‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ RECAP: Porsha Celebrates Her Bday & Her Family Questions The Speed Of Her And Simon’s Engagement!

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The engagement heard around the world and set 2021 on fire has finally made its way to our TVs! The drama surrounding Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s relationship has created confusion and questions that may finally be answered by Porsha herself. Kicking off Porsha’s spinoff. Producers want to know if there’s anything Porsha would like to set straight when it comes to her new relationship. We see a collage of pictures as Porsha describes her whirlwind of a love life, and it doesn’t seem like Porsha has any shame in her game. Porsha provides us with a quick characterization of Simon and her issues with her baby daddy, Dennis McKinley. 

Producers chose violence as they remind us of the infamous Mother’s Day gathering where Simon and Dennis broke bread together. Although Porsha’s happy, things haven’t been perfect for them due to social media finding out how Porsha really moves. Blogs and fans uncovered more details that Porsha wasn’t ready to shed light on and now she’s attempting damage control on her life. Not realizing the timeline didn’t match up, the public had a lot to say although Simon thinks “It’s nobody’s d*** business.” Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams and family speak up for Porsha’s actions, but something tells me they’re trying to convince themselves more than the viewers. Porsha informed us that Simon is at the tail end of his divorce, but some minor delays created stress on everyone. 

Getting engaged on a Thursday, Porsha thought the judge would grant Simon a divorce by Friday. Porsha moves fast and it’s clear we don’t have all the information and we are here for the mess! Porsha wants to blend their families together and doesn’t care what the outsiders have to say. Let’s see how this goes. Starting off, we get a beautiful layout of Atlanta as Porsha and Simon drive around Buckhead in a Rolls Royce. The song fits the mood perfectly, as it seems that Porsha is all about getting that money! The pair are looking for a new house together since their previous houses are tainted. Porsha reveals that Simon slid in her direct messages first, but Simon states Porsha actually reached out to him first. Hmmm…guess there are contradictions in their stories already. Simon owns a couple of businesses and Porsha seems comfortable in her new tax bracket already.

After chatting in the car, the couple arrives to meet Porsha’s realtor. Over six thousand square feet and over a million dollars; seems like this space may be perfect for these high rollers. Sitting down to discuss what they like; Simon thinks the space is only enough for one or two people. In Simon’s confessional, he admits to Porsha being his fourth wife and that he has five children from previous marriages. Porsha out here being stepmama, y’all, and I can’t believe it! Getting back to the details of the house, Porsha would like their new house to remind them of Simon’s Costa Rica home. Porsha is all smiles as she talks about Lauren’s surprise when she found out Porsha moved back to Atlanta. It’s been fulfilling for Porsha to have her own home but now she’s leaving the home she built, to settle down with Simon. Porsha wants to find the perfect place for them, especially since Simon isn’t comfortable at Porsha’s tiny house. 

Simon claims the reason is that it’s tainted, and producers show us the awkward fist pump between Simon and Porsha when they first met through Falynn. Dennis also lived with Porsha when she was pregnant, so they both wanted to start fresh in a new place together. Meanwhile, Dennis stops by Porsha’s house to spend time with Pilar and chat with Ms. Diane. Porsha’s mom informs Dennis that Porsha and Simon are house hunting, and in Dennis’s confessional, he tells us how he really feels. According to Dennis, Porsha moves very fast and clears up the timeline from his perspective. Porsha and Dennis broke up in July 2020, had matching pajamas at Christmas 2020; and now Porsha is engaged to Simon. Whew! Porsha has an upcoming party coming up for her 40th Birthday, but Porsha doesn’t want Dennis to bring a date. 

Dennis thinks it’s crazy that he’s unable to bring a date, but Porsha is being unreasonable because she secretly still loves Dennis. Dennis knows if Porsha sees him with another woman that she’ll be mad and Simon checks Porsha on her inconsistency. Porsha doesn’t feel like she’s doing anything wrong and doesn’t budge on her position. It’s the day of Porsha’s 40th Birthday party and everyone is in a festive mood as they prepare for the party. Porsha has a new assistant named Lauren who’s helping make sure things run smoothly. Ms. Diane is getting her wig shifted as Porsha talks about going into a new age. Moving into her 40’s, Porsha reminisces on her life and the many accomplishments she’s completed. Porsha seems ready to go into this next phase of life and is excited to enter it with Simon. 

Lauren asks how Porsha feels going out with Simon and being in the public eye. Porsha feels that her family and friends know their love story, but online she’s receiving death threats. Porsha claims it’s hurtful to read what fans are saying about her, but that’s not gonna stop her from getting this money…I mean, man, LOL. Originally, Porsha wanted to have a small celebration due to being nervous. However, she quickly changed her mind, and the festivities are a go! At Simon’s club,  Republic, the staff is setting up for Porsha’s big day as Lauren arrives to check on things. Londie has been hired on to help transform the club into Porsha-land. Cutouts of Porsha are everywhere and Lauren is pulling out all the stops to make this night special. Meanwhile, at Porsha’s, her assistant sees a birthday post from Simon that makes Porsha feel uneasy.

