Oh, my goodness, this is getting messier by the second! Everyone’s still yelling and arguing over this stupid situation as Lauren tries to gain control of the room. Storm begins to stand up and get crunk as Londie pays her dust. Lena even tries to shut everyone up with no success. Lauren yells at the top of her lungs and we get hit with: ‘To be continued.’ Wow, that was a lot, and we’re just getting warmed up! Be sure to come back next week to see what else happens on Porsha’s Family Matters.

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