Wendy Williams NOT Returning To Talk Show & Will Be Replaced By Guest Hosts As She Suffers ’Serious’ Health Complications!

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Wendy Williams will not be returning to her talk show due to “serious complications” involving her health. The Wendy Williams Show host has not been seen in public since September after she was diagnosed with a breakthrough case of Covid-19. 

The chat show announced on Tuesday that Wendy would not be returning for the upcoming season because she is not prepared to be on camera due to “ongoing medical issues.” Wendy’s team clarified that the top spot would be filled by “guest hosts” for the foreseeable future. 

Wendy Williams

“The Wendy Williams Show will start airing originals on Monday, October 18, with an exciting lineup of guest hosts and panels to be announced shortly,” producers disclosed.

Wendy continues to be under medical supervision and meets with her medical team on a daily basis. She is making progress but is experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ Disease and her thyroid condition,” the post reads. 

“It has been determined that more time is needed before she is able to return to her live hosting duties,” the show said.


Wendy is a valued and stalwart member of the Debmar-Mercury family and has been so for 12 years. We want her health to be her top priority. As soon as she’s ready, she will be back in her treasured purple chair,” the statement reads. “We very much appreciate the respect for Wendy’s privacy, as well as all the good wishes from her fans, station partners, and advertisers.” 

Last week the show revealed that Wendy’s Covid case was “no longer an issue and she has tested negative,” while announcing that Wendy’s return would be delayed from October 4th to October 18th. Producers explained that Wendy’s “ongoing medical issues,” stemming from pre-existing conditions, necessitated continuous medical attention. 

Wendy Williams

After Wendy’s Covid diagnosis was revealed, TMZ reported that she had voluntarily submitted to hospitalization in order to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

A rep from the NYPD told The Sun — ”There was a call for a 57-year-old female who needed psychiatric services at the address on Wednesday morning. They were transported to the hospital.”

Wendy Williams

Wendy was forced to withdraw from promotional events last month due to her reported “health issues.” A source told Page Six that Wendy would likely not return on schedule, amid her reported health problems.   

“People are tight-lipped about it, but there are whispers that she won’t be there,” the insider said. 

Another source told The Sun— “Wendy’s staff are looking for new jobs. They don’t believe she will ever come back. It’s a mass exodus. They are trying to get out before the ship sinks.” 

Wendy Williams

The outlet previously reported that the TV personality had been “struggling with addiction” ahead of her hospitalization. 

Wendy was drinking every day, even while filming the show,” an insider told the outlet. 

The tipster added that members of Wendy’s staff claimed that they could smell liquor on the chat show host.

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