‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle Gets Grilled About Jamal, Mia Gets Called Out For Lying, And Candiace Reveals Her Family Is Broken In Reunion Part 1!

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Tonight, on part one of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, the stage is set, and the women are getting their glam on! Andy Cohen is making his rounds and stops by Karen Huger’s room first. Karen’s looking forward to where the ladies go from here and Andy continues checking in on the rest of the ladies. Wendy Osefo is feeling good and hopes Gizelle Bryant owns up to being messy. Candiace Dillard-Bassett no longer feels like she’s the Twitter disaster and that someone else has taken her crown. The ladies head to the stage and Wendy grabs a bag of cheese puffs while heading to the couch. Ashley Darby looks amazing in a shimmery dress and Wendy has an entire folder of receipts. Candiace is last to the couch and the show begins!

As the reunion starts, Andy checks in with the ladies around the couch, and everyone seems ready to get down to business. Ashley’s favorite outfit on the couch is Mia Thornton’s and the viewers begin going in on Gizelle’s fashion choices. Gizelle revealed she still works with the same stylist, and Candiace doesn’t agree with most of Gizelle’s fashion choices. Gizelle’s happy with whatever she puts on her body, and Karen makes sure to shade Gizelle’s consistency on bad fashions. Andy shared a video from Nicki Minaj where she “claimed” she couldn’t make it. Obviously, we know Nicki will show up, but it’s nice that Andy wanted to catch the ladies off guard. New girl Mia is up first, and we are given a montage of Mia’s best moments. We all remember how hot Mia came in, especially with the confidence and plastic surgery talk. Mia thinks the season was a wild ride and Candiace admits to loving Mia at first. 

Candiace thinks Mia is a liar and lied about everything. Mia cleared up her plastic surgery questions and Mia talks about how she met Gordon and that he helped rebuild the VIP section at the club. Mia disclosed that she fell in love with Gordon after he helped her Haitian friend after a terrible earthquake. Although Mia was speaking from the heart, it’s clear that Candiace is gunning for Mia! Mia shares how much of a heart Gordon has and how the club she worked at was bougie. Mia also got a ton of support from viewers due to her relationship with her mother. Mia’s mom said she will pray for Candiace and Candiace rebukes the prayer, lol. 

Mia clarifies that Gordon didn’t give her any businesses and that he invested in Massage Envy and a couple of McDonald’s that Gordon actually sold. Robyn Dixon seems to be squirming in her seat, almost like she wants to question Mia about her actual businesses. A viewer called Mia a flip-flopper, especially since she made the comment about Gizelle’s heart. Mia admits that Karen wasn’t in her ear and that Gizelle felt that Karen was coaching Mia. Karen makes it clear that Mia is a grown woman, but their relationship isn’t codependent on one another. Andy switches gears and focuses on Gizelle and the many things that happened during the year. After the recap, Andy inquires to Gizelle about her new man and whether he will grace them with his presence. Wendy admits that she knows a man who said he dated Gizelle, but Wendy isn’t sure if that’s the same man Gizelle was dating a few months ago. 

Wendy shades Gizelle by saying Van Jones wouldn’t date Gizelle because he likes women with integrity! Ouch! After the break, Andy inquires about Gizelle’s west wing and wonders if everything is more cohesive. Robyn comes to Gizelle’s defense and Andy asks the ladies’ reaction to Gizelle’s house. Andy talks about Grace and her issues with the driving test, and Andy admits watching Grace was very relatable. Andy asks Gizelle when she and Jamal broke up. Gizelle says she broke up with Jamal earlier in the year, but Wendy isn’t going to let Gizelle lie on stage. Wendy brings up the video where Jamal admitted to being single, and of course, Gizelle deflects!

Andy brings up Monique Samuel’s binder and a flashback reminds us of the cringy information we were exposed to. Gizelle says she and Jamal were figuring it out, but it’s clear they were never really together. A viewer finally calls Gizelle out, but of course, Gizelle is incapable of telling the truth. Andy wonders if Gizelle cried after Jamal cheated again, and she admits to being upset but not crying. Gizelle’s trying to save face, but no one believes her. Robyn comes to her bestie’s defense and Karen doesn’t think Gizelle should’ve taken Jamal back. They’re not taking it easy on Gizelle and it sucks that she can’t be more authentic. Karen feels that her shade towards Gizelle was therapeutic and offers Gizelle a few pointers regarding Jamal’s tax issues. Gizelle refuses to be real, so Andy focuses on someone who may give viewers what they want.

Askale Davis comes to the stage looking beautiful! Love the ponytail and the beautiful attitude she brings to the franchise. Askale admits that she’d love to style Gizelle, and Gizelle has no comments. Now it’s Candiace’s turn in the hot seat as we get a recap of all things Candiace this season. It was a shady season and of course, Candiace goes off the rails at each and every turn. Andy congratulates Candiace on her record deal and only three cast members have heard Candiace’s full album. Andy asks Candiace about Chris Bassett’s skills and what makes him qualified to manage Candiace’s career. Chris’s main job is managing Candiace, but Ashley thinks Chris is going through a depressive state. Candiace admits that Chris is on the deed and Ms. Dorothy is not. Candiace revealed she talked to her mother after the fiasco at her video shoot, but Candiace still seems to be more upset with Mia. 

Candiace tells the crew that her family dynamic will never be the same since Chris saw the negative things that came out of his mother-in-law’s mouth. Candiace never wanted to see Chris hurt and admits she cursed Ms. Dorothy out! Chris’s parents watch the show and Candiace gets emotional because she doesn’t know how to fix it. Andy admits the video shoot caused a bunch of problems and begins reading questions from viewers. Mia wanted someone to greet them at the video shoot and Candiace thinks Mia was being ungrateful. Askale received a question about Karen’s alleged drinking problem. Askale admits she should’ve asked Karen about her drinking away from the other ladies. Candiace continues not taking accountability for anything she says and thinks she’s done nothing wrong. Gizelle wants Candiace to reel it back sometimes, but I believe Candiace is incapable of regulating her emotions. Part one is off to a fiery start! Be sure to come back next week for the recap of part two of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion!

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