Porsha Wiliams AMBUSHED By Fur Protester During Her Book Signing Event!

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Porsha Williams has been publicly put on blast for wearing fur. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum was slammed during a book signing event celebrating her memoir, “The Pursuit of Porsha,” according to a video that recently surfaced online. An unidentified woman seemingly tried to disrupt the event by yelling at the Bravo star for supposedly condoning the practice of animals being “skinned alive” so she can rock fur. 

“Ladies and gentlemen I am not here to interrupt anything! I want to bring something to your attention that’s very important – ‘The Real Housewives’ support fur and wear fur!” the unnamed woman yelled, at the book event. 

The woman only tried to get closer to the reality star as people around her tried to diffuse the situation. 

“We are here to ask Porsha – Porsha please stop wearing fur!” she shouted.  

Porsha, 40, continued to calmly interact with fans while signing her book, seemingly unfazed by the high-volume drama. 

“Animals are skinned alive! It’s not fashion!” the woman declared.

Porsha’s fans responded by booing the lady and yelling back—“We love fur!” 

Porsha Williams

The surfaced video only adds to the chatter stirred up by the “Porsha’s Family Matters” star, in recent days. Porsha addressed her future husband’s culture and the idea that it’s acceptable for Nigerian men to have multiple wives, during an appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show.”  

“Let’s start with: he’s Nigerian. It’s his culture. They’re allowed and are open to having multiple wives. But, you know, Simon has been in America since he was 17 years old, and I’m American. So, we’re going to have one wife and one husband,” she shared.  

Porsha Williams

The Bravo spinoff features Porsha’s family asking lots of questions about her controversial engagement to the Atlanta businessman.  

Porsha addressed the fan backlash over her engagement bombshell in the interview and during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” She admitted that while the optics fell flat, everything worked out for the best. 

Simon’s ex-wife, Falynn Guobadia, took issue with Porsha bringing up the recent birth of her child, in her own interview. 

Falynn Guobadia

Andy Cohen asked Porsha if the opinion that she “stole” Simon, 57, from Falynn was the biggest fan misconception. 

“I talked about it on the show at the beginning that I just beared through the tough social media bashing..all that. And it’s okay because I’m a grown woman and I make my choices,” Porsha responded. “She’s also grown. She has had her baby. Congratulations. I’m happy for her and her fiancé. It’s just grown folks making decisions. That’s all it is.”

She added—“I knew the optics weren’t great for the public and I know that y’all love me. I know that y’all love me and I know you didn’t understand at the time. And I am appreciative of those who get it now. Cause now it makes sense.”

Falynn Guobadia

Falynn delivered a heated response during a chat with Tisa Tells. 

“A lion does not acknowledge a sheep. And I’ve always said nothing but, ‘I’m happy for her union.’ Don’t get me twisted. Ever…ever. Don’t mention my child. Ever,” Falynn warned.

She continued—“You can say whatever you wanna say…Anybody can say whatever they wanna say about me. This is my career. I didn’t choose it. But I was thrown into it and I ran with. I made lemonade out of lemons. I get it. Cool. So be it. I’m as real as they come. But I’m too real. Okay? Don’t mention my child. And we can leave it at that.”

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