Tristan Thompson Persuades Judge To Seal Paternity Case After Claiming To Be Emotionally Distressed!

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Tristan Thompson has persuaded a Texas judge to seal all court documents connected to his ongoing paternity war with the alleged mother of his child. Tristan claimed that he was suffering from emotional distress, due to Maralee Nichols allegedly leaking information about the ongoing case to the media. 

Tristan and Maralee are embroiled in a paternity battle, over her newborn child. Maralee filed a child support lawsuit after moving from Texas to Los Angeles, earlier this year. Tristan filed his own suit in Texas and accused Maralee of relocating in order to score a heftier child support check. Tristan is also demanding a DNA test, as part of the court battle. The intermittent boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian does not deny a sexual relationship with Maralee, as both sides have admitted to hooking up in March. 

Tristan Thompson

Tristan’s lawyers filed documents earlier this month asking for the case to be sealed. 

Tristan said the case should be sealed because his privacy in the matter was ‘of paramount importance and concern’ because he is ‘a well-known NBA player and a figure of celebrity status resulting not only from his athletic stardom but from having appeared on an extraordinarily popular television series,’” the lawyers wrote.

Tristan Thompson

The NBA player filed for an emergency gag order earlier this week, accusing his alleged baby mama of being thirsty for fame. Tristan’s best friend backed up his claims, filing a declaration alleging that Maralee was behind the leaks.

Tristan’s friend, Gayson Kewley, professionally known as “DJ Spade,” submitted a declaration that stated that Tristan was not speaking to Maralee, on the day her baby was born. 

Maralee Nicholls

Gayson confirmed that he is “acquainted with Maralee Nichols,” and claimed that on November 29 “Maralee called me two times. When Maralee called me, she identified herself. I am also familiar with Maralee’s voice and recognized her to be the caller.”

Gayson alleged that Maralee told him that she was “about to go into labor and have Tristan’s baby.” He added that she allegedly asked, “if Tristan wanted to see the baby.”

“I told Maralee that whatever the situation was, it was between her and Tristan,” he said.  

Tristan Thompson

He claimed that Maralee told him that the story alleging Tristan’s paternity of her child was about to be leaked. 

“I understood Maralee to mean that the ‘story’ would be leaked to the press. Maralee told me that her lawyers had called her and told her of the leak. I told her that she needed to figure out the leak and figure out who was doing that and make it stop. I told her that leaking these allegations and this ‘story’ did not need to happen,” Gayson claimed.

Tristan Thompson

He added that he believes that Maralee leaked the story to the press. 

“If it was not Maralee herself who talked to the media, I believe that it was one of her friends,” he said. “No one else would know about these allegations, and no one else would have the same motives as Maralee to get media and tabloids involved.” 

Maralee objected to the gag order request, claiming that it could interfere with her California child support case.

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