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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife, Nicole, DEMANDS $4M To Pay Legal Her Fees As She Claims ‘Desperate’ Financial Situation!

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Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife, Nicole Young, has hit a wall amid her prenup battle with the billionaire musician due to a lack of income. Nicole is demanding that the court force Dre to fork over $4 million to help pay her legal fees. Nicole states in court docs that she needs $551k to cover fees from July 3-September 30, of this year. She is asking for an additional $3.5 million to cover future costs as the couple battles it out in court. Nicole is asking for $215k to appeal decisions amid the ongoing case and another $100k to fund an audit of Dre’s financials. 

Nicole Young

Nicole claims that Dre continues to subject her to “emotional, physical and financial abuse,” according to court documents. She claims that “since the commencement of these proceedings, Andre – whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions – armed himself with a large, expensive team of attorneys from multiple firms.” 

Nicole is working to have the couple’s prenuptial agreement tossed, and has  accused Dre’s legal team of using “hardball litigation tactics.” She believes that she is owed half of her ex’s fortune, a suggestion that Dre has dismissed. The music mogul claims that their prenup is solid and details what his ex is owed, per their agreement. Nicole has accused Dre of engaging in multiple affairs and alleges that her husband tore up the prenup years into their union. She claims that she has access to only $1 million in the bank as Dre has sole control over the other accounts. She believes that her ex is sitting on $240 million in banked cash.

Nicole states that it’s “abundantly clear that Andre has guttural and unabated anger and contempt for Nicole, his wife of more than 25 years and the mother of their two children.”

Nicole calls her financial situation “desperate” and has made it impossible to fight Dre in court. She notes that she is currently unemployed. 

Dr. Dre

Andre easily has the ability to make a fee contribution. He has at least $243 million in assets at his disposal. He is a music and electronics technology mogul who recently signed up to perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show. With hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal, Andre can make a fee contribution of any amount without batting an eyelash,” she states in legal docs. 

Dr. Dre

As reported in September—Dre was ordered to pay all of Nicole’s legal fees through July based on the gap between the assets and incomes of the two parties. Nicole has assets valued at “approximately 39 million dollars” and Dr. Dre has approximately “243 million dollars.”

Dr. Dre

The legal fees only covered costs through July, and both parties were asked to meet to discuss the potential expense of taking their case to trial. If the duo decides to go to trial, the astronomical costs could make the record books. The judge reiterated that Dre shelled out $3,812,978 in spousal support over the past year. The figure has been offset by payments used to support the ex-couple’s homes and other miscellaneous living expenses.

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