‘RHOP’ RECAP: Candiace And Mia’s Beef Comes To A Head And Things Get Physical!

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This week on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies are getting ready for Wendy Osefo’s couple’s trip. Mia Thornton’s at home, packing, as she plays with the kids and chats with Gordon. As the couple packs, their kids don’t want them to go, and their son Jeremiah sheds a few tears! We learn Gordon isn’t excited about the couple’s trip but decided to go to support Mia. Once the kids are out of earshot, Mia catches Gordon up on the ‘Reasonably Shady’ event and the drama between Candiace Dilliard-Bassett. Mia doesn’t care what Candiace calls her but leave her mama out of it! Gordon states the drama is between them, but Mia firmly mentions if Candiace tries it again, they’re gonna fight! At Candiace’s house, she’s serving Chris Bassett meats and cheese as he drinks a glass of Maker’s Mark. 

Candiace inquiries about it being “drinking time” and Chris replies with “Isn’t it always.” Agreeing with her husband, Candiace quickly talks about business since the two have a new rule to not discuss business after 5 pm. As Chris smokes his cigar, he relays to Candiace that she should have the videos back soon. Candiace is searching for a record label to sign to and wants to have full control of her creative process. Once business talk has concluded Candiace catches Chris up on the ‘Reasonably Shady’ drama with Mia. After explaining what went down, Candiace tells Chris that Mia (said) she wasn’t asking to be malicious. As Chris pours another drink, he doesn’t see how there’s any other way to ask that question. Candiace is still hung up on Mia’s “Low-Budget” comment and doesn’t know why Mia thinks everyone is intimidated by her. 

After calling Mia multiple names Candiace informs Chris about the upcoming couple’s trip. Chris agrees to go and hopes Askale Davis and her husband, Dre, will be going. Last week, the couples had dinner together and seemed to be building a genuine connection. I would love to see more of that in the future. Meanwhile, Ashley Darby took the long drive to Robyn’s townhouse; and I think this is Robyn’s first time hosting someone besides Gizelle! With baby Dylan in tow, Ashley looks good while Robyn looks basic. The ladies get settled in the kitchen as Robyn expresses her excitement with her new house. The construction is almost done, and Robyn is ready for a new space. 

Reviewing the drama from the event, Robyn feels like Candiace plays dirty and doesn’t know Mia’s mom to be talking bad about her. Robyn explains to Ashley the background story on Mia’s mom, and Ashley’s face is all of us right now. It’s not only shocking that Candiace will go so low, but it also just proves that her mouth will always write checks her a** can’t cash, SMH. Robyn moves the conversation over to Wendy and how much of an a-hole she’s been. Ashley’s excited for the trip but uncovers a text thread between the ladies that’s just as shady as their past event. Apparently, Gizelle sent a group text that she’s not comfortable attending the couples’ trip because of how nasty Wendy was. 

Candiace Dillard-Bassett

At Wendy’s house, she is matching prints with her cute dog as Eddie arrives. With a fresh haircut, Eddie is ready to have fun and Wendy wants to use this weekend to relax. Eddie asks whose all coming, and Wendy explains the text thread situation. Wendy‘s response to the text is very peaceful and the invitation is still open to all the ladies. Robyn however responded to Wendy by not responding and instead thanked the ladies for attending her event. Ashley’s a little hurt since Michael isn’t coming. Ashley hoped Robyn would attend for her sake, but Robyn’s on the fence. Robyn doesn’t think Wendy likes her and Robyn doesn’t feel she can be herself around Wendy. Robyn agreed to think about attending the trip, but who knows what she’ll decide. 

Karen Huger is ready for the trip and Ray will be taking care of the house for a day. Karen tells Ray that she’s riding with Ashley, and explains that Juan and Michael aren’t coming. Ashley arrives to meet Karen and looks really good in her black pants! I SEE YOU, MAMA! The pair is already running late, so Ray helps Karen with her bags and they’re off, but not before Ashley shows a giant picture of her family, LOL. Wendy and Eddie make it to the Eastern Shore and the house is beautiful! Wendy, taking notes from Candiace’s trip, has everyone under one roof and not sleeping in the help quarters. Mia and Gordon pull up and G is already on one. Asking where the valet is, the couple head inside and admire the ambiance. Once the Thorntons realize there’s no valet, G jokingly motions for Eddie to take his keys! They laugh and head to the bar to take some shots! 

