Erika Jayne SLAMS Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais, and Crystal Kung-Minkoff’s L.A. Times Interview: ‘Pure Fiction’!

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Garcelle Beauvais, Crystal Kung-Minkoff, and Sutton Stracke recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about their unforgettable Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season and revealed how they navigated the unfolding legal drama surrounding castmate, Erika Jayne. Erika filed for divorce from Tom Girardi in November, one month before the disbarred lawyer was forced into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The duo is currently embroiled in an embezzlement scandal that accuses them of living off millions owed to Tom’s former clients. 

The publication reports that the ladies were chatty throughout the interview, and clearly on good terms. The women were asked to share their responses to Erika’s divorce bomb, which was dropped during filming season. 

Erika J

“I immediately felt sorry for her. Because divorce is hard and they have been married for so long,” Sutton said. “I was married for 17 years. And they were married for 20 years. And it’s sad. Divorce is sad. And I don’t think any of us exactly knew why. You just instantly start going through your mind, I wonder what happened here for her to do that?” 

The women dished about how it felt to have the season shift to a quasi crime drama after Erika’s divorce announcement. 

“I didn’t feel that at all. In the beginning …” Garcelle said. 

“Wait, wait, wait. In the beginning …” the Bravo sophomore added after Sutton shot her “a look.”

The reality stars admitted that the season took a turn after the scathing L.A. Times article about Tom and Erika was published.  

“I read it and thought, ‘now this season is going to be about—this woman’s husband goes to prison,’” Crystal said. “Production told us about it [the article]. We didn’t know about it because we were still at the hotel, and they were at the house. So production’s like, ‘I need you guys to open your text.’”

“I went and got it in paper. I read it three times on my phone, and then went and got the paper version. Because I needed to see it in paper,” Sutton added.

The ladies were asked if production and/or the cast discussed how to go forward in light of the bombshell report. 

“We never thought about stopping production. We can’t. That’s out of our hands,” Garcelle said.

Sutton revealed—“When I left Kyle’s house in La Quinta, my first call was to production. When I read the article the fourth time, I got concerned because we were hearing stories from one side, and I was like, ‘Are we gonna keep hearing stories? On camera? Do we need an attorney to kind of help us, guide us through filming?’ That was really my biggest question. And they said: ‘This is such a great question. Why don’t you get the girls together?’”

Erika Jayne

“And then you called me and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I never thought about that. We could be implicated,’” Garcelle shared.

“I guess because I had seen other reality shows and there’s people who do all these crazy things, I was like: It doesn’t affect the other people,” Crystal added.

Sutton confessed that she got “freaked out” by the L.A. Times article. 

Kyle Richards

Did the women really believe that Erika would address the scandal on camera, due to the sensitive legal implications? 

“I don’t know her well enough that she would tell me anything off-camera,” Crystal explained. “I just take people at face value, so I just kept believing it. And then she’s talking about Alzheimer’s and I just kept crying about it because I kept connecting to that. It’s so beyond comprehension to me that people would know or be involved. So when you tell me that, I assume that it’s like, ‘Oh, your husband did this.’ I just always assumed that it was just him. Her stories were wacky, though.”

Garcelle noted that there were curious viewers who “drove the street” of Tom’s past car accident, which became a hot topic during the season. 

Sutton chimed in—“Should we do that this afternoon?” 

Erika caught wind of her costars’ interview and called it “pure fiction.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion series kicks off on Wednesday at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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