‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle And Karen Get Emotional Over Their Friendship, Candiace Gets Called Out, And Wendy Claps Back In Reunion Part 2!

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In part two of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, Mia Thornton continues cursing Candiace Dillard-Bassett out for not allowing others to speak. In the midst of their verbal insults to each other, Mia explains that her mother wanted to tell her story and hopefully inspire others on their journey to sobriety. Candiace, on the other hand, feels Mia’s mom looked very uncomfortable and Mia was only using her mother for a storyline! Candiace thinks Mia is disrespectful and Mia tells Candiace to watch her back! “Her a** whooping is over-f****ing-due, Andy,” Mia says with zero regrets, and Wendy Osefo is shocked by Mia’s threat. Candiace doesn’t seem scared of Mia and Gizelle Bryant points out that Mia is three times Candiace’s size! Candiace didn’t appreciate Gizelle’s comment and thinks Gizelle’s encouraging Mia. 

Karen Huger asks the question we all want to know, which is if Candiace speaks to strangers like this on the street. Karen revisits last year when Candiace told Karen to burn in eternal hell for attempting to get Candiace some mental health. A flashback from last year’s reunion confirms Candiace’s choice of words and her not backing down. Karen believes Gizelle and her shade each other with a bit of humor and doesn’t cut each other down to the bone. Wendy brings up that Karen told Gizelle she had an STD and Gizelle tells Candiace that she responds on one hundred. Andy read a few comments from the viewers about Candiace body-shaming Mia, and Candiace brings up the instances where Ashley talked about a former cast member’s saggy boobs. Ashley Darby claims it’s all come back full circle since she is now the one with saggy boobs, LOL. 

Andy asks Wendy what she thinks of her buddy’s behavior and Wendy feels Candiace sticks the landing with her insults. Candiace continues to wonder if she needs to spare the group’s feelings, while also standing ten toes down in her emotional instability. Karen hit the nail on the head by saying people will begin tuning Candiace out and she’ll be left alone. Gizelle tries to throw her two cents in, but Candiace quickly serves the ball back in Gizelle’s court by rehashing the altercation between Robyn Dixon and Ashley. A quick flashback shows when Robyn and Gizelle ambushed Ashley at Oz and Robyn was disrespectful with her finger in Ashley’s face. Gizelle claims she didn’t know what Robyn was going to do, and Candiace believes she’s aware of herself. 

Robyn tells Candiace that she goes too far but Candiace isn’t bugging. Andy switches gears and brings up Mia’s disastrous posts online and asks whether her actions are getting her anywhere. Mia owned her behavior and vows to do better. Candiace reveals Mia’s account has her blocked as Mia continues owning her actions. Askale Davis wants to know why Mia has such disdain for her and pulls out multiple receipts! Apparently, Mia’s been tweeting up a storm about Askale and Askale wants answers! Wendy wants clarification as to whether Mia runs her own social media pages, or if she, in fact,  has a social media manager. Mia states that she had a social media manager but that she controls all her platforms now. A viewer asks Askale about classism and why she kept shading Mia for her stripper past. Askale explains her past isn’t the problem, but it was Mia constantly bringing up her businesses and putting everyone else down. 

Askale thinks Mia’s money talk is tacky and thinks Mia talks down to everyone. Mia admits to being swept up in the moment and the other ladies don’t accept her apology. The ladies prepare for a break and Gizelle tries to talk sense into Candiace. Gizelle wants Candiace to take ownership of something but Candiace is unable to. Mia shades Askale for coming this far to only say two things. Ashley checks in with Mia and Mia seems unbothered. Wendy checks in with Candiace and reiterates that she has Candiace’s back. Candiace is aware that her responses are harsh and wants everyone to leave her alone to avoid her evil wrath. After the break, Andy focuses on the everlasting feud between Karen and Gizelle. Producers provide a recap of their arguments over the years and the comment regarding Ray Huger that got them back on the dark side of their frenemy-ship. 

Andy wants clarification on what a “hot box” is and Candiace tells Andy that it means someone has an STD. Karen admits she got the rumor from one of the blogs and Wendy uses this time to say, “But let’s disregard them,” LOL. Robyn, catching the shade, admits the blog Karen is referring to, is the same blog that dished about Eddie’s infidelity. Karen reveals she apologized to Hampton University and Karen is sorry the two of them went there. Gizelle reiterates that she didn’t wish death on Ray and wonders why Karen didn’t bring up these issues before. Karen admits her daughter Rayvin didn’t want her mother to discuss these issues and that Rayvin can’t stand Gizelle. A viewer asks Wendy if she thinks it’s hypocritical that Gizelle was spreading rumors about Eddie and Gizelle brings up that Wendy looked at Grace crazy. Wendy apologized to Grace and left it at that. 