Wendy makes a toast and reveals the weekend is about Good Vibes Only, and the group agrees to GVO as they take their shots. Wendy’s knee is tingling after her drink and Mia makes the comment: “If you can’t hang with the big dogs, hang on the porch with the puppies.” Eddie and Wendy laugh and ask, “Where da puppy at?” signifying that Wendy cannot hang with the big dogs, LOL. After the shots take their desired effects, Mia confides in Wendy and explains the relationship with her mother. Since this is Mia’s first time leaving her kids with her mother, Mia’s reasonably nervous about what could go wrong. Wendy is happy that Mia opened up to her, and this seems to shift the trajectory of their friendship. Wendy asks Mia if Candiace’s comment struck a deeper chord, based on the information Mia just shared. Mia thinks Candiace is a spoiled brat (so do I) because her comment was crude and nasty! 

Checking in on Karen and Ashley in the car, Karen asks how Ashley’s feeling about leaving baby Dylan at home. Ashley’s not as depressed this time around and feels like eating her placenta made a huge difference. Ashley wants to know about Karen’s wedding plans and Karen reveals she planned the whole thing herself! The wedding will be cocktail attire and Karen decided to invite all the women, including Gizelle. Ashley asks Karen if she thinks the green-eyed bandits will make the trip, and producers show us Robyn as she clips her sons’ toenails, and Gizelle as she struggles to clean her kitchen in the boot, LOL. Wendy doesn’t know if they’ll come but she’s not holding up the trip on their account. 

Candiace and Chris arrive and Candiace is already being shady towards Mia. Wendy explains the theme to the Bassetts and Candiace begins taking shots. Back in the car, Ashley explains how much she likes G and back on the trip G is starting to turn up! Gordon tells the group that he’s a strip club connoisseur and Candiace throws shade at Mia. The Thorntons explain their trips to the strip club together, and Gordon spills all his secrets! Gordon is drunk at this point and everyone knows it. Askale and Dre arrive just in time to put a pen in G’s antics and greet everyone with smiles. Taking another shot, it’s giving GVO energy as everyone views the property. After Gordon takes a call outside, he reveals to Mia that he’s buying her a custom-made G-wagon! 

If it’s one thing these two do well it’s flaunting, OKAY! Gordon made sure everyone heard the news and Wendy is hype! Mia wants to go see the car, but Gordon is telling her to pump her breaks and “I don’t get many chances to tell you to shut the f*** up.” Whew! In a room upstairs, Askale and Candiace are discussing G and his behavior. Comparing G to Michael, Candiace seems to see a trend between the two older men and their crude activities. Wendy joins the conversation and Candiace is afraid of things going left. As the men drink together, Candiace and Askale think there’s trouble in the Thornton household. Mia joins the ladies upstairs and Candiace proceeds to tell her how to talk amongst mixed company. Mia doesn’t have an issue with what G said and wonders why they’re upset. 

Candiace Dillard-Bassett

Wendy explains to Candiace the issues she had with her comment about Mia’s mom, and Candiace attempts to explain her point of view. Mia tells Candiace that she inspires to be like Ms. Dorothy and Candiace shades Mia, by saying her mother wasn’t found in a strip club. Clearly, Candiace isn’t trying to make up with Mia and all hell is about to break loose! Not skipping a beat, Mia’s proud of the money she made and Candiace keeps running her mouth. Downstairs the men are bonding and unbeknownst to the drama brewing upstairs. Mia thought she was giving constructive criticism about Candiace’s video, and Askale chimes in and wonders why everything has to be about business. “This is not a business retreat,” Askale says, and Wendy can’t get a word in. Karen and Ashley are fifteen minutes away and have no idea what’s coming. 

Candiace feels like she’s stuck up for Mia and shades her feet once again. Candiace has fire in her mouth and won’t let the mouse go! Mia dismisses Candiace and answers a call from her best friend. As Mia leaves the room, she calls the other ladies “broke b******” and the day goes left. Candiace begins spewing out tons of nasty things and Mia is unphased. Karen and Ashley finally arrive and Mia’s relieved to have some backup. After Wendy greets them at the door, Wendy gifts the crew a welcome basket from Black-owned companies, including her new candle! Afterward, Wendy selects those who will pick their rooms first, and Candiace is last since she made them sleep in the cottage during her trip, LOL. 

Candiace Dillard-Bassett

Candiace isn’t happy and takes her anger out on Mia. Ashley asks Mia wants wrong and Mia calls Candiace mean to her face. The men take heed and leave before things erupt. Candiace tells Mia she needs to go to therapy and doesn’t like how she downs the other ladies. Mia dances in Candiace’s face and doesn’t care what Candiace thinks. Candiace begins getting louder and getting meaner by the second. Wendy gets in between them and Candiace throws a piece of lettuce at Mia. Mia prances around with G and tells Candiace to grow up. Words are exchanged and things finally hit a climax when Mia tosses a handful of salad at Candiace! Sadly, we’re left with this cliffhanger but be sure to come back next week to see what unfolds, on a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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