Judge Orders Cardi B’s Herpes Test Results & Other Medical Records To Be Turned Over In STD Defamation Lawsuit!

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Cardi B’s medical records will be examined by a judge amid the artist’s legal battle with a blogger. A federal judge has ordered that the records be turned over by the Center for Women’s Pelvic Health at UCLA, according to court documents. 

The university’s Custodian of Medical Records must provide “any and all medical records within your possession related solely to the testing for Herpes and HPV,” per the court order. The court’s decision came after blogger, Tasha K, demanded that the facility provide the records.

Cardi B

Cardi, 29, filed a federal lawsuit in 2019, accusing the blogger of spreading rumors alleging that she was a former prostitute, had herpes, and was a hardcore drug user. Tasha brought a countersuit against the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, accusing Cardi of encouraging her fans to send her death threats. The judge tossed the countersuit but said that a jury would have to make the call on the defamation allegations. 

The judge noted in the order that Tasha had provided “video evidence” to back her claim that the “Plaintiff has at least admitted to being a prostitute and as to her use of drugs.” The judge pointed out another video submitted by the blogger in which “it appears that Plaintiff is discussing engaging in sexual acts for money. In that same video, Plaintiff discusses her use of drugs and about having to “pop pills” sometimes when necessary.”

Cardi B

Cardi recently requested that the trial be postponed due to a family emergency. Tasha did not object, and the judge granted the rapper’s request. 

Cardi is also embroiled in a legal battle with Kevin Brophy, Jr., a California man who is suing the musician for $5 million. Brophy accused Cardi of using a photo of him on her mixtape cover without his consent. Brophy claims that his image was used on the cover—which shows the rapper receiving oral sex from a man in the back of a limo. Cardi has called the litigation a celebrity shakedown. The case will go to trial in early February. 

Cardi B

On Tuesday, Cardi shared a video on her Instagram Story of her husband, Offset, 29, helping their daughter, Kulture Kiari, 3, with her homework. The footage revealed the rapper sitting beside his daughter while she practiced writing the letter “K.” 

“I forgot one homework last night so he gotta help her before school?,” Cardi wrote about her husband, who can be heard telling the preschooler—”One more line, baby.” He added a “good job” when Kulture completed the task. 

Cardi and Offset tied the knot in September 2017. They welcomed their second child, a son, in September 2021. 

“We are so overjoyed to finally meet our son,” the couple said in a statement. ”He is already loved so much by family and friends and we can’t wait to introduce him to his other siblings.”

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