Dr. Dre’s Alleged Mistress And Lovechild Revealed In 2019 Labor Lawsuit Amid Divorce Battle!

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Drama continues to rage amid Dr. Dre and his estranged ex, Nicole Young’s divorce battle, which is currently playing out in a Los Angeles court. The former couple is fighting over a prenup, and now a separate dispute involving one of Dre’s alleged mistresses has emerged. 

Nicole Young

Nicole cranked up the heat when she had her legal team file subpoenas demanding that her ex-husband’s alleged mistresses, Jillian Speer, Crystal Sierra aka Crystal Rodgers, and Kili Anderson appear in court. The women joined together in an effort to resist the request and hired a lawyer to fight on their behalf. A judge sided with Nicole and ordered the women to be questioned about their relationships with the musician.

Dr. Dre

Dre asked the court to grant his divorce request back in March, after declaring that there was no saving the relationship. His request came as his ex-wife exposed details of multiple alleged domestic violence incidents, including one that accused the famous musician of knocking her out in a drunken rage. A judge granted Dre’s divorce request, in June. 

Rumors have circulated for years about Dre’s alleged romance with Anderson, and the duo’s supposed lovechild. The rapper has denied the affair, but Dre’s name is reportedly linked to a separate legal case involving Anderson. Page Six uncovered 2019 court documents written in defense of Anderson’s company, Body Bakery, in a suit filed in the Superior Court of California. Brian Zerba, a former employee of the tanning salon, sued his former boss for wrongful termination and her lawyers noted her connection to Dre in the legal docs. 

Dr. Dre

“Additionally, the owner of the tanning salon Kili Anderson, is said to have been in a relationship with the famous rapper Dr. Dre, with whom she had a child, and therefore she required all at-will employees to sign a confidentiality agreement that they would not pry into her life and would keep all things that they learned about her life private,” the documents state, per Page Six. 

“Plaintiff constantly violated this term of his employment by asking other employees what they knew about Ms. Anderson, her child, and what was the nature of her relationship with Dr. Dre.”

Anderson’s attorneys allege that the lawsuit is nothing but a “shakedown.” 

“Plaintiff believes that defendant has money because she is involved in a relationship with a celebrity/artist,” the documents state. 

Dr. Dre

The rapper and his ex began a battle over their prenup after their divorce was finalized. Nicole asked the court to declare the agreement invalid and claimed that Dre agreed to not enforce the document. Dre disputed Nicole’s story and insisted that the prenup was ironclad. Court documents state that Nicole claimed that Dre had $262 million in cash and Apple stock and that the couple spent $2.3 million in monthly living expenses. 

The music mogul has reportedly raked in nearly $1 billion through his music career and Beats headphones.

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