‘RHOP’ RECAP: Candiace And Mia Have A Heart-To-Heart As Drama Continues On The Couple’s Trip!

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This week on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the crew finally get their meals and eat without any further altercations. After everyone is done and tipsy, they board the party bus and head back to the house. Gordon Thornton and Chris Bassett are still wasted and even tease us with an (almost) strip show. Gordon wanted to show the ladies what he’s working with and Chris wanted to show how brown his peen is, smh. These men know how to have a good time, but goodness, keep it in your pants! Everyone heads to bed while Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon complain about their sleeping arrangements. Opting to drive thirty minutes out, the green-eyed bandits decided to leave and sleep in a hotel. Askale Davis and Mia Thornton attempt to talk them out of leaving, but there’s no use with two negative Nancies in the group. Wendy Osefo isn’t phased by their absence and feels like they’re attempting to make a moment. 

Mia Thornton

The next morning Chris is still drunk and Wendy checks in with the kids back at home. Karen Huger checks in with Ray Huger and his ETA. Mia and Gordon are in the kitchen complaining about the lack of luxury on the trip. Wanting someone to clean their rooms and help with the bags, it seems this couple’s trip isn’t what the Thorntons are used to. Catching up on the mess from last night, Mia thinks Candiace Dillard-Bassett has a lot more growing up to do before the two of them can be friends. Mia and Gordon check on the kids back home and it seems like Mia’s mom is enjoying spending time with the grandkids. Ashley Darby checks in with Michael Darby and has to check him on his parenting style. Ashley and Mia head downstairs and everyone seems to be waking up on a better note. 

As Mia cooks in a sexy nightie, Karen jokes about Gizelle coming running once she smells the food. Mia begins smudging the space as Ashley checks in with Gizelle. Gizelle lets Ashley know they’re 30 minutes away, and Karen checks Gizelle for not saying goodbye to Wendy. As Gizelle is talking mess, Wendy comes within camera view and calls Gizelle out as a liar! Wendy reminds Gizelle that she greeted them when they arrived, and Gizelle calls Wendy “angry.” Wendy calls Gizelle confrontational and walks away from her mess. Ashley heads to the gym as everyone comes to eat breakfast. Candiace and Askale are sleeping as everyone gets their grub on. Wendy checks in with Mia and asks how she feels. Mia expresses that she’s always willing to have a conversation and wants to know why Candiace is willing to go so low in her arguments. 

Before everyone gets ready, Mia asks if anyone is coming to clean the house, and Wendy reassures her that she’ll handle the housekeeping. Ray Huger finally arrives and Karen is super happy now! Karen lets Ray know about the upcoming boat trip and the two laugh on the couch. Candiace is worried about getting seasick and Chris tells her she’ll be fine. Karen catches Ray up on the arguments between the ladies and Ray hopes for smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. Gizelle and Robyn return for the boat trip and seem to be in a better mood, but we can never tell with these two. Wendy and Eddie come out to greet everyone and Gizelle is once again mad because Wendy paid her dust. Everyone is introduced to Ray and after greeting Gizelle, Ray makes a joke about Karen missing Gizelle’s neck,  LOL. Everyone is finally on the boat and taking the required pictures before getting wasted.

The crew gets settled and begins nursing their hangovers. Candiace passes out motion sickness medicine as the group notices Askale and Robyn missing. The pair are getting some wine as Robyn shares her point of view on the whole bathroom situation. Robyn feels like she wasn’t comfortable, and that Wendy had poorly planned the event. Upstairs, Mia asks Ray why he decided to renew his vows with Karen, and he shares how short life is and how we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Robyn is explaining to Askale that she wants to keep her interactions to a minimum with Wendy since the two aren’t on good terms. Askale asks Robyn if she likes Wendy, to which she answers, “I don’t know.” Remembering how they used to click, Robyn is unaware of Mia lurking in the background. 

Mia spills the beans to Wendy upstairs and tells her about Robyn’s statements. Wendy’s upset and says that Robyn needs to evolve. Once Robyn came back upstairs, messy Mia put her foot in her mouth once again, with incorrect information. Mia clearly embellishes the story and Robyn admits there’s nothing left to discuss with Wendy. Wendy isn’t phased and makes a statement about meeting people where they are and placing them in different places as time evolves. Either way, it looks like neither of them will miss whatever bond they used to have. Wendy reiterated that the trip was booked before Gizelle broke her foot and that the ladies picked their own rooms. Gizelle’s upset that Wendy didn’t check in on her, and Wendy lets them know that they can’t blame the host. Robyn shades the men by assuming they’ve been peeing on the floors and Robyn made the choice that was comfortable for her. 

Wendy calls Gizelle a bully and the men make light of the chaos in front of them. Eddie takes the men away from the estrogen and Ashley begins pumping as she sunbathes. The ladies say some insensitive comments about Ashley‘s pumping, and the men play pool. Mia begins the conversation with Candiace, and she apologizes for inflicting negative energy towards Candiace. Mia apologizes to Candiace and Candiace reiterates that Mia’s “low budget” comment is what hurt her the most. Candiace gets emotional and shares how hard she’s worked to make this dream a reality. Candiace admits to being scared that her music won’t be well received, and Mia learns more about Candiace’s insecurity. Candiace also apologized to Mia for the nasty comments made about Mia’s mother. Mia tells the group that her mother is doing good now and that Mia’s worried that the comments could negatively affect her mother. Mia reveals that her mother wasn’t able to bury her parents since they died while her mother was locked up. Candiace is glad that she learned this information about Mia, but it’s yet to be known if this positive energy will last. 

The men are playing cards downstairs and the group finally docks. As Gizelle takes her sweet time down the steps, Mia asks if the men had fun. The group settles into their transportation and Gordon begins messing with Ashley as she’s sleeping. Ashley is irked at Gordon and his antics. Ashley asks Gordon to stay on his side of the car and tells him to talk to Mia! Whew, looks like the drama is far from over! Check back with us next week, for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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