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Love & Hip Hop’s Lyrica Anderson Admits She ‘Tried To Kill’ K. Michelle During A BRAWL On Set Of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’!

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Lyrica Anderson

It appears that the feud between “Love & Hip Hop” stars, K. Michelle and Lyrica Anderson has been reignited. 

Michelle recently hinted that she will appear on an unnamed “ratchet reality show” where she will live “N a house with a bunch of random people.” Michelle kept tight-lipped about the name of the show but did tell her followers that she “acted fool” on the new season of the reality series. 

Lyrica Anderson

She dished a few more details in a subsequent post, writing—“The biggest check ever cut on this particular show for 14days. HONESTLY. But it wasn’t worth my peace. I don’t like untamed humans and I need to stay away from people who NEED the money and attention.”

Lyrica Anderson

Anderson interjected herself and took aim at Michelle, hinting that she was also part of the unidentified project. She popped in under a post made by “The Neighborhood Talk” account, which shared screenshots of Michelle’s comments. Anderson spilled more tea for curious followers when she alleged that an altercation went down between the former gal pals. 

“Is this supposed to be promo,” Anderson wrote, cosigning the idea that her role on the show was a low point in her career while bashing her former friend. 

“K stop !!!! I tried to kill you cause your mouth is all bark and you hid by security like the coward you are !!!!” Anderson wrote. “Me doing this show was low of me especially cause you always gotta act a ghetto fool ! But the check was nice … moving on.”

Lyrica Anderson

Fans sounded off about the back and forth, with some guessing that the duo was slated to appear on either “Celebrity Big Brother” or “Marriage Boot Camp.” “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” premiered last week, but “Celebrity Big Brother” does not return to CBS until February. 

Lyrica Anderson

Michelle and Anderson’s friendship broke down after tensions rose during a conversation involving a 2017 concert appearance. “Love and Hip Hop” production captured the fallout, in 2018. Michelle reportedly labeled her friend “spoiled” after she arrived late to the venue as the opening act. Anderson stormed out of the room but eventually returned. The ladies then took to their mics to swap high-volume personal jabs. They fired shots at each other overlooks and other physical issues and Michelle took it to another level when she made comments about Anderson’s troubled marriage to A1 Bentley. Anderson was led out of the room before the fight escalated into a physical altercation. 

Lyrica Anderson

K. Michelle and Lyrica Anderson’s friendship never recovered, but it appears that the women picked up where they left off while filming their upcoming reality TV gig.

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