Simon posted a sweet birthday message, but he also posted a few pictures of the two that Porsha hasn’t released yet. Porsha is trying to control the narrative and is frustrated that Simon isn’t playing the game. At Republic, Lauren feels like Simon’s posts are perpetuating the hate on social media. Lauren first thought her sister was the G.O.A.T. for blending their families so quickly, but after that feeling subsided Lauren knew Porsha would suffer in the public eye. It’s clear that Porsha receives most of the backlash and Londie thinks it’s interesting that Simon goes to social media in the first place. Lauren feels like Simon has to know because it’s hurting Porsha, and in the midst of their conversation Simon walks in. 

Lauren feels awkward around Simon because she hasn’t spent any time alone with him. It also seems like Londie and Lauren are kissing up to Simon to stay in his good graces. After complimenting Simon on his club, Lauren shows him what she’s been working on to ensure Porsha has a great time. Simon tells Lauren how he dropped off a few gifts for Porsha and producers show us the Chanel bag and expensive perfume Simon gifted Porsha. Porsha seems in her rich lady element, as she spritzes on the $ 750.00 bottle of Clive Christian. Simon knows what she likes and wants to keep his girl happy. At Porsha’s, Ms. Diane checks in with Porsha in her room and notices her sad demeanor. Not wanting to make a big deal out of anything, Porsha reiterates to her mother that she wants Simon to discuss his post before actually posting their relationship. 

Porsha has anxiety now due to the backlash she’s received for being with Simon, but she doesn’t want to ruffle his feathers. Porsha claims that if she would’ve checked Simon, he might’ve cried as Porsha tries her hardest to summon a few tears herself. Porsha’s voice cracks as she talks with her mom but this whole scene feels disingenuous. Ms. Diane gives Porsha a hug and explains everything will be okay. The night has come and Porsha is ready to party. Showing off her dress and taking a few pictures, Porsha is ready to make her grand entrance into her forties. The crew is downstairs pregaming and Simon arrives in all white. Dennis loaned Porsha one of his party busses for the celebration and producers inquire again why Dennis can’t bring a date. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha would like his date to look like a bus, but since she doesn’t know what she looks like, Porsha just thanks Dennis for his services. Walking into Porsha’s party, there’s glitz and glamour everywhere, along with a few of Porsha’s famous friends. Drew Sidora is introduced to Simon, and we’re reminded of the awkward Halloween party at Falynn’s eight months ago. Shots are being passed out and the crew is having a great time on Simon’s dime. Taking a break from dancing, Porsha takes Simon outside to discuss his recent post. Simon apologizes for making Porsha upset, but behind the scenes, Simon really doesn’t care about the potential ramifications of Instagram. Simon states he was just playing in the most insincere way and Porsha seems to let the issue roll off her shoulders. 

Something tells me Porsha is going to do a lot of tongue biting in order to maintain this comfy lifestyle. Simon makes it a point to back off of social media and to respect Porsha’s feelings. The next day, Porsha and Simon go out to lunch for a date. Porsha lets Simon know that the comments from the party were positive and that things worked out for them. After receiving their food, the two goof off before talking about their family backgrounds. Where Simon’s from, it’s not abnormal for men to have more than one wife, but Porsha isn’t having any of that! Simon seemed to be baiting Porsha for his future wants, but let’s hope this isn’t the case. Simon admits to cheating in previous relationships, but not with his most recent ex-wife. Wanting to break generational curses, Porsha wants Simon and Dennis to talk one day. However, knowing that Porsha wants Dennis included in their family ties, Simon is willing to make the effort for her. 

Porsha Williams

Back at Porsha’s, Londie comes by to drop off flowers for tomorrow’s event as Porsha just figured out the cookout is at her house. Londie and Porsha go outside to chat and Londie informs Porsha that Dennis has been talking with Lauren. Dennis wants Lauren to meet him at The Hot Dog Factory so the two can talk. Dennis looks at Lauren as his little sister and wants to make sure she’s good. Dennis wonders if Lauren thinks their engagement is good for them, while Porsha’s feeding Londie with fake news, LOL. Porsha is relating that Dennis has been a strong advocate for their relationship, but Dennis is singing a different tune. Porsha tells Londie that she called Dennis right after she got engaged, but they were only dating for two weeks at the time. Porsha lied to Londie and said they were dating a month. 

Dennis wonders if Porsha’s in it for the money and states that Porsha’s story ain’t adding up. Dennis wanted Lauren to step in and talk Porsha out of the engagement, but that didn’t happen. Londie also reveals that the Mother’s Day dinner was very awkward and that Simon showed up out of nowhere! Dennis revealed that he wouldn’t have planned the dinner if he would’ve known Porsha was engaged. The infamous picture was Porsha’s idea and Dennis didn’t think it would break the internet. He didn’t think the engagement was real until he saw the tattoo, but Dennis knows Porsha still loves him. Porsha claims she has no romantic feelings for Dennis, but this season is about to test that theory, LOL. Come back next week to see how this mess gets even messier on Porsha’s Family Matters.

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