Blac Chyna Goes OFF On Passengers In Miami Airport, Tells Them To ‘Get F**king Vaccinated’!

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Blac Chyna went off the rails in a Miami airport over the weekend, and loudly demanded that those around her “get f**king vaccinated.”

The rapper launched into an explicative filled rant in a concourse of Miami International Airport on Sunday, sounding off about the Covid-19 vaccine and how she feels about any traveler who refuses to get the shot. The ex of Rob Kardashian was captured on video going off on anyone within earshot. 

Chyna launched her passionate tirade wearing a colorful coat and sunglasses. Two men, who appeared to be bodyguards traveling with the former E! personality, stood nearby.  

“Go get f–king vaccinated, stop being stupid hoe,” she yelled at one person walking by. 

Blac Chyna

The maskless ex-reality star delivered her Covid diatribe after a woman asked for a photo alongside the hip hop star, per a report by TMZ. 

“Go get checked out,” Chyna ordered. “It’s sad, and it really blows the f–k out of me.

“Go get the shot! The same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids [in school],” she added. 

The 33-year-old noted that “this is why people’s grandparents are dying and s–t.”

Chyna acknowledged laughter coming from fellow travelers amused by her rant, comparing the chuckles to “hyenas.” 

Watch Blac Chyna go off below! 

Chyna went on Instagram Live earlier this year to share her at-home vaccination experience with her followers. She hosted a Q&A session to seemingly raise awareness about the jab. 

“I’m really happy I did it,” the mom of two said. “I honestly want to keep everybody safe and keep my kids safe is the most important part … Everybody go get vaccinated, stay safe stay healthy.”

Chyna shares a son, King Cairo, 8, with rapper, Tyga. Chyna and Rob share a four-year-old daughter, Dream. Chyna is rumored to be engaged to Taiyon Hector aka, “Lil Twin.” 

Chyna made headlines in August when news broke that a trial date had been set in the high-profile lawsuit between the rapper and the Kardashian family. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge notified Chyna and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan that the trial will start on April 15, 2022, according to court documents.

Chyna accused the Kardashian/Jenner family of plotting against her in a scheme designed to force her out of Rob’s life. She is asking the court to award her millions of dollars to cover what she believes she lost because of the “illegal interference” that allegedly sparked the decision to cancel “Rob and Chyna.” 

Chyna believes that the family’s alleged actions led to the show’s cancellation and to her losing millions in income. The Kardashian/Jenner brood has denied all of Chyna’s allegations. They claim that they have done nothing to damage her career, and have refused to settle out of court.

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