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Tom Girardi’s Laptop Discovered In Bankruptcy Investigation After Ex Employee Refused To Turn It Over!

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Tom Girardi

A newly discovered laptop connected to Erika Jayne’s estranged ex’s law firm might hold information that could lead to answers about the money owed to Tom Girardi’s victims.   

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is a named defendant in a federal lawsuit that alleges her involvement in an embezzlement scheme, which allowed Tom to allegedly pilfer millions owed to family members of plane crash victims. 

Tom Girardi

Court documents state that the trustee overseeing the fallen lawyer’s bankruptcy case has informed the court of the laptop discovery.

Tom was forced into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy by creditors who claimed that the lawyer had withheld settlement funds. Financial records confirmed that Tom’s firm, Girardi Keese, owes $101 million after the disbarred lawyer was accused of running his firm like a Ponzi scheme for over ten years.

Tom Girardi

The trustee revealed in the recent filing that Tom’s former employee, Christopher Kamon, was in possession of a laptop that contains files from the defunct law firm. The trustee stated that they demanded that the laptop and all physical files and records pertaining to Tom be turned over—as the laptop and physical records are property of the estate. Kamon told the trustee that the laptop contains sensitive information and that the court did not have the right to demand access to his personal information. Kamon and the trustee eventually struck a deal and he agreed to turn over the laptop. The laptop will be returned after the bankruptcy case is closed. 

Erika Jayne

The trustee hopes that the information will help determine Tom’s assets and liabilities, and locate where the cash owed to his clients landed. 

Earlier this month, a judge gave lawyer, Jay Edelson, the green light to go  after the Bravo reality star. Edelson is representing family members of the crash victims in a class-action lawsuit filed against the former couple. Fans of the Bravo show know that Erika filed for divorce from the once famed attorney in November, after a 21-year marriage. 

Erika Jayne

Edelson recently revealed that financial records proved that “money that belonged to the surviving widows and orphans of the victims of that plane crash had, in fact, been used to make payments for Erika or her companies.”

Edelson recently called out the lawyer hired by the trustee overseeing Tom’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, which appeared to prompt a decision by the trustee to drop an objection that was blocking Edelson from pursuing a case against Erika. The lawyer has since stepped down from the case.

Erika Jayne

Erika is also facing a $25 million lawsuit that is seeking the return of the money that Tom allegedly funneled into her company. Erika has maintained that she had no knowledge of her husband’s shady financial maneuvers. Sources told TMZ in October that while all of Erika’s income, including her Bravo paycheck, were deposited into EJ Global, Tom was the one who managed the finances. The “Pretty Mess” performer supposedly believed that Tom would manage her funds appropriately, and never checked the books.

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