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Tyra Banks TRASHED By ‘ANTM’ Alum Who Claims Contestants Were Only Paid $40 A Day And Had To Pay For Their Own Food!

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Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has come under fire over how contestants were compensated on “America’s Next Top Model.” The executive producer and former judge of the hit competition show allegedly paid contestants $40 a day. Cycle 9 contestant, Sarah Hartshorne, took to Twitter to sound off about the claim, alleging that she and other participants were given “$40 a day, no residuals, and we had to pay for food.”

Tyra Banks

Twitter exploded after a user brought up the contestants’ paychecks, prompting Sarah, who appeared on the show in 2007, to dish more details.  

“The fact that girls on ANTM were getting paid $40 an episode and Tyra and them judges were making BANK, is kinda sick,” the Twitter user wrote. 

Sarah, 34, chimed in on Monday, November 29, writing—“$40 an episode and we had to pay for food.”

Sarah’s Twitter thread exploded with lots of viewers sharing their thoughts on the paycheck controversy. 

Tyra Banks

One person wrote—”Tyra banks was sending them girls home with their hair cut off on #antm and only making $40 a episode.”

“Y’all so Tyra banks was really only paying those girls $40/day. thats worse than minimum wage!” another fan noted.

Tyra Banks

“I mean the chance at winning and exposure is there but d–n … Cover food at least lol them folks were getting a perdeim [sic] lol,” a user said.

Tyra needs to be brought up on this,” another person declared. “I’m tired of these ‘She’s a businesswoman’/‘They were making a reality show’ excuses. There’s no justification for intentionally traumatizing and triggering young women for millions of dollars. I don’t care what they signed or ‘consented’ to.”

Tyra Banks

Sarah added on Tuesday, November 30—“Lmaooo imagine thinking this is news to a bitch who was literally on a show where A WHOLE ASS PANEL judged us on our looks, our clothes, our posture, our everything.”

The comedian doubled down on Wednesday, December 1st, posting a video to Instagram.

Tyra Banks

“I never said I hated [ANTM]. The tweet that has everyone all up in the feelings is literally just numbers and facts. I don’t hate the show. I’m glad that I did it. I also think we should have been paid … and I think that’s fair,” she said.

“I just want to say that I think it’s really beautiful that you love the show and Tyra so much that this is stirring up so much in you,” Sarah told her followers.“I hope you bring that passion to everything in your life, but I also hope you can come to a reconciliation and a feeling of peace with the fact that something that you loved was harmful to other people.”

Tyra Banks

Seasons 5 and 17 contestant, Lisa D’Amato, spoke out about her own experience on the show, earlier this year.

“They don’t feed you enough,” Lisa said during an April appearance on the “Unwine With Tasha K.”  “We had a small per diem but so many girls sent their money home. … We were getting, like, $45 a day or something like that, and then we were supposed to pay for all of our own groceries. I fought that and I was like, ‘You’re giving me $45 a day to pay for my own food but I still have to pay rent, like, we are here for two months.’ I got us all, like, $200 extra each for food so that the per diem was just extra in case we wanted to buy extra things.” 

Tyra, 47, has yet to publicly address the controversy.

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