RHOP: Askale Accuses Mia Of ‘Hazing’ Her During Filming Season And Blasts Mia’s FAKE Social Media Manager!

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Real Housewives of Potomac star, Askale Davis, is sounding off as the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion series continues to unfold. Her ongoing feud with co-star, Mia Thornton, continues to pop on Twitter, amid Mia’s recent confession that she had almost quit the show ahead of the reunion taping. 

In a recent interview with Bossip, Askale pointed her finger at Mia when asked if she had been hazed during filming season. 

Mia Thornton

“I think I got hazed the most by the other newbie,” Askale said during the outlet’s #RealityRecap series. “It was very strange, I’m like we’re both in the same boat. Why are you being so nasty towards me?! it didn’t make air but I asked her, ‘Why are you so mean?!’ Literally anybody else could say the same thing but the second Askale says something…”

“Like when she tried to call me out for being a mediator at the “Reasonably Shady” party, didn’t you [Mia] just throw a goddess picnic?” Askale added. “A whole event to be a mediator. You got deeper issues and I’m sorry that you’re trying to project on me.”

Mia implied that Askale was a fake while shading her posh lifestyle on Twitter after her co-star labeled her a “hoe a**.” Mia later placed the blame on her “fired” social media manager. 

“Wearing designer living in a townhouse with your Mother,” Mia’s account tweeted, in October. “Wonder why we haven’t seen your luxurious lavish housewife lifestyle,”. “Hoe A$$ — Nah, College Kid… I’m a BOSS B$tch! Try again! Dang, y’all forgot about Alaska [Askale] already.”

Askale swiftly responded to set the record straight while jabbing at Mia’s splintered relationship with her own mother.  

“Let’s be clear, I don’t live with my mother, my mother lives with me,” the newbie tweeted. “She moved in to help care for her grandkids. That’s what a mother does when she loves you. We’re not all ‘working’ on our relationship. Sorry sis. Be blessed.”

“I don’t do nasty. Shade, yes. But not nasty. Discussing my mother is nasty,” Mia said, in response. 

Mia later claimed that she had fired the individual behind her social media accounts because she was not pleased with the “nature and language” of the posts. 

Askale told Bossip that she does not believe Mia’s explanation. 

Mia’s social media manager is just like Gizelle’s stylist, girl please!’” Askale said. “[They’re] ‘in the phone’ like Karen says, that was you [Mia]. Take accountability, if you’re going to be shady and have his negative energy and try to come at people, stand by it. 

“You’ll have to see how it plays out at the reunion but I definitely do call her out on that,” Askale added. “But don’t sit there and try to make it seem like it wasn’t you because I read you for filth and you tried it.” 

Mia fired back, writing in the interview’s comment section—“Fact is your ungrateful a$$ wasn’t invited to take a seat on the couch until 4 days before the reunion because I wasn’t coming. If you want to keep it 100%.”

Mia offered clarification after a fan asked why wanted to bail on the reunion. 

“Because we (G & I) didn’t feel this platform was adding value to our lives. We don’t do ‘nasty’ drama. I should have watched seasons 4 and 5 . . . I thought I was signing up for Housewives of Beverly Hills vibes. I prefer to keep it classy,” Mia responded. 

Mia later posted a statement that seemed to suggest that she might not return to RHOP. She implied that she and her husband were currently assessing what value the show adds to their lives. “Housewives” fans know that ditching a reunion almost guarantees that a cast member will not be invited back. 

Mia Thornton

Mia further insinuated that she was bullied throughout the season. 

“I haven’t heard of any of the ladies on other platforms being referred to as a prostitute, body shamed for their hands and feet, called a liar for basically everything they say, a handsome man, husband is an old granddaddy disrespectful drunk who saved the from the strip club who’s Mom doesn’t love them,” Mia wrote on Instagram. “How much do you expect one person to take?”

Askale revealed in her interview that she wished that she hadn’t been so easy on Mia. 

“I let a lot of stuff slide with Mia,” Askale said. “There was a lot of stuff—actually we got into it twice in Williamsburg and they didn’t show it. There was a lot of stuff, and sometimes I would ignore it ike Michelle Obama said, ‘when they go low, you go high’, I do regret it. I should’ve gone lower because some people don’t learn. Eventually, you get tired of that, and you have to stand up for yourself.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion continues on Sunday at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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