Karen admits she said sing-sing because it sounded nice, but Gizelle tries to explain to Candiace the difference in how Karen and Gizelle argue. Andy wants the two women to say something nice about each other. Gizelle appreciates Karen hugging her kids and gets emotional because Karen saw Gizelle’s kids grow up. For the first time, Gizelle gets teary-eyed and we see the genuine respect the two have for one another. Karen called Gizelle strong and looks forward to moving on in a better direction. Gizelle and Karen hugged it out and Gizelle copped a feel of Karen’s booty! So glad to see these two get back on good terms. Moving on, Andy focuses on Ashley’s motherhood journey, and we get a recap of Ashley’s life following baby number two. We remember the cringy moments between Ashley and Michael Darby, and surprisingly Michael didn’t embarrass Ashley this year.

Ashley feels her postpartum was better this time around, and that Dean kept her happy while she cared for the baby. Andy inquires about the type of movies Michael wants to get into, and the ladies believed Michael was jumping into porn. Ashley reveals she does feel more confident now and that she feels sexier in her skin. A viewer wants to know why Candiace is so nasty to Ashley, and Gizelle admits to being offended by Candiace’s “wide-body” comment to Ashley. Robyn jumps into Candiace‘s defense and says Candiace only made the comment to hurt Ashley. Andy brings up the comments Michael said to Ashley in the car, and Ashley wasn’t offended by her husbands’ comments. Candiace’s obsession with Ashley’s breastmilk was revisited and Candiace feels Ashley’s comments about her dry hair were offensive. 

Candiace Dillard

Candiace feels Ashley has a privilege as a lighter-skinned woman with loose curls and Ashley has had enough! Ashley wants to address the issue of colorism right here, right now! Ashley believes there is a colorism issue within society, but not within the group. Ashley hasn’t seen any demonstration of colorism and feels Candiace always takes it there with Ashley. Ashley reminds Candiace that she called her a slave and Candiace now has amnesia. Candiace now blames Ashley for bringing up her overseer comment. Candiace thinks Ashley needs to find another way to earn a check, and Ashley sets her straight about not taking any accountability. Candiace holds a grudge against Ashley for the statement Ashley wrote on Monique Samuel‘s behalf. Candiace and Ashley hung out during New York Fashion Week but since Ashley is still friends with MoniqueCandiace will never trust her. 

Robyn wants Candiace to move forward because Robyn doesn’t feel Ashley tried to intentionally hurt Candiace. Candiace doesn’t know if she’ll be able to move on and honestly, she probably never will. 

Funny thing is, Karen is also still friends with Monique, but Candiace doesn’t give Karen the same energy as Ashley. Candiace admits it’s disappointing that Karen is still friends with Monique but isn’t so upset because Karen didn’t write a statement for Monique. Focusing on Wendy and her new body and positive attitude, the recap reminds us of Happi-ness and the issues that arise after Wendy’s makeover. Wendy started a new candle line, got closer with Karen, and spent more time with her kids. New Wen was said to be Zen Wen, but Zen was always missing in action. Wendy reveals she got a BBL, breast lift, and implants done. Wendy wants to encourage others to do their research and go to someone credible to stay safe. Viewers came for Robyn and her many comments regarding Wendy’s new look. Wendy didn’t mind Robyn’s questions but had an issue with Robyn’s delivery. 

Candiace Dillard

Robyn apologizes to Wendy for calling her loose and clarifies that she more so was referring to Wendy’s personality. Wendy also clarified that her reads aren’t rehearsed and speaks about adding her candles to her wheelhouse. Wendy is trying her best on this new business adventure and Andy wonders if Karen shaded Wendy by not sharing Karen’s new line of candles. Mia also has a candle and was able to get it out on the market before Wendy, but Wendy seems unphased. Wendy reveals she has a five and a seven-wick candle coming out and Andy is blown away, LOL! Once the laughter died down, we recap the Eddie rumors and the wrath of Wendy! The issues between Wendy and Gizelle were highlighted, and the ladies admit they never believed the rumors in the first place. Gizelle felt that she was checking on Wendy, but Wendy doesn’t understand why Gizelle brought it to the show. Gizelle admits to saying she didn’t believe it, but Wendy isn’t happy that Gizelle assumed Wendy was overcompensating. Wendy blurts out that Gizelle had a tummy tuck but that didn’t keep Jamal Bryant! Ouch! Looks like the reunion is getting spicier and I can’t wait until next week! Make sure to come back for part three of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion!

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